Hide and Seek by Ms_Horrendous
Hide and Seek by Senpai Jakayla Toney Horror
[FEATURED STORY] When you enter the house, you follow the rules, you play the game... My name is Emily. I thought it was a normal, abandoned house. I thought she was a...
Short Horror Stories by Storyteller-swarnoxk
Short Horror Stories by Storyteller Horror
SUICIDE GAMES: TOURNAMENT OF THE D... by Richard West Adventure
Taking your life is the ultimate taboo in the Christian and Catholic religions. By doing this, you condemn your soul to the pits of hell. Where you will burn for eternit...
True Love's Ghost by julietlyons
True Love's Ghost by Juliet Lyons Paranormal
Heaven and Earth collide in the number #1 Wattpad hit 'True Love's Ghost'. "Before we came to Wentworth, my life seemed pretty ordinary. I didn't see dead boys. I w...
Cursed  (#waveawards) by anusreeneogi
Cursed (#waveawards) by Anusree Neogi Horror
• Honourable mention in the Spring Awards • Honourable mention in Best Cover Winner in Indigo Awards "Do you believe in spirits? Well at first I didn't but after s...
Scary Stories by CandyLover808
Scary Stories by gnappeT akirE Horror
I was just reading some good stuff on paranormal things and it inspired me to tell more people about true creepy stuff. Thanks for the cover Roma-Hime
Real Life Paranormal Experiences by ParanormalCommunity
Real Life Paranormal Experiences by Wattpad Paranormal Research S... Non-Fiction
[NOW OPEN] Personal, real-life paranormal experiences from the Paranormal Community. Because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
Creepypasta Encounters by QueenMadi7957
Creepypasta Encounters by satann Random
For anyone interested in my near-death experiences Highest Ranking: #83 in Random
Phantom Trip by friking-awsom-kitten
Phantom Trip by Marisa Fanfiction
Maddie and Jack Fenton, also known by all as genius scientists in all things ghostly, have finally convinced the president to sponsor them to teach the young residents o...
Uninvited by SheHopes
Uninvited by Sandra Grayson Paranormal
An unsolved murder and a haunted cabin leave Abby Redding fighting for her life. Is there really a ghost trying to chase her out of its home? Or is there something more...
Constantine (Daughter of War #1) by MissBookNut
Constantine (Daughter of War #1) by Lelouch Lamperouge Fantasy
Religion rules Constantine's world...and she has been condemned as the Spawn of the Devil. She is a Champion, a human being blessed with superhuman abilities by the deit...
MIW Facts by leilSOS
MIW Facts by bvby blve Random
Facts About MIW (Motionless In White) By @leilSOS✨
Forever in Your Heart by SheHopes
Forever in Your Heart by Sandra Grayson Mystery / Thriller
Sometimes love is deadlier than hate. Handsome, wealthy, and charismatic- it's hard to believe anyone would leave hotelier Knox Marsden at the altar. Two years later, hi...
Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by InfernoEDM
Extremely Short Horror Stories (Tw... by Joel K Horror
The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways
The Lovely Suicide Children by Ms_Horrendous
The Lovely Suicide Children by Senpai Jakayla Toney Horror
They say every dead person has a home. I found my home with The Lovely Suicide Children. At first, it was everything I could ever imagine. However, the first impressions...
Friend Of The Dead by shawin02
Friend Of The Dead by shawin02 Fanfiction
"They witnessed her destruction, They were left to wonder why, She saw nothing but darkness, Though the stars shone in her eyes, But maybe they'd forgotte...
Haunted Schools by Yixuan__Uniq
Haunted Schools by ⚜ E X O ⚜ Horror
HIGHEST RANK: #1 IN HORROR CATEGORY __________________________ If schools are our second home, then we could just as well say we've all lived in haunted houses. Every...
MIW BVB PTV preferences  by quenn_of_bands
MIW BVB PTV preferences by quenn_of_bands Fanfiction
This is only motionless in white black veil brides and pierce the veil preferences 🖤
Her Lover's Face | ✔ by PatriciaElliott8
Her Lover's Face | ✔ by Patricia Elliott Romance
*A Wattpad featured story* Ghosts! Who knew they could be so real? Laryssa could reach out and touch him, run her hand along his face. Everywhere she turned, he'd be the...
Sesshomaru x Reader (lemon) Beneath the beast by Hipster_Kimster
Sesshomaru x Reader (lemon) Beneat... by kimberly Danielle Fanfiction
Will the senka maiden live another moment with the unpredictable Sesshomaru, will rins hatred towards her send him ibto a blind rage? only time can tell because either w...