Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x Reader} by TalkLaterBusyFangirl
Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x R...by Manga Reader & Anime Watcher
A young girl was abandoned on July 7 X777 by her dragon Sanda; Queen of the Nature Element Dragons making young (Y/N) the anointed Princess. The five elements of nature...
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Fairy Tail's Angel slayer  by W0lf_Ang3l
Fairy Tail's Angel slayer by 🥀Wolf Angel🥀
Fairy Tail X Reader ~ This book is a bit of everything~ You were taken from your family for 3 years. Whilst in captivity you witness the miracle of seeing an angel. You...
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Only You~ A LaLu fic by dhaddygabriel
Only You~ A LaLu ficby Wokeahontas
Lucy Heartfellia, a Celestial Mage, joined Fairy Tail at the young age of 8. Laxus Dreyar, a Lightning Dragon Slayer, had been there almost his whole life. The two grew...
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Fifty Shades Of... Pink?!  by VictoriaLove01
Fifty Shades Of... Pink?! by Don't
When Lucy Heartfilia's friend Levy McGarden gets sick, she must take her place and interview billionaire Natsu Dragneel. Slowly she starts to fall for him and realized t...
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Fairy tail Zodiac signs  by craz4pandas
Fairy tail Zodiac signs by 『♥︎Panda Lushy』
I believe the title explains itself XD ◎○◎○◎○◎○◎○◎ Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Fairy tail Characters used in this book. Credits go to Hiro Mashima who made the...
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|Fairy Tail| Scenarios by KatrinaZilla
|Fairy Tail| Scenariosby splanky🏳️‍🌈🇵🇷🐢
This book is about the stupid scenarios that you come up with your head but never write about. Ranging from extreme shipping to crack couples. __________________ Author...
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⚽Boy meets Tomboy | Nalu ⚽ by denby_alyssa
⚽Boy meets Tomboy | Nalu ⚽by • アリッサ •
Meet Lucy Heartfilia, a tomboy who is hated by girls for not suffocating herself in makeup and liked by boys, many boys. She is the football Captain which every boy cou...
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Memories(Nalu) by shmmmmm
Memories(Nalu)by shmmmmm
When the whole team is in danger, and defeat is prominent, Lucy uses an ancient spell to save them. But the cost of the spell, was none other than everyone's memories of...
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Cinderella- Sting x Reader by CoffeeNeededThx
Cinderella- Sting x Readerby Lea-chan
If you go South, far South, to the point where you aren't sure where you are anymore, you will find a beautiful kingdom. A country called Sabertooth, known widely for i...
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Protealistia Book 2 ( Acnologia x Reader ) by SakatsuraYumi
Protealistia Book 2 ( Acnologia x...by SakatsuraYumi
(Y/F/N) and her comrades were enjoying school life when their teachers, Julien and Shitori, make a surprising announcement?! Some weird people showed up too... And they...
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Cosplays ✔ by soulny
Cosplays ✔by  せな
I'll upload cosplays here! *^* K, I know the title was obvious enough anyway but... lol xD
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Fairy Tail Daughter scenarios (On Hold) by Nerdy_Lion
Fairy Tail Daughter scenarios (On...by 💔
This book is about you being the daughter of the mages of fairy tail. This idea popped into my head and I thought I should write it down in this book. I don't own the ch...
  • scenarios
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  • gajeelredfox
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Lucy's Tears by dream-catcher-girl
Lucy's Tearsby dreamer
Long story short Fairy tails One-and- only Lucy left fairy tail for reason that breaks her heart. After a year, she finally comes back to Magnolia. You would expect her...
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Pet of an incubus 「Nalu fanfic」 by craz4pandas
Pet of an incubus 「Nalu fanfic」by 『♥︎Panda Lushy』
Incubus... Succubus... Seductive creatures of darkness that prey on the young and weak for there own conveniences. For almost a century Natsu Dragneel had been roaming t...
  • mystery
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I Never Would Have Thought by NaLuOtaku
I Never Would Have Thoughtby Wendy
NaLu Fanfiction, AU Lucy Heartfilia is an nerdy anime lover who is used to life as she knows it. What happens when a school football player by the name of Natsu suddenly...
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My Mistakes(Nalu) by shmmmmm
My Mistakes(Nalu)by shmmmmm
*Completed* "So many mistakes in my life. But none will ever compare to the one that cost Lucy her life." Lost is all Natsu feels. Trapped, replaying the one m...
  • death
  • natsuxlucy
  • guilt
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Protealistia: Characters and Lore by SakatsuraYumi
Protealistia: Characters and Loreby SakatsuraYumi
Just a list of characters and the lore around Protealistia :3 If you wish to use my OCs, please ask for my permission first.
  • dragonslayers
  • dragonslayer
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Fairy Tail Academy  by FridayNight27
Fairy Tail Academy by • Fia •
This is about a messy School called Fairy Tail academy. There are nerds, gangsters, drama queens and much more. So If you want to have a big laugh, come join!
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The Vampire In Magnolia by VictoriaLove01
The Vampire In Magnoliaby Don't
Lucy Heartfilia was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. One day she moves in with her father and transfers to a school in Magnolia, but she didn't expect to find her...
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After the Years by Wolfgirl147
After the Yearsby Lilikitty
It's been a year since Natsu left to train. Lucy had become more powerful, focusing on harnessing the power Aquarius gave her. She never took on many hard jobs, unless...
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