(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
Love & Trappin' by __PND__
Love & Trappin' by Baby Badu Romance
Cyan is the sweetest girl you'll meet at Jeffers High. An acceding student in all honors classes and a well rounded family gal. She was never one to socialize and commun...
Temptations  by Owens1997
Temptations by Fanfiction
Indyamarie "Jean" parent's died when she was sixteen . Her now being of legal age became the legal guardian of her younger sister Rue. However, she struggles...
Handsome And Wealthy by Quavo-wifey
Handsome And Wealthy by Queen Fanfiction
Mariah goes to a Migos concert and meets her celebrity crush, Quavo.
Realization | August Alsina by enigmaslehcar
Realization | August Alsina by Rachel. Fanfiction
Leilani Abner never believed in fate. Leilani Abner never believed in trust. Leilani Abner never believed in love. Since a young age, she has managed growing up alone. W...
Redemption | August Alsina Sequel by enigmaslehcar
Redemption | August Alsina Sequel by Rachel. Fanfiction
Leilani is now on the quest for self-love, but without August this time around. After a nasty breakup, August and Lei are living life two worlds apart. On her journey of...
Broken 3: The Final Ride by BriAWK
Broken 3: The Final Ride by Brianna General Fiction
The last book with Joy and King.
Big girls need loving 3 by Amayaaa__
Big girls need loving 3 by Amayaaa__ General Fiction
It's been 1year and still no sign of Kelsey.... Cameron might be moving on who knows are is he still in love with angel. Shamoy turned out to be abusive but whats going...
I Wanted To Be A Dancer. (Hood Dancer) by PinkRogue
I Wanted To Be A Dancer. (Hood Dan... by PinkRogue General Fiction
A girl who haves dreams of being a professional dancer goes through obstacles to get there. One of those obstacles being a known drug dealer at her school. Will she make...
Stripping, Love, and Drama (COMPLETE) by Iam_TEONA
Stripping, Love, and Drama (COMPLE... by Chocolate Romance
Jurnee Nichell Roberts(Candii) and friends work in one of the most popular strip clubs in the Queen City. Zyir Micheal Owens and friends are some of the most notorious d...
No Heroes Here. by LunaShamya
No Heroes Here. by Shamya Johnson General Fiction
6/2/17: #188 in teen fiction 6/9/17: #98 in general fiction 6/13/17: #93 in general fiction 6/14/17: #88 in general fiction 6/17/17: #85 in general fiction 7/7/17: #53 i...
G is for Gang by babydonahue
G is for Gang by Krissy Romance
What happens when a taxi driver drops you off while taking all your clothes with him...maybe meeting your new tour guides 'boss' or you arranged marriage...
Thug fetish  by souneique
Thug fetish by Lil mama💚 Teen Fiction
[SEXUAL CONTENT AND PROFANITY WILL BE USED IN THIS BOOK] commenttttt give me yall feedback//still under construction ------------------------------------ Jadah is a ave...
Opposite Attraction by its_whateverr
Opposite Attraction by its_whateverr Teen Fiction
Olivia has always been the quiet nerd but when she meets Jeremiah, the most popular boy in school, she has nothing in common and barely likes him until she finds out he...
The Matrimony Book#2 (Completed) by TeamAlsinaa
The Matrimony Book#2 (Completed) by Lalaaa Random
Aziah And August Are Back With More Drama Than Ever !! Yall Ain't Ready For This! This Is A Sequel To The Matrimony So Make Sure You Guys Read That First To Understan...
Love & Trappin' 2: Family Business by __PND__
Love & Trappin' 2: Family Business by Baby Badu Romance
We'll have to see how time treated Cyan, Brandon, and their family.
The preacher's daughter// August Alsina by ThatUrbanWriter
Black Girl Magic - The Beginning - Book One by mitchellocos
Black Girl Magic - The Beginning... by Richard Mitchell General Fiction
Drama, tragedy, pain, and loss are the only words that can be used to describe Jada Parker's life and her high school experience at Mount Sinclair City High School. As J...
My Hood Love 3 by prxncxsslxxh
My Hood Love 3 by Leah™ Teen Fiction
When things start falling apart, will they come together?
Don't Think They Know by GoldennVazquezz
Don't Think They Know by Marie Vazquez ✨ Teen Fiction
Read to find out this twisted love story with plenty of ups and downs...