I'm the New Girl and He's the Werewolf Quarterback [COMPLETED] by taylerrrify
I'm the New Girl and He's the Were... by Tayler Werewolf
There once was a girl name Autumn Leaf Falls. She talked to her dead brother in windows and had a werewolf boyfriend. She was cursed by an evil vampire and her best frie...
My random life and one shots by Marconehead
My random life and one shots by Cute Lil Wastebasket Fanfiction
Just random one shots and my life
Snowflakes in a Storm - [Scorose] by CharlotteMednick
Snowflakes in a Storm - [Scorose] by Charlotte Mednick Fanfiction
After receiving a letter from his father informing him that he must stay at Hogwarts for the Christmas Holidays, Scorpius finds that he has only Rose Weasley for company...
Overrated | The Voice France / MIKA / OC by uranio22
Overrated | The Voice France / MIK... by uranio22 Fanfiction
See that girl on TV? That's me. I'm just a girl who has a lifetime crush on Mika. I came to The Voice to see him. I didn't expect that I would go this far...
Bat Family One-Shots by TheBatsy
Bat Family One-Shots by TheBatsy Fanfiction
Just like the title says. One-shots that have to do with the bat family. Most will be romance though. There might be some non-batfamily ones though (I am trash for Harle...
Tale of the New World Twins by thefantasticfanatic
Tale of the New World Twins by tara Humor
There's something strange about the new students at Hogwarts. With their freaky super strength and military like fighting skills. They seem indestructible and why do the...
Mother by LittleAnnie86
Mother by LittleAnnie86 Fanfiction
When Jensen hires a nanny for JJ, all he wants is someone who can be there for his little girl. Little did he know that hiring a nanny would change all of their lives. B...
Next Generation||• HP Instagram  by Arianna_Hood
Mi Chico Malo-TN& MB 3ra temporada  by AnaGalindo75
Mi Chico Malo-TN& MB 3ra temporada by Ana Galindo Fanfiction
Esta es la tercera temporada me asombra pues nunca había llegado tan lejos en una novela las quiero :3
Confessions of a Teenage Witch by LadyEmi17
Confessions of a Teenage Witch by LadyEmi17 Fanfiction
Rose Weasley's story has been lain out for her even before birth. expected to stay on the path of good, the path that her parents helped carve years earlier. But that i...
Next Generation Avengers Roleplay by MaximoffsGirl
Next Generation Avengers Roleplay by Becca Maximoff Fanfiction
I had a normal one, why not make a next gen one? There aren't enough on this website!
Très Belle [James Potter II] by ali_book_reader
Très Belle [James Potter II] by Alice Fanfiction
Harry Potter Next Gen fanfic! Arabella is a cute little first year, excited to be going to Hogwarts, when her hopes are crushed by continual bullying from James Potter...
masterpiece | dom weasley [c.s.] by loversfinn
masterpiece | dom weasley [c.s.] by con Fanfiction
lips like cold coffee and watercolor eyes, rosy cheeks and veins filled with stardust. COMING SOON
Tenkai Heroes by Deadgamer789
Tenkai Heroes by Blaze Fanfiction
Follows a boy named Blaze and his cousin Snowdrop as they venture through the Benham City and Quarton and meet the Tenkai Knight's P/s: I do not own any thing except my...
Tenkai Knights One Shots by UnlimitedWeirdness
Tenkai Knights One Shots by UltimateRandomness Fanfiction
One shots of the tenkai knights. I don't own the tenkai knights. And if you want, you request one shots and I will do it.
another enemy has arrived(tenkai knights x reader) by animekunai13
One shots. (Yaoi.) by ReynalynSatoshi
One shots. (Yaoi.) by Emmie Random
I will do requests on Yaoi. As long as it's Beyblade, or something random. I, unfortunately, don't get to watch many anime shows other than that, Tenkai Knights, and Pok...
My Arranged Marriage. (romantic comedy and drama) by lovesickjuliette
My Arranged Marriage. (romantic co... by JJ Teen Fiction
Arabella, daughter of the wealthy and successful Michael Donovan is arranged to marry the Andrew Aidan Gray. He's already confusing as it is, but add in his looks and pe...
Molly by _likemysoul
Molly by Missy Hastings Fanfiction
Diary Time Capsule of Molly Weasley Dedicated to the unfortunate boy, Harry Potter. *A friend accidentally gave me this idea! So YAY THANKS CHARLIE*
Growing pains by wanna-beauthor
Growing pains by Just Call Me Tierra Fanfiction
So Himawari is staring to grow up, and her personality changes a lot too. Her friends change, her feelings change towards other people are different. Watch how Himawari...