If Loving You Is Wrong by meeksadorable
If Loving You Is Wrong by Meeks
She objects but he's about to overrule the laws of attraction. [[book3]] *Walter series *
  • gems
  • passion
  • family
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Small Town Meets Big City - BK 1 by meeksadorable
Small Town Meets Big City - BK 1 by Meeks
Book 1 Nicholas Ronaldi had it all. The life most people dreamed about, a successful company, a gorgeous woman on his arm, everything money could buy but an unexpected a...
  • passion
  • parenting
  • undiscovered
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Ruthless Billionaire Boss - BK 3 by meeksadorable
Ruthless Billionaire Boss - BK 3 by Meeks
Book 3 Johnathan Giordano, Italian billionaire. CEO of his family's business is a man feared by many for his known ice cold persona. He's as smooth in business as he is...
  • playboy
  • parents
  • wattys2017
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Doctor Sebastian - BK 2 by meeksadorable
Doctor Sebastian - BK 2 by Meeks
Book 2 Walking into a hospital room and examing a single mother's injuries wasn't how Sebastian Genovesi expected to meet the love of his life, but the damsel in distres...
  • action
  • love
  • singlemother
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One Little Spell  by arielklontz
One Little Spell by Ariel Klontz
Girl meets boy. Girl is smitten. Boy is smitten. Cue the flirting and the wondering whether or not the other is interested too. Then, of course, there's something in the...
  • chicklit
  • noticefiction
  • wattys2017
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Loving professor Higgins by meeksadorable
Loving professor Higgins by Meeks
*First book I've ever written* "I asked her to marry me Chloe...and she said yes" I froze on the spot just looking at him, I was screaming but no sound came bu...
  • drama
  • gems
  • romance
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Steven Universe Oneshots by Cococat811
Steven Universe Oneshots by coco!
Hello and welcome to a book consisting of Steven Universe! The chapters range from headcanons, to short stories, and mostly angst. And ships. Have fun reading! (half of...
  • fanfic
  • temple
  • garnet
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My Mate is the Enemy?!?!?!?! by SouthernKaitBelle21
My Mate is the Enemy?!?!?!?! by SouthernKaitBelle21
"You're my mate?" "Very good sweetheart. Did you come to that conclusion yourself?" "But you are the enemy. This must be some cruel joke from th...
  • female
  • wattyawards
  • pack
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Steven universe characters x baby reader  by Sakurapop
Steven universe characters x baby... by Sakurapop
Cute fluffy one shots for all you steven universe fans! ^_^* I take requests, so feel free to comment which one shot you want next ^.-* Until next time reader-chans ^0...
  • fluffyiness
  • adventure
  • gems
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the gem selection by bluepeachyqueen
the gem selection by P R I N C E S S
in the kingdom of gemsona, all people are embodiments of their gem. all gems are precious and equally beautiful. each time the prince comes of age, an annual selection i...
  • selection
  • selectionroleplay
  • america
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FAST TIMES | WATTYS 2017 | by pandalee528
FAST TIMES | WATTYS 2017 | by pandalee528
"We're going to have to split up," Mason called out to Blake over the siren. "Then double back to the truck!" His feet were moving so fast that he wa...
  • strength
  • secrets
  • projectbadboys
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Taming Dean by meeksadorable
Taming Dean by Meeks
*second book I've ever written* Book 2 of my series. He reached out and tucked the hair behind her ears and his heart swelled with happiness because this time she didn't...
  • love
  • undiscovered
  • sexy
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SU x Gem! Reader Inserts (One-shots) by Cheetahtwo
SU x Gem! Reader Inserts (One-shot... by Space Child
*carefully slides this in front of you* ............ Hehe.... Will include all of the canon gems! Requests are open! Also I'll be experimenting with forced fusion...
  • peridot
  • gemfusion
  • gems
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❥Riptide Queen (lapidot AU)❥ by Chansaw
❥Riptide Queen (lapidot AU)❥ by ❦ ᏰᏫᏊᎲᏋ ❦
Peridot Diamond: A short, pale blonde scientist who is socially awkward. All she cares about is science, facts, and logics. She's never really had a friend and she's nev...
  • lapis
  • garnet
  • rainbowquartz
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A Blue Summer (Lapis x Male Reader) A Steven Universe fanfic by FlashCipher
A Blue Summer (Lapis x Male Reader... by Flascenco Cipher
I don't own the pictures. First story on watt pad yaaay... But for real. You recently moved into a town named Beach City, and it looks amazing. You have fun on the beach...
  • lapis
  • universe
  • reader
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Blue Diamond (Blue Diamond X Reader) by ZodiacRuler
Blue Diamond (Blue Diamond X Reade... by ZodiacRuler
Blue Diamond, after going through grief, leaves the diamonds for a while to find herself once again and happens to run into the right human to help her... Their name is...
  • blackdiamond
  • gems
  • fandoms
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Lapidot: High School Love (Lesbian Story) by Ephemeral-Epiphany
Lapidot: High School Love (Lesbian... by Ste Yuj
(The cover art does not belong to me, it belongs to catprinx on Tumblr, you can find them at This is a Lapidot high school alternate universe...
  • ruby
  • stevenuniverse
  • rubapphire
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Steven Universe Pics Book 3 by CuteMikeyKitty
Steven Universe Pics Book 3 by ~Practice patience like a tru...
The third book to Steven Universe Pics! These are all Steven Universe pictures and fanart. My ships will be included along with others.
  • lapis
  • gems
  • amethyst
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Accidentally In Love ~A Niam Love Story~ by TemperedGrace
Accidentally In Love ~A Niam Love... by TemperedGrace
Niall Horan is the only openly gay guy in his school. Liam Payne is one half of the school's alpha couple, and him and his friends make it their job to make Niall's life...
  • undiscovered
  • awards
  • falling
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Goat's Artbook by Goatseverywhere
Goat's Artbook by Evan Peters =Daddy
hi im a shy. gay bean who loves art and anime
  • ocs
  • anime
  • fantasy
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