The Mute Mistress by MayenWrites
The Mute Mistressby MayenWrites
(fka "The Millionaire's Mistress") Mary Georgia became a spectacle at eight years old. With her notable disability, she never wanted to be in the center of att...
  • maid
  • marriage
  • mute
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Love Quietly  by WoodieLynn
Love Quietly by WoodieLynn
Since Geneva was a little girl she had two wishes: to travel the world and to stop going deaf. At the age of 22, neither of Eva's wishes have come true. She is working h...
  • romance
  • mercenaries
  • drama
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Homerun by texasforever6
Homerunby Blake
Taegan didn't know what life was going to bring her but she definitely didn't expect those brown curls to make their way into her life.
  • turner
  • love
  • atlanta
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Hopelessly Devoted #Wattys2014 by LD1519
Hopelessly Devoted #Wattys2014by Lauren Danielle
"You know, you could care a little more." He said. He did not just say that. Me? Not care? Unbelievable! "Oh so now th...
  • fiction
  • school
  • pregnancy
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The Dirt  by laurennscot
The Dirt by ℓαυяєи
My name is Kourtney. My mother decided to send me to my dads in Georgia for my senior year. Itll be my first time ever meeting him. Why she wants me to meet him i dont k...
  • georgia
  • country
  • love
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white boys (river phoenix) by venusinphoenix
white boys (river phoenix)by ZUZU
cover by @pacifyherafi / nicole "Sure, maybe the urban Boston wouldn't be completely socially aware, but they'd at least have some idea of how to treat us like we w...
  • racism
  • neighbors
  • amandla
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Turned To Dust by Ally21506
Turned To Dustby Ally21506
A young girl by the name of Georgia finds herself in the land of monsters, She lives with them and eventually becomes one. But years later, Things start getting more a...
  • magic
  • souls
  • fantasy
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Dion Yorkie's True Love (Sebb Argo) by JiminyCricket1234
Dion Yorkie's True Love (Sebb Argo)by JiminyCricket1234
Dion gets sick on the first day of collage and finds out who the love of his life is. You can find out who the love of his life is too. There are some big questions aske...
  • sebb
  • lovestory
  • fanfic
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{Remake} IT RP by _The-Doll_
{Remake} IT RPby Pastel Child
This is a remake since my other one had problems going on in it
  • youllfloattoo
  • ritchie
  • pennywise
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Pregnant by a killer/ ფეხმძიმეთ მკვლელისგან by marisukvarsbts
Pregnant by a killer/ ფეხმძიმეთ მკ 🖤Miniko🖤
ჰანა, გოგო რომელიც 23 წლის ხდება და აღნიშვნას აპირებს კლუბში მეგობრებთან ერთად.. მაგრამ ამ ღამეს მისი ცხოვრება თავდაყირა ხდება და ყველაფერი ირევა.. გაინტერესებს რა მოხდა...
  • ექსო
  • georgia
  • ბტს
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t r o u v a i l l e by -daydreamin-
t r o u v a i l l eby l i a
book one: t r o u v a i l l e french (n.) something lovely discovered by chance; a windfall book two: z e m b l a n i t y english (n.) the inevitable discovery of...
  • completed
  • georgia
  • generalfiction
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first Love by dreamer-girl1
first Loveby Qeta
12 კლასის ბოლო დღეები და მე სკოლას ვამთავრებ. მგონია რომ რაღაც საშინელისგან ვთავისუფლდები. მაგრამ ვიეყებ ახალ თავგადასავალს. მიყვარდება ადამიანი რომელიც რადიკალურად ცვლი...
  • teenagers
  • teenlove
  • boyfriend
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Redneck Angel ( A Norman Reedus Fanfic) by ReedusLove84
Redneck Angel ( A Norman Reedus ReedusLove84
A young women running from her past, headed for a new exciting life in a new city and a new state (Senoia, Georgia). When she gets stranded on the side of an old dirt...
  • troubledpast
  • georgia
  • walkingdead
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The Best Of Me by SinnersLikeMe89
The Best Of Meby Angela Nicole
WARNING: This story is marked Mature for a reason. There is violence, drinking, sex, language, etc. *************************************************************** Har...
  • georgia
  • brantleygilbert
  • fanfiction
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Captive Correspondent by JettimusMaximus
Captive Correspondentby Jette Harris
Catherine Tinney is content writing for the Arts and Entertainment section of The Mid-State Chronicle. But when someone mails her pictures of murdered women, she not on...
  • anxiety
  • serialkiller
  • procedural
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Will You Wait for Me// Jake Fromm by cam1047
Will You Wait for Me// Jake Frommby cam1047
Devyn Graham and Jake Fromm have been best friends since she was 4 and he was 6. They've been inceperable since Devyn moved in next door, but now things are changing. Ja...
  • bulldogs
  • jakefromm
  • godawgs
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She's My Kinda Crazy // Brantley Gilbert // Luke Bryan by crimson_x_sky
She's My Kinda Crazy // Brantley C R I M S O N S K Y
When Ally Clark moves to Jefferson, Georgia, she is joined by her best friend, Karma. Ally is instantly drawn to the school's "bad boy" Brantley Gilbert. Mean...
  • bryan
  • romance
  • teens
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God, Your Mama and Me. by taylorjoanhubbard
God, Your Mama and taylor hubbard
Olivia Jones was your typical farmer's daughter who had a passion for music, especially country music. She has been under the wings of country duo Florida Georgia Line...
  • georgia
  • hayleystommel
  • floridageorgialine
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Georgia Austin - The unknown sister of Louis Tomlinson by JelinaxD
Georgia Austin - The unknown JelinaxD
Hi I'm Georgia Austin, Louis Tomlinsons half sister on his Dad side. You may not know me because I'm not a Tomlinson but just start to read this story and you get to kno...
  • family
  • harry
  • sister
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One Night (NF) by allmyhoespretty
One Night (NF)by Amaya
Nicole Tucker "accidentally" has a one night stand with her boss' thug boyfriend, and the three have a rude awakening or maybe a rude surprise.
  • hair
  • cheater
  • atlanta
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