Isang shotgun marriage ang nangyaring kasal ni Resha. At ang masaklap, sa ex-boyfriend niya pang nanloko sa kanya 9 years ago! Paano niya pakikisamahan ito sa iisang bah...
  • leedongwok
  • generalfiction
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Say Ah  by Abi-xav
Say Ah by Abi-xav
(Editing) Alison Powell or Dr. Powell is a 23 year old dentist who has a special love for her job, she tries to live a normal life after her tragic breakup with her prev...
  • kidnapped
  • generalfiction
  • romance
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My Heartless Husband (SLOW UPDATE!) by Lisrinnnn
My Heartless Husband (SLOW UPDATE!) by Adetsuu❤
What if? Kasal kayo ng lalaking mahal mo, pero di ka mahal? Hindi siya masaya sa iyo, sabihin nalang nating ayaw niya sayo. Mamahalin mo pa ba siya? Kahit na sinasaktan...
  • batteredwife
  • generalfiction
  • heartless
The Resistance by -ShellyF
The Resistance by Shellzie!!
Jahmir Phillips and Kaelynn Smith met once Jahmir moved to Atlanta with his grandparents. Her weight always seemed to make her the center of attention. Kids would pick o...
  • california
  • shamoy
  • pain
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Painful Decision by Vanicao
Painful Decision by Vanicao
Chris O'Connor is every woman's dream... he has it all: looks, money, athletic ability and charm. He is instantly attracted to Rhysa Perkins but he does not understand...
  • office
  • sexualcontent
  • corporate
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The Monster's Little Angel by Ashes4
The Monster's Little Angel by C.A.Ashes
It's not easy being a single parent. Especially if said parent, is a young adult male, a mafia boss and how his wife was murdered while still carrying his child. And i...
  • mafiabossdaughter
  • romance
  • mafia
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Heels of Steel [1] by Kutlie
Heels of Steel [1] by K.R.W Malete
Mckenzie Logan, fresh out of college and hungry for the work force. Connor Pearson, established CEO and totally one of the big dogs in the business. Mckenzie finds herse...
  • college
  • mckenzie
  • work
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My number 1 ride by nini8303
My number 1 ride by Aniyah
" Baby we like Bonnie and Clyde and I will never leave your side" Miracle says as she kissed August " You my Number 1 rider" August said as he kissed...
  • number1
  • wattysaward
  • wattys2017
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Saving Wyatt Blake by tavanalee
Saving Wyatt Blake by Tavana Whamond
"Do you really think I need your help?" he asked, his arms caging me against the lockers. "Y-yes" I stuttered, not looking up. His mouth turned up i...
  • romance
  • generalfiction
  • projectgiggle
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The Many Dates of Gypsy Clark by AmethystAmber87
The Many Dates of Gypsy Clark by AmethystAmber87
[Highest Ranking: #8 in ChickLit] (Featured) *First Book* Gypsy Clark. Businesswoman. Homeowner. Awesome sister. Great Friend. Despite all the titles she claims, the...
  • generalfiction
  • heartbreak
  • romance
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A Vow Of Mafia Love  by Sajal_ameena
A Vow Of Mafia Love by Ameena
Romance Ranking : #6 on 04/12/17 "I want her! " I told looking at my life who was busy playing with the kids. "But.. But you can't drag her into yo...
  • boss
  • love
  • billionaire
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14 and Gay ♡ by irrelevcnt
14 and Gay ♡ by Kristen
** I WROTE THIS AROUND 8th GRADE SO EXCUSE THE 2948 MISTAKES. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED** "Ohmygawd. I have a stepbrother!" Sebastian having his mom getting engaged...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • teen
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Just Remarried by JabriFan_Sid_Alia
Just Remarried by J.S.
#10 in Romance on 3/12/2017 Rishaan Chauhan lost his wife - Diya after she gave birth to their first child - Disha. He is broken beyond repair. Not having the strength t...
  • arjunkapoor
  • india
  • remarriage
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The Hateful Love #THESHINEAWARDSROMANCE by Nandhu_Arshi
The Hateful Love #THESHINEAWARDSRO... by Nandhu_Arshi
The Hateful Love Atharv Singhania, Self made young Business Tycoon of India. At 29, He has everything at his feet. He is mysterious, cruel, tempered, selfish and dangero...
  • past
  • badassreads
  • billionaire
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Bound by Law by BuBbLeGUmGiRL1X6
Bound by Law by x.զմεεη Ƙ.x
"Listen here," he roared, pushing me against the wall and placing his arms beside my head, trapping me. "Just because we're legally bound together, doesn'...
  • hatred
  • acceptance
  • generalfiction
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Stillwater | ✓ by ofthesea-
Stillwater | ✓ by nicole / ashley
[featured/#1 in TF] In which Bridget Olsen begins uncovering incriminating secrets about the people in her town following the disappearance of wild child Edie Lynn Adken...
  • teenfiction
  • religion
  • adultfiction
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You and Me, Together Forever (COMPLETED) ✔️ by Everjoy_Condes
You and Me, Together Forever (COMP... by Everjoy
Tagalog-English (COMPLETED) Highest Rank Achieved #4 in General Fiction -(November 11, 2017) (NAIVE SERIES: Book 1) What if you were in a situation you did not expect to...
  • naive
  • love
  • tagalog-english
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A Unique Love Story by Smiley927
A Unique Love Story by Smiley
Highest one was #16 in general fiction. We know that opposites attract according to Physics but will it apply for humans? Yes, because here If Shivaay is an espresso, th...
  • litreraryawards2017
  • ishqbaaaz
  • opposites
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The Indian Beauty! by itsPujaHere
The Indian Beauty! by BookDragon ;)
"She's Adorable He's Handsome She's a good girl He's a Price charming He's Rich .. Her Heart is Rich .. " Hiya Bannerjee is a 21 year old adorable British I...
  • romance
  • obssessive
  • indiangirl
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Taking Risks by wuthie16
Taking Risks by wuthie16
When you are given a chance to see the world - do you live in the moment? Or do you question everything first before taking that leap of faith? Will you take risks to fi...
  • aldub
  • chicklit
  • wattys2017
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