A New Universe (Female! Chara(s) x Male! Reader) by Im___A___Person
A New Universe (Female! Chara(s) x... by Person Fanfiction
Wow, ok, this is going to be interesting. Just a story about you x Chara(s) Disclaimer: any of the AU characters aren't mine
Obsession [GasterSans x Frisk] by Ink_Gamer
Obsession [GasterSans x Frisk] by ILoveScience Fanfiction
On the 18th birthday of the princess, she was once again be able to go outside. But in that special day of her's was the time she's going to meet a whole, new, cruel wor...
Let Me Not (Faithtale Sans x Frisk) by CoffeeGuardian
Let Me Not (Faithtale Sans x Frisk) by Skeletor Fanfiction
Sans is elated when the nearby science facility, MagiCorp, accepts his internship. Things can finally start looking up for him and his sweet younger brother Papyrus. How...
I Started As A Joke {Sans X Hybrid Reader} by SwapfellSenpai
I Started As A Joke {Sans X Hybrid... by Animoo Fanfiction
Sans X Hybrid Reader You are a 16 year old girl, victim to the nasty and narcissistic comments of the humans around you. You only trusted one other human - your best fri...
DanceTale Sans X Reader by CastleOfTrash
DanceTale Sans X Reader by Nicola 💗🎀 Fanfiction
You are y/n. You're an 18 year old girl living on the surface. Years ago you lost your best friend, along with your love for ballet. However, things can change right? W...
My Little Puppy (Fell!Sans x Wolf!Reader) by Time_Shadow
My Little Puppy (Fell!Sans x Wolf... by Time Shadow Fanfiction
(Y/N) is a human. She had lived her whole life as Sans and Papyrus's pet, which was even more appropriate considering that Alphys had done a few experiments on her givin...
Undertale Oneshots by Pika_Girl556
Undertale Oneshots by Pika Sparks Fanfiction
Oooooh~ I've never done a oneshot book before. Why not do one for one of my favorite games? Things will get pretty punny sometimes. Readerxcharacter and characterxchara...
Truyện tranh Undertale (Vietsub) by nhi261220040
Truyện tranh Undertale (Vietsub) by Vô Diện Fanfiction
Tiếp tục bên nick @nhi26122004 nhé <3
Frisk x Sans - When Our Hearts Beat at Once |SLOW UPDATES!!!| by Lover_Of_Fandoms13
Frisk x Sans - When Our Hearts Bea... by Cilestia Font Fanfiction
I don't want to give too much away, but I liked the idea of soulmates, and souls are such a big part of Undertale that I came up with this idea. Below is my opinion on h...
Undertale AUs X Reader One-shots! No Lemons by LoveEmilyRead
Undertale AUs X Reader One-shots... by Love Emily Draw :3 Fanfiction
°An Undertale AU X Reader Oneshots! Without lemons! °NEVER in a million years I would write one anyway. °I write fluffs and sad moments! °Requests are open! °you can cho...
Smoke and Pain (Gaster Sans x Frisk) by Kirbyherpaderpy
Smoke and Pain (Gaster Sans x Fris... by The Fallen Pun Fanfiction
18 year old Frisk just wants to be loved. Spending her whole life as an unloved orphan sends her on a journey to find a place to call home. When she falls into the Under...
FashionTale - Comic (Vietnamese Translate) by DoriDoki
FashionTale - Comic (Vietnamese Tr... by Khảm Khảm Fanfiction
Các nhân vật và cốt truyện đều thuộc quyền sở hữu của art. Xin các bạn đừng mang đi khi chưa được đồng ý, cám ơn. Source: F...
Undertale Comics 1 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 1 by crazytitan25 Random
Just a bunch of comics about Undertale.I do not own this comics.
ASK/DARE THE LITTLESWAP CREW by ●°•○Althea○•°● Random
HIGHEST RANKING: #364 IN RANDOM | I did two ask/dare littletale books... but here we are, with LITTLESWAP :D | and we're back with some more questions, dares, randomness...
Don't Give In Stay Determined - Female Frisk x Male Reader by Pie-inator
Don't Give In Stay Determined - Fe... by Pie-inator Fanfiction
A Frisk x Reader Fanfic Takes place after Frisk has freed all monsters from the underground. Lemon included in the long run. This is my first book, please don't judge to...
Undertale-All Tale Picture Collection by nguyenhadiemly
Undertale-All Tale Picture Collect... by Letter December Random
Đây là Fic đầu tay của mình về Undertale mình làm Fic này vì mình thấy hình như có hàng nghìn tale do các ÂU làm nên mình làm để cho các bạn tìm hiểu thôi, mong người kh...
Undertale Roleplay  by SnowyStories21
Undertale Roleplay by LORAINE Random
Yes, you read the tittle right!! This is Roleplay!!!! 😄 I only made this book since I LOVE Undertale and was bored so Yeah!!!
UnderTale-A Journey To Love (Charisk) by RubyReyes297
UnderTale-A Journey To Love (Chari... by Ruby Fanfiction
Frisk falls into mt. Ebott and meets chara. They both take a journey together in the underground little does frisk know, chara had fallen in love with frisk. Will frisk...
LOVE for love by TheCatFurry
LOVE for love by TheCatFurry Fanfiction
Filled with curiosity, Frisk set out on their first geno to find out who Chara was. After they meet Chara, they started to gain a crush on them. I don't own the cover ar...
 underfell sans x child female reader (SLOWBURN)  by Rdgamechanger
underfell sans x child female rea... by Rd Fanfiction
Sans has a skele daughter she's a hybrid with a human/monster soul