Wrestling Naked by nightclubs
Wrestling Naked by Dei
Also known as: •Coupling •Doing the Deed •Banging •Bu...
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  • young
  • fiction
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Addictive*Lucas Coly Love Story* by India_6211
Addictive*Lucas Coly Love Story* by India_6211
Read to find out
  • logan
  • love
  • aubrey
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At the Strand of Nightmares  by pair-of-socks
At the Strand of Nightmares by I'm Just a Sock
My fourth blog book. It's not all blogging, I write other crap in here, too. Please check this out and join in the fun!
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Chasing Destiny by mangosherbert01
Chasing Destiny by Alex
In the fight of good versus evil, everyone must take a side. When you're thrown in the middle of a war unlike anything the worlds have ever seen, it becomes a battle for...
  • finalfantasy
  • leon
  • genesis
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Genesis by olivia_nae123
Genesis by Naomi Benjamin
Well, there's always stories about a male CEO that intrigues a female. How about the other way around. Meet Genesis Jarrett. The youngest female CEO of one of the most s...
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  • nae123
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MTOS II: Second Chance (EXO FF)  by ParkMoomin
MTOS II: Second Chance (EXO FF) by yoo.soo
He chose his career over his wife. And what if they moved on? But then their paths will cross making them see each other again. Will fate give them SECOND CHANCE to corr...
  • hyojin
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Genesis | journal by arcticmilli
Genesis | journal by MILLI
dang milli, back at it again with the journal bullshit. the journal of a snazzy, wannabe hipster wattpad mother. feel free to slap me everytime i say something stupid. A...
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}{Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts}{ My Twisted High School Romance by ChesireCatXIII
}{Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts}{ M... by Scary Girl
}{Reader Insert. Fantasy school life. BOC's. Some characters will be OC now and again}{ Listening. Not something you do when reading. What happens when your friend trick...
  • siefer
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PHOBOS RP ( inspired by Phobos by victor dixen ) ( 9 places left ) by smellycat007
PHOBOS RP ( inspired by Phobos by... by smellycat007
Six female contenders and their male counterparts. Six minutes to get to know one another. An eternity for loving. They are six girls and six boys in the two separate ba...
  • travel
  • space
  • roleplay
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Final Fantasy Fanfiction by -kitai
Final Fantasy Fanfiction by ♤ 基泰 ♤
Final Fantasy One-Shots, I really love every characters and their art. I have worked really hard trying to think about how should the story be about and where. I plan on...
  • oneshots
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Genesis Gryffindor and the Forbidden Forest - Book 2 by ThorntonCN
Genesis Gryffindor and the Forbidd... by ThorntonCN
Genesis starts out her second year by getting into an argument with both Fred and Draco. This little arguement results in the 3 of them getting lost deep in the forbidde...
  • forbidden
  • forest
  • potter
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Family Isn't Always Blood (Jennifer Lawrence) by I-Am-Jess
Family Isn't Always Blood (Jennife... by Jess
*SEQUEL to 'When Love Takes You In'* Last time we saw Genesis Carlie Lawrence, her life was in danger with her friend Chloe. Genesis has gotten herself our of many toug...
  • tvshow
  • castle
  • chloe
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Genesis Gryffindor and the Magical Orb - Book 3 by ThorntonCN
Genesis Gryffindor and the Magical... by ThorntonCN
This is Genesis' 3rd year in schooling as a wizard. By request from Severus she has been moved to Beauxbatons a French accustomed wizarding school. What happens when Ge...
  • mystical
  • hogwarts
  • beauxbatons
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Classic Rock Trash #2 by conceptalbumhorsie
Classic Rock Trash #2 by pRoG pOtAtOe
Classic rock stuff, rants etc.
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The First Time I Saw Her I Knew I Was Stuck *Completed* by Tears_To_Roses
The First Time I Saw Her I Knew I... by Lauren
The first time he saw her, he knew he was stuck. Kinsley Willows is a werewolf. He’s the beta of his cousin’s pack and he’s next in line for the pack. Because of his cou...
  • truck
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The World Between Worlds (KH/FF) by Waverain
The World Between Worlds (KH/FF) by Ali
The world between worlds. This is where people from our planet go before they visit any other world. What other worlds are out there? Who are these people? What shou...
  • hearts
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  • leon
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dreamers • tom holland [2] by httpmcu
dreamers • tom holland [2] by katherine !
the continuation of the cliche romance that is genesis stan and tom holland read genesis before you read this!! [ SOCIAL MEDIA ]
  • genesis
  • sebastian
  • tomholland
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When Love Takes You In (Jennifer Lawrence) by I-Am-Jess
When Love Takes You In (Jennifer L... by Jess
Ten year old Genesis and her four year old sister Stella, lived a perfectly normal life with their mother and father in Louisville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, all good an...
  • home
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Mermelada de Fresa by GenesisMR
Mermelada de Fresa by GenesisMR
Todo tiene una razón.
  • angel
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The Revenants    -Final Fantasy VII fanfic- by MushkaQuiroa
The Revenants -Final Fantasy VI... by P-Twice
Three years have passed since Deepground attacked. Marlene, now twelve years old, ponders how everything has changed... for good. But who knew that a visit to the church...
  • cloud
  • marlene
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