The Nerd & The Cheerleader by tangieee
The Nerd & The Cheerleader by Tangie Hanigan Mystery / Thriller
Megan Tipton was your typical small town sweetheart. She was captain of the cheer team, and of course was with the hottest guy in school, and on the football team, Zacha...
Her Body (Girl X Girl) by alabastersnow
Her Body (Girl X Girl) by Baster Romance
Rated 18+ for lesbian sex scenes. Paris Carter was a freakishly tall, obese, pimple-faced girl who's also untouchable considering the fact that she is Bleu Ivy's best fr...
Bittersweet Friendship by FeistyMoonlight
Bittersweet Friendship by ♡ Romance
Growing up, all Abigail Swanson ever wanted was for her best friend Isabel Dean to notice her. Not just as a friend, but something more. At first Abigail thought it was...
Lauren Imagines  by HoldUpJack
Lauren Imagines by HoldUpJack Fanfiction
Fluff Triggers GxG
RAINBOW BLISS: An Anthology of LGBT+ Poetry & Stories by theACEoverall
RAINBOW BLISS: An Anthology of LGB... by A C E ♛ Poetry
❝If there are only two colors allowed by heaven, then why does the rainbow display seven?❞ A collection of poems, prose, and stories inspired by the LGBT+ community...
My Best Friend's Sister by LaurenMJauregui_96
My Best Friend's Sister by Lauren Jauregui Fanfiction
You're one of the most known choreographers in the world, and the daughter of Beyoncé. You own multiple strip clubs, and dance companies. You can also sing, and act. You...
KNOWING MY SEX SLAVE(RATED R ) by BrielleG18 Romance
What happens when a girl runs away from home to get Kidnapped and stuck with a man with ownership dominate and controlling issues from being abused and r-aped by his own...
One Shot Book by WxnderStories
One Shot Book by WxnderStories Fanfiction
Books of One Shot BoyxBoy, BoyxGirl and GirlxGirl. I do not mean to offend anyone in any of my stories. They are just stories. Requests are accepted. I will do famous a...
Sleeping Romance (GxG)  by Dreamondreamer96
Sleeping Romance (GxG) by Dreamondreamer96 Romance
Every year, Drew makes her friends choose a girl for her to date and if she keeps that through the year she wins the game. This year is different, the challenge will be...
The Truth (Camren) by CchickenNnuggets
The Truth (Camren) by 00Nuggets Fanfiction
"Nobody knows the truth" --------- After Lauren is accused of almost murdering a teenage boy her age she is sent to juvie. When she is finally let out, an old...
But I'm not a V A M P I R E (Lesbian story) <Book II> [Completed] by FallinginReverze
But I'm not a V A M P I R E (Lesbi... by .. Teen Fiction
"Seriously? You really thought I would accept you? I'm way too out of your league and please don't talk to me...and stay at least 2 meters away from me... you're a...
Loving Mrs Archer (GirlXGirl) by borrowthemoonlight
Loving Mrs Archer (GirlXGirl) by borrowthemoonlight Romance
TeacherXStudent Mara leads a strange life, without many adult influences, or friends she can confide in. She has just turned 17 and is starting a new college, but on her...
Politico by Emisonfeelz
Politico by Emisonfeelz Fanfiction
Oppositional views, families at odds, drastically different backstories, and tormented souls.... Will Emily and Alison's story flourish or crumble under the forces of th...
[ II ] INSTA ☆ HP NEXTGEN by IiabiIities
[ II ] INSTA ☆ HP NEXTGEN by —probably lia. Random
in which two star-crossed lovers are reunited, a girl questions everything she knows, a lover tries to help her spiralling boyfriend, and the heat of the summer makes ev...
Hers (Ruby Rose) by cambrywyatt
Hers (Ruby Rose) by Cammie Fanfiction
Ellis has never been with a woman. It is not until an attractive and rebellious Australian girl named Ruby Rose enters her life, making her question her sexuality and sh...
Katherine Pierce Imagines by vampkatherine
Katherine Pierce Imagines by nina Fanfiction
just a bunch of imagines for the baddest bitch of all! i write the reader as a female!! comment & vote = updates faster !!
I'm Dani by ATAJauregui
I'm Dani by ATA Fanfiction
Dani always saw a lot of your comments on her Instagram. Being the curious cat she is, she decides to pursue you. Will you get along with the girl of your dreams, or wil...
Out of Her League [Lesbian Story] by Svetaivanova
Out of Her League [Lesbian Story] by Sveta Teen Fiction
Imagine the worst female softball team you ever saw, triple it, and you've got Darci Bloom's baseball team. Darci's got a lot to handle this season. She's ended up in a...
His Sister by rainbow_fire
His Sister by wolf Romance
Tara Miller has the boy everybody wants in the palm of her hand; Jay Harris. But, she is constantly plagued by the feeling that something isn't right. Suddenly, when a n...