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I write sinful stories and pray to God that he'll still let me into heaven.
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Chi-chan here!! Ilovethestar at night...they are lovely! chenenchenen~~ I like to read Fiction Action Adventure books! I fancy books like scorpio races, books of Rick Riordan(greek myths), Narnia, etc. My favorite color is blue and nice to meet you!!
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Hi everyone and welcome to my own slice of the universe... Nikki Brandt is my pen name and my secret name is....secret :D Little tidbits about me: -I'm a part-time student/writer/model/sales agent...not necessarily in that order. -I absolutely love anything related to myth, fantasy, action and animé...watched Shokugen no Soma.. -Eats at least six times a day (a deadly sin to a model...but hey, who cares? At least I'm healthy) -Always has one foot in the real world and the other somewhere else (probably yours) -Doesn't take well with beating around the bush (there might be bugs) -Recently Engaged <3 The rest is up to you to find out. Universal Dashboard: I am currently working on the ff: PIXELS Earthborn [Rewritten] Poseidon's Daughter You guys might wanna check them out :)) I also have loads of other stories that are not yet published since I've been using them as a buffer when I hit writer's block in one story hahaha I am currently out of commission for book covers, but I still do book reviews. All reviews will be posted in Book Reviews and reviewed authors will receive a link to the chapter of their story review via message since I don't have access to a PC right now and the mobile app doesn't have a dedication feature. For those who are curious as to what my covers look like, please feel free to look me up on Photobucket: Please feel free to drop by and go crazy!! ♥♪♠♣ Happy Wattpading! -Nikki xoxo
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Hello! I am an intense Fangirl (Not that there is any OTHER type of fangirl), who really loves to imagine what would happen if someone could travel around and have adventures with people from other fandoms. Kinda like the SuperWhoLock that so many of us are waiting for. Anyway, I love books and I have been wanting to write fan-fiction and some of my own original stories for a while now and wattpad has given me the perfect opportunity to do this! I hope anyone who finds me enjoys my stories, but honestly I am just writing them as an outlet from the stress that comes with life.
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Sunt brunetã cu ochi cãprui. Mare brânzã!!! Îmi place sã vorbesc în englezã şi sã scriu. Sunt foarte sarcasticã (mama mea e definiţia acestui cuvânt, de la sa îmi moştenesc talentul). Cartea mea preferatã de pe Wattpad este "Not all blondes do backflips" şi în general "The fault in our stars" de John Green. Cam asta e tot despre mine. P.S. sunt un pic nebunã! :-):-)
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Hi my name is Marissa Flowers! I love to write and one day I hope to be an author. My favorite series is the Harry Potter series, my favorite show is Supernatural, and my favorite movie is The Book Theif. Oh, I almost forgot! I just started getting into the anime, The FullMetal Alchemist. It's great so far. If you can't tell I'm sorta, okay, I'm a HUGE nerd... Anyway that's all I have to say, I might make some stories, but I'm not sure. Hope that wasn't too boring. BYE!!! *Uses the Floo Network (Harry Potter reference) to disappear... What?! Apparating is too boring and dull...
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Hi I'm simplyimaginary. I love to play piano and I also adore cats!! I write these books so other people can experience them and enjoy them just as much as I do writing them. Please comment, follow and vote for the books you like. Seeya, Simplyimaginary x
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Annyeonghaseyo!Jeonun Sofia-shi eyo...jeosonghabnida if I'm using Korean..already used to it.
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Hoi, ik ben een raawr kind met een veel ste grote fantasie :p Ik bedenk allemaal verhalen in mijn hoofd sinds mijn 11de. En nu ga ik voor het eerst die verhalen Online zetten ^o^ Verder heb ik geen flauw idee wat ik in dit soort dingetjes over jezelf met zetten :D Het enige wat ik ga doen is proberen om mijn verhalen die me constant van school af houden, nu eens lekker over het internet te laten zwerven ;)
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Hey guys! Their is a lot about me but mainly I am fun, sporty, girly and most of all I am gorgeous (would like to be) *smirk* I am new in writing but old in reading, I have read millions of books and I may say that they are great. So this time I thought why not right one on my own, I am basically a beginner in writing but I have come to love to express the feeling of the character in story. Just stay joined and I swear I will write books which will make you feel jolts of surprise.