Urban Legends by Yixuan__Uniq
Urban Legendsby ⚜ 엑소 ⚜
HIGHEST RANK: #19 IN HORROR CATEGORY Check out dark and terrifying myths and legends from all over the world, including Japanese, Mexican, Korean and Chinese. Read them...
  • scream
  • english
  • bloody
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The Presence  by WPutman68
The Presence by W Putman
We pull into the driveway of our new home and my sister and I get out of the car. We can't believe what we see. A chill goes slowly down my spine. As we stare at the...
  • telekinesis
  • ghost
  • wattys2017
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Scary Ghost Stories by ghosty45
Scary Ghost Storiesby нєммσѕωιfєу
Stories to thrill you. ©Tainted Roses Copyright
  • horror
  • dark
  • ghosts
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Alex Lawther/James preferences by hydratedalex
Alex Lawther/James preferencesby Jupiter 💫✨
We stan a hydrated king. 🤠💦
  • alexlawther
  • imitationgame
  • theendofthefuckingworld
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Short Ghost Stories by eyefar
Short Ghost Storiesby عفة اﻷنصاري
The stories in this book are based on true events that happened mainly in Asia. We do get stories from the US and Australia as well. The names have been changed to prot...
  • malaysia
  • asianghoststories
  • shortghoststories
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Pinoy Horror Stories by MarkJonathanPrepena
Pinoy Horror Storiesby MarktheSpark111
Hmm, ever wanted horror stories, well here it is! And aking pinakaunang horror stories sa Wattpad, na siguadong kayo ay kikilabutan at titindig ang mga balahibo niyo. At...
  • aswang
  • fiction
  • multo
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Lockwood And Co. The Queen's Spirit by BlueWav3s
Lockwood And Co. The Queen's Spiritby Blue
When the dead come to haunt the living, Lockwood and Co. step in... Lockwood and Co. have always been consistent and stubborn in their work. Everyone knows that. They've...
  • ghost
  • spirits
  • ghosts
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Hello? Are You There? by Axeboylover
Hello? Are You There?by Axeboylover
Scarlet lives in an old house with her father he works a lot and she has to take care of her brother but sometimes, things don't go to plan.
  • story
  • ghoststories
  • creepy
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Ang Lihim ng Mapayapang Paaralan by DanielPenaso
Ang Lihim ng Mapayapang Paaralanby Daniel Penaso
Every campus has its own ghost stories to tell. Woman in white flashing through the old school building; crying and shrieking can be heard at the old school chapel. Mapa...
  • filipino
  • ghoststories
  • haunted
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ink. (haylor) by occhiolism-
ink. (haylor)by kwuh-ndee // HIATUS
" all i know is that i love you so so much that it hurts." // haylor au //
  • haylor
  • ghoststories
  • taylorswift
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Scary Stories and Games by SaltyWheatThin
Scary Stories and Gamesby Salty
Well, what are you waiting for? Creepy Ghost stories and ominous games await you...
  • scarystories
  • ghoststories
  • horor
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Ghost Stories (The Pack and More) by DarkDisco7
Ghost Stories (The Pack and More)by DarkDisco7
A collection of short ghost stories that will (hopefully) send a chill down your spine 😈 Characters will include The Pack and others, but probably mostly the pack. Disc...
  • ongoing
  • scary
  • shortstory
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Unknown Spirits  by JessicaLovStories
Unknown Spirits by Drew Wray
Unknown Spirits is about a book of paranormal group and investigator's who document the unknown world to do blessing on houses to help people. Jennifer and Dave are main...
  • paranormal
  • researchers
  • ghoststories
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Best Horror Stories by BelleHudson
Best Horror Storiesby BelleHudson
  • shortstories
  • spirit
  • ghoststories
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Horror Stories by ABlackHoodie
Horror Storiesby Trinity Anne
The title is pretty self explanatory. Its just horror stories. (Which most of them I do not own.) Please leave a vote to show support and check out Conclusion. The fin...
  • horror
  • ghoststories
  • ghosts
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Deliver Me From Evil (BTS Jungkook ) by RainbowKookie25
Deliver Me From Evil (BTS Catherine Angeles
7 friends went to a horror house attraction only to have Jungkook accidentally left behind. Now, Jungkook must find a way out, only to have an entity following him.
  • fanfic
  • bts
  • ghoststories
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Japanese Ghost Stories by lia_love_kookie
Japanese Ghost Storiesby 💗Yου nενεr wαlκ αlοnε💗
After a research I find some Japanese ghost stories and write them in Wattpad ⚠Caution⚠ If you fear and don't want to read then don't read this book
  • stories
  • scary
  • japanese
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Ghost Hunt by SunflowerSeeds99
Ghost Huntby Andrea
Mai has an odd vision dealing with a new kind of ghost that not even Naru can distinguish. She sets her journey trying to figure out the puzzle's to which Hoka Kori's ho...
  • ghoststories
  • ghosthunt
  • manga
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Possessed: Book 4 by da_isabellamartin
Possessed: Book 4by Isabella Martin
With everything that's happened, Reagan just wants her life back to normal for good. But when a mysterious figure tells her that it's far from over, Reagan wonders when...
  • supernatural
  • possession
  • ghoststories
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Jinn Stories by hypocritical-
Jinn Storiesby c r i m s o n
|Jinn stories to keep you up at night.| |Remember to say, "bismiallah" before reading this book.| |Some TRUE stories of my own.| |You used to call me on my gho...
  • jiin
  • muslim
  • ghoststories
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