Billionaire's Intense Love by Simii_Meow
Billionaire's Intense Love by S.S.Sahoo Romance
#1 (23.2.17) Xavier Knights, a Billionaire heartthrob who had everything in his life. Money, fame, power everything. His personality perfectly explained his dark and...
A Vow Of True Love ✔(Completed) by Sajal_ameena
A Vow Of True Love ✔(Completed) by Ameena Romance
Romance Ranking: #2 on 07/08/17 #3 on 06/08/17 ----------- My phone fell down with a loud thud and he trapped me to the headboard of our bed. "Did you forget you a...
The Football Player's Roommate by StoriesAtSunrise
The Football Player's Roommate by kealy ❁ Teen Fiction
| Highest Ranks: #1 in Teen Fiction (06/11/17) & #1 General Fiction (07/22/17) | When Amaya receives an acceptance letter to her dream college, she is ecstatic. It has b...
The CEO's Trio by _FeyiFeyi
The CEO's Trio by Live for Today Romance
*UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING* "I never once told you I broke the engagement," his words were harsh and spoken in a cold voice but his hand that was running up and...
The Token Awards 2017 | Judging by TheTokenCommunity
The Token Awards 2017 | Judging by The Tokens Non-Fiction
Welcome to the 2017 Token Awards!!! This is for ALL books for a chance to win the grand prize. We judge all the way from Mature to LGBT+Q! #35 In Random Open for possib...
Last Voyages by AnimeDreamer44
Last Voyages by Klutz Action
The Monster's Little Angel #Wattys2017 by Ashes4
The Monster's Little Angel #Wattys... by C.A.Ashes General Fiction
It's not easy being a single parent. Especially if said parent, is a young adult male, a mafia boss and how his wife was murdered while still carrying his child. And i...
Scandal | Daniel Gillies  by theflowerelectric
Scandal | Daniel Gillies by Sammy Fanfiction
In which the youngest Somerhalder, Heather, grows feelings for her costar, Daniel Gillies, during filming of The Originals.
Eden's Canvas [revamping]  by sensational_
Eden's Canvas [revamping] by sapiosexual General Fiction
It's so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.
Fire Within (Bishop Mafia Series 2) by AthenaBipasha
Fire Within (Bishop Mafia Series 2) by AthenaBipasha General Fiction
Theirs was a love that met with great struggles from the very beginning. Several forces are at work to keep them apart as much as possible. While treachery and evil cont...
Run by __space
Run by __space Romance
It's a life that no man should see. No child should witness. Once you're in, you're in. No escape. It hovers over you, grabs you by your ankles just when you think you c...
Sparks Of Love by Simii_Meow
Sparks Of Love by S.S.Sahoo Romance
The rain drenched me, making my clothes cling to me like a second skin. My dark hair lay motionless,resting against me, tempting Eden even more. You could very clearly s...
Clean and Corrupt | Urban by enigmaslehcar
Clean and Corrupt | Urban by Rachel. Teen Fiction
Pure meets Poison. Genesis is a beacon of light, a beacon of purity. Lights out. Corruption is inevitable at some point, and some point is now. The p...
Mine  by JaeDolledUp
Mine by #KeeyWorld🌎👼🏽 General Fiction
After the death of her parents at a young age & having to be raised by her cousin , Karrington King had a different perspective on life , " eat or starve . "
The Contract Marriage (Completed) ✅ by ShaanaG
The Contract Marriage (Completed) ✅ by Shana Romance
#33 in romance on 03.04.17 #22 in humor on 23.12.16 Started on 5th December 2015 Ended on 14th February 2017 (Not edited) Teresa Scarlet is witty, pretty and very ve...
Irresistible Invitations by Simii_Meow
Irresistible Invitations by S.S.Sahoo Romance
Never imagined that the devil himself falls into the trap of destiny and gets married to a woman forcefully. But little did he knew that the woman he married forcefully...
Paying Mr. Billionaire by erickaphilia
Paying Mr. Billionaire by G.E. O'Nikolas Romance
"Marry me and bear my child." He said simply like marrying is no biggie. "Excuse me, WHATTTTT!"I shrieked, I probably didn't hear him right, right...
The Unicorn Awards by TheUnicornAwards
The Unicorn Awards by The Unicorn Awards🦄 Random
{Closed}...sorry bud Feel like you don't have what it takes to get discovered? Feel like all the magic in your writing is gone? Wanna officially be known as a unicor...
Time After Time - A Gilmore Girls Fanfic #1 by AuthorJuneGray
Time After Time - A Gilmore Girls... by AuthorJuneGray Fanfiction
*For those who need closure after those final four words* Now that the Gilmore Girls' lives have come full circle, it seems predestined that Rory follow in her mother's...
Wicked Games (Bishop Mafia Series 1) by AthenaBipasha
Wicked Games (Bishop Mafia Series... by AthenaBipasha General Fiction
Born into a powerful family, the world is at his feet. Yet, Dean fights a daily battle within. His only solace is the darkness, which covers him completely, consuming hi...