College, Amirite? {Pheacker} by Philip_Eacker
College, Amirite? {Pheacker} by Philip_Eacker Fanfiction
Demons and Angels have never mixed. However in an attempt to stop an upcoming war, the Washington's select 50 college aged Angels and 50 college aged Demons to go to sch...
The Baby Project by ashcravo
The Baby Project by Ash Fanfiction
*Harry Potter Fan-Fiction* Everyone is back for their Seventh year at Hogwarts, and there is a new class, mandatory for all seventh years. It's called 'The Baby Project'...
Exchange with New Hope Club by swiftlynewhope
Exchange with New Hope Club by swiftlynewhope Fanfiction
In Australia two girls, Jade and Riley have been picked to go on an exchange to England for a year. They don't know who their partners are going to be. All they know is...
Guns and ships [Lafayette X Reader] by 1aspiringauthor
Guns and ships [Lafayette X Reader] by Angelica Fanfiction
Lafayette X reader fanfic Y/N lee has snuck off to join the revolution with her brother Charles lee but little does she know she will fall for Americas favourite fightin...
Harry Potter Preferences by ipatronuus
Harry Potter Preferences by ipatronuus Fanfiction
enjoy :)))) • • • • • • do not plagiarize my work, please credit me if you use any of my writings all characters belong to J.K. Rowling unless stated otherwise I️ do not...
Romania | Bill Weasley by -idiosyncratic
Romania | Bill Weasley by ʟᴜᴘɪɴ Fanfiction
❝Oh, how he loved her cucumber scented hair.❞ In which Charlie Weasley's best friend falls for the oldest Weasley brother. Started: June 16, 2017 Finished: Edited: [BASE...
Careless ➳ Draco Malfoy by forbelicious
Careless ➳ Draco Malfoy by ❛ L I Z ♛ ❜ Fanfiction
❝Funny when everything goes your way when you stop giving a fuck.❞ Mae Eden was many things; she was cunning, she was sarcastic, she was determined and careless. She did...
Harry Potter • oneshots•imagines•preferences• by SlytherinSerpents
Harry Potter • oneshots•imagines•p... by Severus Snape Fanfiction
This is a book full of Harry Potter oneshots, imagines, preferences.... and probably more later on!! This book is mostly in the eyes of the reader, of course I'm open to...
Blake Richardson || Away by nhcelle
Blake Richardson || Away by Elle Fanfiction
Meet Annabelle she's 17 and she falls hard when she meets him. #2 under 'Blake Richardson' I aim for weekly updates
Protecting the Royal Idiot by UmbrellasInTheRain
Protecting the Royal Idiot by Ca-ree-nuh Teen Fiction
Careless teen Jenna Kaylee doesn't know what she's in for when she's shipped off to the UK for military school by her parents. She expects nothing more than a stupid, ol...
The Slytherin Prince meets the Slytherin Princess by yourslytherinqueen_
The Slytherin Prince meets the Sly... by Mavis Malfoy Fanfiction
Draco Malfoy, who is also known as the Slytherin Prince meets the Mavis Evans, the Slytherin Princess who started her Fourth Year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wi...
GoT One-Shots! by MegLPie
GoT One-Shots! by Meg Fanfiction
Game of Thrones One-Shots I've written. Feel free to request as always!! I do not write smut!! I do not own any Game of Thrones characters/story lines. They belong to G...
Stumble - A Fred Weasley Fanfiction by ursie107
Stumble - A Fred Weasley Fanfiction by Ursie Fanfiction
Fred Weasley was never supposed to be the hero - until he saved Addie Taylor from the Imperius Curse. After being under the curse for 6 months, Addie is more than a lit...
Relax.. Its Just Logan.. by Parissasso
Relax.. Its Just Logan.. by Jakey Marshy Loggie Fanfiction
Logan Paul. Your idol, soulmate, And super attractive neighbour. Even though you have always dreamed of meeting him, you, Hailey Atwright, were a school girl in a preppy...
A Master Of Mischief ~ George Weasley Love Story ~ Book 1 by xXMade2LoveXx
A Master Of Mischief ~ George Weas... by Scarlett Fanfiction
Maddie has grown up without her mother and father, living with Remus Lupin. Her father is Sirius Black and sometimes she wonders if he even knows that she exsists, but t...
Wonderstruck by amazingness
Wonderstruck by amazingness Fanfiction
Its been five years since the war. Five years since the terrible tragedies occurred. Five years since Harry Potter, along with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, saved t...
My Twin Mates by Water_Doodles
My Twin Mates by Water_Doodles Fanfiction
Hello Harry Potter here. This is the story of my mates George and Fred Wesley and I hope you love it as much as I do because it's still happening for me.
Here Right Now | Charlie Weasley by unknownwriters
Here Right Now | Charlie Weasley by Mards Fanfiction
Charlotte wasn't always a sentimental person, not until her world was thrown upside down by a horrible accident. Then, to make matters worse, her parents decide to move...
Nikes - A Blake Richardson (New Hope Club) FanFiction by Luluisee
Nikes - A Blake Richardson (New Ho... by Luluisee Fanfiction
Selena escaped from her life for one year to get over her very dark past. Apparently it didn't help. When she comes back she gets surprised by a band called 'New Hope Cl...
Pride of a Granger & Prejudice of a Malfoy by amazingness
Pride of a Granger & Prejudice of... by amazingness Fanfiction
According to Wizarding traditions, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single wizard in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. When Hermione...