Dare or Ask NAJ! PJ x Fresh!!!  by ShipperMeme
Dare or Ask NAJ! PJ x Fresh!!! by Tiana H. Fanfiction
Listen.....I have been obsessed with this ship and will always be obsessed with this ship. SOOOO I decided that you all can ask them questions or dare them!
Deadly Scandals Paperjam X Fresh by AMOTimePlayer
Deadly Scandals Paperjam X Fresh by Amber.M.Ortiz Fanfiction
I drew the book cover, and made the cover on the Wattpad cover app but the AU does not belong to me, nor does Undertale. Only the plot and OCs belong to me. Also 2 chapt...
Undertale AUs X Reader One-shots! No Lemons by LoveEmilyRead
Undertale AUs X Reader One-shots... by Love Emily Draw :3 Fanfiction
[On hold] [Requests closed] °An Undertale AU X Reader Oneshots! Without lemons! °NEVER in a million years I would write one anyway. °I write fluffs and sad moments! °Re...
~Sanscest and Undertale Ships~ {Requests C L O S E D} by ABirdThing
~Sanscest and Undertale Ships~ {Re... by maestro Humor
*jumps off a cliff into hell* let's get this crap started, bitches. so much regret was put into this. and seriously, if you request something when it says "Closed&q...
Raccolta Comic di Undertale e AU ITA by EmilioMarini
Raccolta Comic di Undertale e AU I... by Emilio Marini Random
Beh, cosa vi aspettavate. Ve l'ho avevo detto che mi piace tradurre
Unexpected Thug Love by ReenahK
Unexpected Thug Love by ReenahK Teen Fiction
*Completed* Meet Aeryelle Fulton. She and her crew are the baddest at Dayhill High. They got niggas falling for them left and right but Aery got her eye on the most want...
Undertale oneshots by GoldetGaming
Undertale oneshots by Goldet Gaming Fanfiction
hello and welcome to my first story (oneshot) and there might be slow updates but I will post what I can to have some entertainment oh and there is going to be NO LEMONS...
Ask The Sanses by Sinna_Sinner
Ask The Sanses by Sinna or TinTin Random
I haven't really seen a lot of these lately so, why not? Also art on the cover does not belong to me credit goes to them.
Love is blind by millennialtrash
Love is blind by N.K Fanfiction
"What you think is love is truly not, you need to elevate and find" G!P Part 3💗
Dear Brother. {Momma CQ Fanfiction} by GayGlitch
The King's Story {AfterDeath}  by the_shipping_begins
The King's Story {AfterDeath} by the_shipping_begins Fanfiction
Geno is a King of a small kingdom along with Error and Fresh. The brothers Kingdom is dying so Geno suggests merging their land with another's. But in order to do so, on...
H-hello (Jock and nerd AU X Reader) by Nekomiya832
H-hello (Jock and nerd AU X Reader) by Happy Nightmares! Fanfiction
Heya reader!!! This is a fanfic where you get into a new higschool. At 'Jock and Nerd AU' This AU belongs to ThegreatRouge at tumblr!!! I highly recommend you to...
NaJ PaperJamxFresh by AB-Studios
NaJ PaperJamxFresh by PJ Fanfiction
((I'm in college now so I have a detailed memory of high school so get ready for an accurate representation of high school drama and timeline)) PaperJam is the most popu...
Broken Hearts ~A Naj Freshpaper Fanfic~ by Skylercipher
Broken Hearts ~A Naj Freshpaper Fa... by Unfreshy Fanfiction
Lots of monsters go to a high school called Underhigh, and they're split into two categories, Nerds and Jocks. But what exactly happens when one from each category fall...
Radical Obsessions (Fresh!Sans x Reader) by BubbleBerryUniverse
Radical Obsessions (Fresh!Sans x R... by HUMAN SUFFERING Fanfiction
Fresh!Sans was never able to feel emotions...that is...until he met Y/N.. He captured Y/N and brought them to his void, known as the Fresh-void. Welp, Y/N, looks like yo...
I WANT YOU!  Naj/Nerd fresh x Rich, powerful,Young SisterReader by Jen_Likes_Bts_0806
I WANT YOU! Naj/Nerd fresh x Rich... by Jen_Likes_Bts_0806 Fanfiction
(Y/n) Zalazar and Her family is the Most Wealthy Family on her Country she has Sibling Her Older sister and Brother who is Overprotective over her.When she went to Under...
Unexpected Thug Love *The Sequel* by ReenahK
Unexpected Thug Love *The Sequel* by ReenahK Teen Fiction
Sequel to Unexpected Thug Love
The death of me 🌟BOOK 1  by MariaLNBorges
The death of me 🌟BOOK 1 by MariaLNB Fanfiction
When a mastermind takes over the multiverse and enslaves everyone in it, it's up to error and his new found friends to save everyone and possibly every dimension. 😱
High School Trouble.  by Pandapal1207
High School Trouble. by Trash Fanfiction
DISCLAIMER!!!! THIS STORY INVOLVES VIOLENCE, OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE, SUICIDE, AND HUGE FEELS. new school so new friends...but also new enemies. Fresh trys to find friends an...
Rad one shot brah. (Sansy fresh x Reader) by _LeviAckerman
Rad one shot brah. (Sansy fresh x... by L Romance
broski, i tried everywhere looking for a one shot or a story for my main man fresh, ya dig? but what the friggidy fresh, there are like close to none brah. decided to ma...