Genesis [Emmett Cullen] (2) by EmmettC
Genesis [Emmett Cullen] (2)by C
In her 10 years of being a vampire, Eleanor has finally found herself. She has a college degree, discovered the person she's going to spend her life with (which just so...
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MTOS II: Second Chance (EXO FF)  by ParkMoomin
MTOS II: Second Chance (EXO FF) by yoo.soo
He chose his career over his wife. He left her without her knowing. And what if they moved on? But then their paths will cross again, making them see each other once m...
  • sehun
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  • genesis
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Final Fantasy Fanfiction by -kitai
Final Fantasy Fanfictionby ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Final Fantasy One-Shots, I really love every characters and their art. I have worked really hard trying to think about how should the story be about and where. I plan on...
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Freedom Calls - Final Fantasy VII series by AC3_ChibiCONNOR
Freedom Calls - Final Fantasy
Okie, quick note: I know I am not a final fantasy fan like I was last year, and I love my assassins creed. (assassins creed 4life!) ahem, sorry. Anyway, But this has be...
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The Manipulators {NOT ON THIS ACCOUNT ANYMORE!!} by k_writes08
The Manipulators {NOT ON THIS Kai
This story is now on our joined account @KASSIamdKAI
Apocalypse Risen by officialturtlecatog
Apocalypse Risenby officialturtlecatog
Three stories of fatality, one story of a team built by hope... will they make it out? (and yes this is inspired by the Roblox game "Apocalypse Rising" by Gusm...
  • spies
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[Proyecto GÉNESIS] by sralay
[Proyecto GÉNESIS]by SraLay
Aquí encontrarás toda la información y avances sobre las Historias : Génesis, Exodus y Revelaciones, en su camino a convertirse en una novela original.
  • revelaciones
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When Love Takes You In (Jennifer Lawrence) by I-Am-Jess
When Love Takes You In (Jennifer Jess
Ten year old Genesis and her four year old sister Stella, lived a perfectly normal life with their mother and father in Louisville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, all good an...
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At the Strand of Nightmares  by pair-of-socks
At the Strand of Nightmares by Рахманинов
My fourth blog book. It's not all blogging, I write other crap in here, too. Please check this out and join in the fun!
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Sorry [Genesis x Reader] by knuddlmuffin
Sorry [Genesis x Reader]by knuddlmuffin
As the new assisstant of Dr Hollander you meet Genesis Rhapsodos and can't help falling for that mysterious man. However, with a man like that, things tend to not go sm...
  • reno
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A Break In The Silence (Adopted by Lin-Manuel Miranda) by 026851abc
A Break In The Silence (Adopted Non Timbeo Mala
Meet Genesis James. After her mom died when she was 9, Gen's father turned to alcohol. He became an abusive drunk and shut Gen off from the world. On one fateful 4 am dr...
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Phantom, la sombra y el espectro by DeinosZ
Phantom, la sombra y el espectroby Daniel Alejandro Parada Díaz
¿Que harías si tuvieses en tus manos el destino del universo? Pues esa es la situación en la que se encuentran dos jóvenes, Kaitlyn Linker, una joven con un gran sentid...
  • llaves
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STARS || Kit Harington by Queen_Elia
STARS || Kit Haringtonby ~S I L E N A~
❝Jon Snow should be King in the North, What do you think @Kit_Harington?❞‚ ❝I think Jon Snow would like a beautiful woman like you, don't you think? @Gxnxsis_King․❞ ~Fi...
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Final Fantasy VII  an Angel Descends **editing** by Malana7jensen
Final Fantasy VII an Angel Moana7Jen
He keeps his smile and confidently answers "My names Zack Fair! And I'm gonna be a hero!" The memory of us starts to fade. I never forgot the first time we met...
  • vincent
  • finalfantasyvii
  • fanfiction
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The Manipulators by KASSIandKAI
The Manipulatorsby KASSIandKAI
Arden Rose, a young girl who has recently discovered she has powers in a society where the gifted are executed, must fight her way through friendship, hatred, love, and...
  • teenfiction
  • genesis
  • cassius
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Galactik Football Saison 4 by HarmolinaG13
Galactik Football Saison 4by Harmolina G.
Les peuples de la galaxie maîtrisent des pouvoirs fantastiques appelés « fluides ». Leur puissance est telle qu'on a interdit de les utiliser, sauf dans un domaine. Un s...
  • fluide
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Parenthood'z Nightmare by OrtumnAllbones
Parenthood'z Nightmareby Ortumn Allbones
When Sephiroth is introduced to his emaciated daughter he can hardly believe it! As a new and unenthusiastic father he's forced to endure all the 'joys' of child rearing...
  • aerith
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Final Fantasy one shots by MsKadaj7
Final Fantasy one shotsby MsKadaj7
one shots with the FF characters. *(TAKING REQUESTS)*
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I Ship It by yalikejass
I Ship Itby єℓℓєи
The story of two unlikely people. One an introverted girl who loves games. One who will be revealed as her suitor. Can someone say the right things to break the ice shel...
  • jordan
  • school
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Genesis by shana23k
Genesisby S.K
-Enter the world of Amaness, a 19 years old girl and her friends under unusual aspects and discover their dark secret; as they try to fight over their freedom and to lea...
  • newstory
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  • teenfiction
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