My Daughter (Dramione) by wantinghemmings
My Daughter (Dramione) by MAAX Fanfiction
The untold past leads to the chaos of the present. Draco Malfoy promised the young brunette witch to ask the ultimate question after she comes back overseas, but a fa...
bite me granger: a dramione fanfiction~ by bloodstxined
bite me granger: a dramione fanfic... by fond Fanfiction
"Out of the way, Granger." Draco Malfoy pushed past her to the ingredients cupboard in the potions room. "Honestly, how rude could you get, Malfoy?"...
Chocolate ♕ Ginny Weasley by -lovegood
Chocolate ♕ Ginny Weasley by lost in space Fanfiction
WE WERE MAKING HISTORY; BREAKING RULES AND BREAKING FREE. [COS - DH] started: january 10 2016 completed: june 21 2016 disclaimer: i do not own harry potter. all recognis...
Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione) by MarryPotterDA
Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione) by Marry Potter Fanfiction
The war hero, Hermione Granger, breaks up with her long term boyfriend, Ron Weasley after learning that he cheated on her after a long night of drinking. Hermione grew t...
Desire - Editing! by hammigwainepotter
Desire - Editing! by hammigwainepotter Fanfiction
The Marriage Law requires all of the returning Hogwarts seventh years to marry and reproduce within three years. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are back, but the Golden Trio i...
Lightning Strikes Twice (a Short Hinny fanfic) by TiberRex
Lightning Strikes Twice (a Short H... by James S Potter Fanfiction
Harry is invited over to the Weasleys for dinner when a thunderstorm hits, forcing Harry to stay longer than expected. What will the kids do to pass time? How long will...
Sex lessons from Draco Malfoy (Unedited) by Always_a_slytherin
Sex lessons from Draco Malfoy (Une... by Mia 💥 Fanfiction
This is the unedited version, there is an edited one on my profile, which is still underway. I'm keeping the unedited version on a separate book so my readers can still...
Half-breed {Harry Potter} by shawin02
Half-breed {Harry Potter} by shawin02 Fanfiction
"My mother always told me, No monsters lived beneath my bed, But she had failed to warn me, It laid on top of it instead." In the Wizarding World, if y...
The Ginger Malfoy by dracostan
The Ginger Malfoy by dracostan Fanfiction
Jewel the shy younger sister of Draco Malfoy doesn't fit in with her family at all. She is shy, kind and ginger. Everyone thinks she's more of a Weasley than a Malfoy so...
Harry Potter One Shots And Imagines by -Clint_Barton-
Harry Potter One Shots And Imagines by Charlotte Fanfiction
Hello so this is a book filled with Harry Potter One Shots and Imagines. These one shots are for Marauders and Golden Trio era but not next gen. You may request any i...
Arranged Love (Dramione Fanfiction) by Concealyourfeelings
Arranged Love (Dramione Fanfiction) by Olga Pagaki Fanfiction
Highest rank - #17 in Fanfiction Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts for her seventh and last year, along with some other classmates of hers, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley...
intertwine ∘ dramione by arctcnegbourhood
intertwine ∘ dramione by ☟ Fanfiction
❝it's fucking four am stop poisoning my brain❞ [social media au] [muggle]
The Marriage Law -- Dramione by _Justa_fangirl_
The Marriage Law -- Dramione by _Justa_fangirl_ Fanfiction
{Here's another Dramione Marriage Law fanfic to add to your large collection.} Highest rank is #436 After the War, the golden trio, along with your other favorite ch...
Alohamora || Fred Weasley by weasleyftweasley
Alohamora || Fred Weasley by Allana Fanfiction
'Could i try unlocking your heart with Alohamora!?' Fred asked the heartbroken young Gryffindor who was crying on his lap.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (The M. Clifford MOD) by MCliffordAuthor
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child... by The Boy Who Wrote Fanfiction
:::: One Part RETROSPECTIVE, One Part FAN EDIT :::: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play that premiered in London, 2016. It was met with praise by theatergoers...
soulmates | dramione [✓] by irwinq
soulmates | dramione [✓] by alice Fanfiction
"We're soulmates." Draco said as soon as Hermione opened the door. "That's rather straight-forward, don't you think, Malfoy?" -=- Draco Malfoy; 19...
Wolves | Dramione by nymphadored
Wolves | Dramione by germione hranger Fanfiction
The war is finally over, everyone was required to finish their last year at hogwarts, when something quite unusual happened once again: Draco Malfoy, dead or missing? H...
Harry Potter Preferences/Imagines by Dreamescape101
Harry Potter Preferences/Imagines by Dreamescape101 Fanfiction
Harry Potter Preferences and Imagines Requests Open! I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER OR ITS CHARACTERS. Characters: Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Draco Malfo...
WILD [FRED WEASLEY | 1] by rxmione
WILD [FRED WEASLEY | 1] by fifi Fanfiction
messy hair and obnoxious laughter and neck kisses and goofy winks and sarcastic comments. The summer sky and muggle music and pulling pranks. Smiling and crying and fall...
The marriage law by juull57123
The marriage law by julia Fanfiction
Summary: Marriage Law Fic: The War is over! The Golden Trio all return for their seventh year, but there's a surprise in store! They have to get married before the year...