Cheating Destiny by mangosherbert01
Cheating Destiny by Alex Fanfiction
When the dust from the Great War settles, the worlds are finally at peace. But what happens if everything is not as it seems, and the Great War was just the beginning? A...
Classic Rock Trash #2 by conceptalbumhorsie
Classic Rock Trash #2 by Queen Of Conga Lines Random
Classic rock stuff, rants etc.
Addictive*Lucas Coly Love Story* by India_6211
Chasing Destiny by mangosherbert01
Chasing Destiny by Alex Fanfiction
In the fight of good versus evil, everyone must take a side. When you're thrown in the middle of a war unlike anything the worlds have ever seen, it becomes a battle for...
Beauty N The Beat by angelnotindisguise
Beauty N The Beat by angelnotindisguise Romance
Cover by: @saidtheelephant Thx gurl! You're the best I look over the paper, and sigh when I see the prize, four million dollars. If I was going to stay away from my un...
MTOS II: Second Chance (EXO FF)  by ParkMoomin
MTOS II: Second Chance (EXO FF) by yoo.soo Fanfiction
He chose his career over his wife. And what if they moved on? But then their paths will cross making them see each other again. Will fate give them SECOND CHANCE to corr...
Camp Anderson by Ilikethewho
Camp Anderson by Prog Trash Fanfiction
It's been a year since the events of a Glamorous Times. Now, Jon and Ian Anderson have taken it upon themselves to start a new adventure at: Camp Anderson! Except some...
Fate/Cryptid Genesis by RinielNiel
Fate/Cryptid Genesis by Riniel Fanfiction
Sudah 13 tahun setelah Perang Cawan Suci, pihak Asosiasi Sihir membongkar inti Cawan dan membuat peperangan itu mustahil untuk terjadi sekali lagi. Namun, eksperimen d...
New Beginnings (MiniLadd FF) by DarkFoxFire
New Beginnings (MiniLadd FF) by DFF Fanfiction
Sequel to SBTM. -=[]=-=[]=- While The Crew and The Grays were known within the criminal world for their rash decisions, bravery and family values, the Terra's were known...
Genesis by xoXJadieXox
Genesis by 💕🦄JαdΙε🥞💎 Teen Fiction
+Believe, and it will come true. One day, you will find your happy ending too.+ "I hate the way you wear the choir jacket, and the way you walk. I hate it all. Beca...
Eyes #Wattys2017 by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
Eyes #Wattys2017 by 🦋🖤 Science Fiction
(Quite a fast paced story to start off with..just to pre-warn you) [Julys Featured Author Competition Winner] _ _ _ _ _ The world is no longer as we know, the once be...
Destiny High [KH/FF] by mangosherbert01
Destiny High [KH/FF] by Alex Fanfiction
[reposted here; originally posted on Quizilla] Two siblings are sent to live a normal life away from prying eyes in Hollow Bastion, only to find themselves attending a...
Character X Reader Short Stories (Final Fantasy 7) by RemnantFan
Character X Reader Short Stories (... by Kadaj_Lover Romance
A lot of people must have a fictional crush, and would like a story with them in it. Well for FF lovers, you can get: CloudXreader, SephirothXreader, KadajXreader, Zack...
Waltz with Me (A Phantom of the Opera Phan Fic) by Red_Death96
Waltz with Me (A Phantom of the Op... by Red Death Fanfiction
Genesis Augustin loved to dance. It was her very life and breath. She would spend hours prancing across the floors of the old dance studio in New York, perfecting every...
The World Between Worlds (KH/FF) by Waverain
The World Between Worlds (KH/FF) by Ali Fanfiction
The world between worlds. This is where people from our planet go before they visit any other world. What other worlds are out there? Who are these people? What shou...
The Magi Chronicles: Genesis (Wattys 2017) by HappySoul80
The Magi Chronicles: Genesis (Watt... by HappySoul80 Fantasy
Amanda never expected two new students to change her lonely life. She never expected to realize that she isn't who she thought she was. She certainly never expected to c...
The ELP and Prog Book 'o Stuff by Ilikethewho
The ELP and Prog Book 'o Stuff by Prog Trash Fanfiction
This book will contain: . Preferences . Reactions . The members as . A lot more.... But only for prog bands!
Contradictory {KH/FF} (Unedited and Being Revised) by shirotailsx
Contradictory {KH/FF} (Unedited an... by shirotailsx Fanfiction
"Everybody thinks they're right..." "You really did forget everything, did you?" "How are we going to get her out? She doesn't even see us the w...
Victors Deserve No Second Chances by kakophony
Victors Deserve No Second Chances by kakophony Fanfiction
Shizukesa Reiseina, known as Absinthe only, has the highest rank teams of Aliea Gakuen on their toes for the much valued name, Genesis. Not only that, but she's been giv...