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cali aka バカ ❦ xvi [jianus... digo, hiatus *chuckles*] ✩ a veces lo que te apasiona, es lo único que te mantiene vivo ✩ twitter: fakemyonlyway (anime shit) instagram: myonlyway13 (daily life shit) youtube: xbabecali (dont)
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Designer by day, Wattpad Star by whenever my busy life allows! Updates can get sporadic depending on how busy I am, so I appreciate your patience. ♡ ★ Buy the new & improved version of The Psychic Next Door! ☛ Support me on Patreon: ☛ Follow me on Twitter: ☛ Get updates on Facebook: ABOUT ME ========= I was born and raised in a small town in Northern BC, but now live in Vancouver. Writing isn't my day job; I work full-time as a web designer, but I like to draw comics and write novels in my spare time. I also like tea, prairie thunderstorms, and web development. Telling stories is something I've enjoyed for my entire life, and-until recently-they mostly took form as comics or illustrations. Though I had dabbled in short fiction (and fanfiction), November 2009 was the first time I managed to write a complete novel. It was called At Death's Door, and you can find it right here on Wattpad. Writing that first book seemed to spark something in me. Since then I've written several other novels, and I've also been working on a graphic novel. COMMENTING & READING POLICY ============================ Please don't ask me to read your stories. I'm a lurker by nature, but I try to check out everyone who comments on my stories. If I like it, I'll vote. If I have something to say, I'll leave a comment. It's a natural order. Advertising, however, is just rude and also against guidelines. Don't. Snark begets snark, so watch yo'self. COVER DESIGN ============ All illustration and design is my own. Unfortunately, I am too busy to make covers for others. Sorry!
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I love to read and write. And I'm really happy with the books I've posted on here and I hope you are too! I hope you enjoy!
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i'm the author of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, the first book in the Weeping Willow High School YA paranormal romance series. i was sorted into the house of Slytherin, in case you were wondering (big surprise, there). i'm a very proud member of the #WattpadStar program! if you like Light as a Feather, please rate it on Goodreads: Contribute and browse fan art about the series here (thank you @mycastleofbooks): Share your love for the series here:
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Hello, I'm Denise Murdoch -- married with children. I love animals and little kids, especially little kids that love animals. I love horses- from they day I was born. I'm a ridiculous Harry Potter fan -way over the top. I like to read, paint and watch movies. I don't like skeletons ( a real phobia there) but I like ghosts. So books and movies about ghosts intrigue me, just don't throw in a skeleton. Throw in a little romance, but not a skeleton. Nothing scares me like a skeleton, unless its a zombie. Zombies are horrible. So you won't find any zombies in my novels. Maybe a few ghosts, a little romance, even an occasional skeleton, but no zombies. Hope you enjoy!
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I was born in Bedford, England, and grew up in Ampthill (Anglo-Saxon for 'anthill'). After university, I lived for a couple of months in Glasgow and a couple of years in Prague - my favourite city. Then I came back to England and worked in Fielders Bookshop in Wimbledon. By this point I'd written four and a half unpublished novels, so I decided to try something different: short stories and a creative writing course. Malcolm Bradbury, who ran the course, liked my work and put four short stories in an anthology. The girlfriend of Neil Taylor, an editor at Secker & Warburg, who read those four stories in proof, told him he should publish me. He did, bless him. My first book, Adventures in Capitalism, was published in 1996. Since then, I have published quite a few other books, and written quite a few more. I now teach on the Creative Writing MA at Birkbeck. I am writing a comic called Dead Boy Detectives for Vertigo - based on characters created by Neil Gaiman in Sandman (Season of Mists) and expanded upon in The Children's Crusade. A collection of the first five issues, plus another story, is out now. It's called Dead Boy Detectives: Schoolboy Terrors. You can find me on twitter @tobylitt I blog at I'm myself on facebook
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Yes I'm okay, I know my bio was concerning than I seemed to disappear I'm sorry about that I want to continue writing and improving on my skills Wayne State University undergraduate <3 Lover of food and art and my boyfriend (:
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❝Make your choice, adventurous Stranger, Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.❞ -C.S. Lewis ✾ Bukan penulis profesional atau apalah. Ceritaku memang masih punya banyak kesalahan. Enggak usah sungkan buat ngasih kritik dan saran, aku enggak bakal ngamuk-ngamuk kok :""-) On hold: ➝ A Librarian's Journal ➝ A Babysitter's Diary Completed: ➝ A Librarian's Diary [19/19] ➝ Ke Tempat Aku Pergi Bersama Gadis Berpayung Merah [1/1] ➝ The House of the Montgomerys [1/1] ➝ About the Girl Who Dressed in Black [1/1] ➝ Melalui Lensa [1/1] ➝ About the Girl Who Read Newspapers [1/1] ➝ About the Girl Who Took Pictures [1/1] ➝ Kalau Hujan Sudah Berhenti [1/1] Kalau mau ngobrol-ngobrol: ➝ ➝ ➝ LINE ID @wno6946o (pakai @ ya)
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