The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild by EpicReads_
The legend of Zelda: Breath of Megg
"... Open your eyes ..." And find yourself walking along side the new hero and the hero of twilight in a world that's not your own. Learn to fight with swords...
  • breath
  • fantasy
  • game
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Jacksepticeye Imagines by Alanornala
Jacksepticeye Imaginesby 21panicboys
Short stories/ imagine for the one and only Jacksepticeye. These are my first imagines so they might be a little rough. But I'll write long, short, shipping etc. Reques...
  • funny
  • love
  • markiplier
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YouTuber Preferences by lpc122001
YouTuber Preferencesby Shadow of Death
Includes: • Jacksepticeye • PewDiePie • CrankGameplays • Markiplier • CinnamonToastKen • AmazingPhil • DanTDM • Danisnotonfire Just random preferences that I come up wit...
  • cinnamontoastken
  • danhowell
  • howell
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H2OVanoss - Straight As A Pencil by InsaneYush
H2OVanoss - Straight As A Pencilby Lit.
TRIGGER WARNING FOR SOME CHAPTERS! "Ha, I'm not gay, I'm as straight as a pencil" «but» "What if that pencil breaks? ~
  • highschool
  • completed
  • terrorsnuckle
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Cotton Candy; Candy Floss {Septiplier} by FrannieNeedstoHide
Cotton Candy; Candy Floss { Frankie | Frannie
Mark always knew who he could trust with all his secrets, who would walk with him, and who was out to get him. Being able to read minds had it perks but overall, it kind...
  • gaming
  • youtube
  • jacksepticeye
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Hold on JackABoy  by Phantom_septiplier
Hold on JackABoy by Phantom_septiplier
XXXXXX Trigger Warning XXXXXX -alcohol -swearing -minor character death -PTSD -Selfharm -past abuse Jacksepticeye. A hilarious Irish Gaming youtuber; who uploads almost...
  • pewdiepie
  • irish
  • markiplier
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Never Lose Hope - Orionsound Fanfic.  by _StarGirl_12
Never Lose Hope - Orionsound STAR
"Hope. The one thing that kept me going" Oli X Reader
  • craziness
  • aaaa
  • fanfic
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Stuck in my head (TheOrionSound x reader) by M_fangirlwriter
Stuck in my head (TheOrionSound M_fangirlwriter
You're a British YouTuber (with about 400k subs) that happens to be friends with LDShadowlady, SmallishBeans, Seapeekay, and a handful of other YouTube gamers. Meeting O...
  • oli
  • youtube
  • gamers
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Collection Of Septiplier Smuts by fanciplier
Collection Of Septiplier Smutsby Kaylee. 👼🏻⚰️☠️
Rated mature for nudity, language, and possible trigger warnings of depression, anxiety, suicide, blood, etc.
  • ratedm
  • félix
  • jacksmut
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dork ✧ septiplier by UNlVERSE
dork ✧ septiplierby skylar
jacksepticeye: mark i s2g markiplier: j jacksepticeye: i will actually markiplier: jaaaakcccckckckckckckc jacksepticeye: what markiplier: ur a DORK ✧ in whic...
  • youtubers
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
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My Crush Mr Nerd  by nxaxmxg
My Crush Mr Nerd by Meyyrose
Complete season 1, season 2 "My Boss, Mr Nerd?!" Mesti semua org pernah alami perasaan crush terhadap seseorang. terutamanya paling ramai start ada crush masa...
  • exo
  • remaja
  • ceritasabah
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hellraisers ; pjm + jjk by fxckjeon
hellraisers ; pjm + jjkby tae
onde jimin e jungkook são proplayers do mesmo time de counter-strike: global offensive que têm a pior relação possível, completamente contrária à boa e amigável relação...
  • jungkook
  • au
  • pjm
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Battle Wounds by DahBestEvah
Battle Woundsby Beccs
Bea meets a jock named Brandon by getting herself caught in a bit of trouble when her best friend has to stay home for the day to get some actual rest. She later ends up...
  • jocks
  • love
  • outcasts
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somebody // zeroyalchaos by zrcwizardofoz
somebody // zeroyalchaosby zrcwizardofoz
you're more intoxicating than any beverage, and god am i drunk on love. (chilledchaos x zeroyalviking)
  • gamers
  • fanfiction
  • anthony
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Omega Virus: Omega Hour (book 6) by JakeAshStrife
Omega Virus: Omega Hour (book 6)by JakeAStrife
Welcome to Omega Virus - Book 6 - Omega Hour! Thank you all for every single, read, vote, comment, and especially purchase of my Omega Virus series. Book one is currentl...
  • monsters
  • theendoftheworld
  • evil
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Inside The Game (JackSepticEye X Reader) by NamelessVoice234
Inside The Game (JackSepticEye X NamelessVoice234
When you wake up in a strange building surrounded in flashing lights and silence you can only pray that you'll be safe. However when a young man crawls into the room you...
  • fnafsisterlocation
  • readerinteraction
  • youtubers
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University Couples by H20_Deliri
University Couplesby Vnyle Hydro
Ah, highschool the days of hardwork. but this highschool or should i say university, is not much of a hardwork tho. all ya gotta do is pass the fighting test. this story...
  • artists
  • lemons
  • gamers
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Match Found  by Infinite_Distress
Match Found by 마레
"Behind every good ADC is an even better support." League of Legends' matchmaking system can match more than just players of ten to a game lobby. Yoonkook/ Sug...
  • bts
  • yoongi
  • minyoongi
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