Steven Universe Oneshots by Cococat811
Steven Universe Oneshotsby coco!
Hello and welcome to a book consisting of Steven Universe! The chapters range from headcanons, to short stories, and mostly angst. And ships. Have fun reading! (half of...
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The Wolves of the Gems by LouiseHansen14
The Wolves of the Gemsby Lightning Phantom
A pack of Rogue wolves is moving down from the mountains to enslave any other pack that will bend to its will, or destroy any who defines their orders. And the only pack...
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Taming Dean by meeksadorable
Taming Deanby Meeks
*second book I've ever written* Book 2 of my series. He reached out and tucked the hair behind her ears and his heart swelled with happiness because this time she didn't...
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Lapidot: High School Love (Lesbian Story) by Ephemeral-Epiphany
Lapidot: High School Love ( Ste Yuj
(The cover art does not belong to me, it belongs to catprinx on Tumblr, you can find them at This is a Lapidot high school alternate universe...
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Gems of Wattpad by KatrinHollister
Gems of Wattpadby Kat Hollister
A community effort to spotlight the best of Wattpad, both discovered and hidden. Check out what Wattpadders have to say and pitch in your own recommendations!
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Loving professor Higgins by meeksadorable
Loving professor Higginsby Meeks
*First book I've ever written* "I asked her to marry me Chloe...and she said yes" I froze on the spot just looking at him, I was screaming but no sound came bu...
  • relationship
  • wattys2017
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The Voltron Gems {A Steven Universe x VLD Crossover} by PikaGirl_Oshi
The Voltron Gems {A Steven Ⓞⓛⓘⓥⓘⓔ
Beach City has been peaceful for as long that it has been around. Why? Well, it's because of a group of gem-like humans, known as the Voltron Gems. Using their gems to p...
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Crazy Awards :) by CrazyFam_X
Crazy Awards :)by Family of Craziness
Hey! Want to gain recognition for your stories? Want an increase in reads and votes? Or do you just want to brag about winning a competition? Well this is the place for...
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Blue Diamond (Blue Diamond X Reader) by ZodiacRuler
Blue Diamond (Blue Diamond X ZodiacRuler
Blue Diamond, after going through grief, leaves the diamonds for a while to find herself once again and happens to run into the right human to help her... Their name is...
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Steven Universe Theories by -Endless_Oasis-
Steven Universe Theoriesby ✨Never Quit✨
Just different theories about Steven Universe that I have came across and added my own thoughts to. WARNING: possible spoilers! I apologize in advance if there is a par...
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Hearts and Diamonds (Yellow DiamondxMaleReader) Steven Universe by XiaoShiao
Hearts and Diamonds (Yellow Xiao Shiao
Deep in home world lies a human that has the most influential role on the impending war between Home World and Earth. (Y/n)'s ties may even cross with Steven Universe an...
  • hearts
  • comedy
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A Blue Summer (Lapis x Male Reader) A Steven Universe fanfic by FlashCipher
A Blue Summer (Lapis x Male Flascenco Cipher
I don't own the pictures. First story on watt pad yaaay... But for real. You recently moved into a town named Beach City, and it looks amazing. You have fun on the beach...
  • reader
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Who You Are {LB X Chat Noir} by Shiloh_Glade
Who You Are {LB X Chat Noir}by Jesus,isdatyou
Chat desires to find out who's under the mask only grew stronger and stronger. Full of jealousy, rage and curiosity. Will he find out it's marinette under that mask. [le...
  • marinette
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■Gemstones■ Warrior Cats Roleplay■ by angelleia99
■Gemstones■ Warrior Cats Roleplay■by angelleia99
Cats are born with gemstones on their foreheads that determine what class they are. ■I'll explain more in the book■ ■THIS IS AN ORGINAL IDEA. IF YOU WANT TO USE IT, THAT...
  • roleplay
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Lapidot ~ The Nerd and the punk.THIS STORY IS OLD WARNING by sugarfroggy
Lapidot ~ The Nerd and the Ramen queen
Read find out! Completed story . :3
  • pride
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Art book 4: This is What My Life Has Become by NightMun
Art book 4: This is What My Life Night
More of my art stuff :)
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Watching Steven Universe(Very very infrequent Updates) by Ellieplays
Watching Steven Universe(Very Ellie
In an alternate Universe where Rose decided to not have Steven so she could help the rebellion, the gems are all kidnapped and forced to watch what could have happened! ...
  • gems
  • fanfiction
  • stevenuniverse
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Comet Tale Awards by Tegan1311
Comet Tale Awardsby 🌴CherylTegan🌴
[ OPEN ] ✔ Monthly awards competition Comet tails are stunning to see. Not as short-lived as shooting stars (meteors), they light up the sky and dazzle onlookers. The Co...
  • scifi
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Just Us || Jasper X Gem!Reader by tadah-
Just Us || Jasper X Gem!Readerby -ˏˋ nameless world ˎˊ˗
After Pink Diamond's shattering, thousands of gems are forced to choose between Yellow and Blue Diamond's courts as a new home. You and a Jasper come to Yellow's court a...
  • jasper
  • xreader
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The gems of power by crazycatgirl20
The gems of powerby ❤️Anime Shipper ❤️
A girl meets other people that are like her that have powers. She must now save the gems, learn to master her powers, save the world, and get a little payback. Join Astr...
  • fiction
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