White As Snow (GirlxGirl) [COMPLETED] by claydynraita
White As Snow (GirlxGirl) [COMPLET... by ClaydynRaita Teen Fiction
Meet Marissa the school's Ice Queen and Ashley the school's popular head cheerleader. Marissa is the isolated girl giving off the Ice Queen vibe who lives with her fath...
The Golden Rose (A camren story) by iloveyou1234566
The Golden Rose (A camren story) by Ashley Fanfiction
Since Lauren was little, she has dreamt of working at the preschool she attend. Years later Lauren finally receives a job in the four-year-old class, however, the school...
P.S I Hate You(Laurmani Version) GXG by cutiealex132
P.S I Hate You(Laurmani Version) G... by cutiealex132 Fanfiction
***P.S I Hate You is already a story created by @khaleesiH , I am simply just converting it into a Laurmani story*** Lauren Jauregui seemingly has everything, she is bea...
Mi Young by naruuu21
Mi Young by 나루 Fanfiction
Sequel of Her Slave.
Not the Girl I Loved - Camren/Laurmani (Camila G!P) by xlaurmanix
Not the Girl I Loved - Camren/Laur... by xlaurmanix Romance
There are scars that run deeper than what we're ready to admit. Can a marriage survive a betrayal without permanent consequences? Camren. Warning: abusive Camila. Norman...
CALAMITY ( DESCENDANTS II ) by — nic Fanfiction
❛ ca·lam·i·ty noun an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster. ❜ . the royals are comin' to wreak havoc on the isle . ( harr...
snapchat ‡ camren by ssweet-depressionn
snapchat ‡ camren by | H A V A N A | Fanfiction
ccabello: send nudes lolojauregui: excuse me? ccabello: send. me. nudes. COVER: @SLOTHTATO G!P camila punk au (they will use other social media sites too)
Leaked - (Camren) by AsNevia
Leaked - (Camren) by that basic writer. Fanfiction
How desirable could a life where nearly everything about your personal life is leaked be? // That basic story where a text becomes so much more. (Voluntarily deleted at...
In Love With A Cabello {Camila/You} by ZariahTheWriter
In Love With A Cabello {Camila/You} by ZariahTheWriter Fanfiction
This is a Camila Cabello X You fanfic. Your In high school and your best freinds with Camila Cabello. Camila has no idea your in love with her! The Cabello family is a h...
Fantasy futanari series by Furrytemple
Fantasy futanari series by Furrytemple Romance
A story with males and females getting dominated by fantasy type futanari girls you can tell when I change girls when I show a new name it might take longer to get to mo...
Kaala Meets Red (GirlxGirl) by claydynraita
Kaala Meets Red (GirlxGirl) by ClaydynRaita Werewolf
You know the story of little red riding hood, don't you? Well, this is inspired by the concept and spiralled into something new and different. Red was born with beautifu...
Teen Wolf Mature Content Drabbles by adult_disneyprincess
Teen Wolf Mature Content Drabbles by Stale Hale 👑🐺🦊 Fanfiction
All drabbles will be themed by a generator, and they will be mature! Most Teen Wolf ships welcomed. This book will just be mature content. It will have boyxboy, boyxgir...
Harry Potter Characters react to SHIPPINGS by Adriana_Wagner
Harry Potter Characters react to S... by Adriana Wagner Fanfiction
Welcome to the Room of Requirement and an evening of laughter and tears! This is a story about some of our most beloved HP characters in their (so called) 8th year (aft...
box \\ deetranada au by kehlaniobsessed
box \\ deetranada au by cyn. Fanfiction
"You always push away the people that could be capable of loving you, then you complain about being alone, Diamond. Just let me love you, let me be there for you, G...
GirlxGirl Smut by Kittys_rp_
GirlxGirl Smut by Kittys_rp_ Short Story
Just Random Smut. Title says it all.
regret love by zombiejagem
regret love by dhea ariftya Fanfiction
aku tak pernah menyesali semua hal yang pernah aku lalui, tapi setelah aku mengenalmu. aku tahu apa yang aku sesali. yaitu mencintaimu, mencintai orang yang salah. ceri...
Kehlani imagines by queenofboredom_
Kehlani imagines by queenofboredom_ Fanfiction
I dont think there's enough kehlani imagines out there so I'm gonna make my own and see where that takes me 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Dancing With Your Heart by GiftofOneLiners
Dancing With Your Heart by GiftofOneLiners Fanfiction
Lauren Chmerkovskiy loved watching her brothers dance, and as the youngest sibling, it had become her favorite pastime. Though professionally trained in dance, Lauren fo...
my female oc rp smut by midnightsong_101
my female oc rp smut by Midnight Song Random
⚠WARNING⚠ IF YOU'RE INNOCENT PLEASE LEAVE THIS BOOK ITS NOT AND I REPEAT NIT FOR THE INNOCENT (also don't report this book and take away others fun cause you'll hate i...
How To Catch A Tiger 【Camila/You】 by clinicallydead
How To Catch A Tiger 【Camila/You】 by woo wee sr.™ Fanfiction
A useful guide filled with helpful tips, tricks and advice to assist you in successfully capturing your slightly larger than average house cat. *IMPORTANT SIDE NOTES IN...