Fred Weasley x Reader by forgeandgredweasley
Fred Weasley x Reader by forgeandgredweasley Fanfiction
Just a (not so) short Fred x Reader. Begins right before the Quidditch world cup. You're staying at the burrow with your best friends, Fred and George Weasley. (If anyth...
Liquid Luck {Sirius Black} by maraudersnme
Liquid Luck {Sirius Black} by Ty Fanfiction
Chiara Holland's family has been in Ravenclaw for generations and generations, dating back even to the time of Hogwarts' founders; but she knows that isn't where she bel...
Still Waters • [ Fred Weasley ] by _MrsFredWeasley
Still Waters • [ Fred Weasley ] by _MrsFredWeasley Fanfiction
still waters run deep. - and she was the deepest of them all. Leah Wildfield was a quiet, but intelligent girl, starting her fifth year at Hogwarts. Despite of her close...
RECKLESS FUN of Zoe Black {Blaise Zabini} by crudekid
RECKLESS FUN of Zoe Black {Blaise... by Tessa Fanfiction
What if in Prisoner of Azkaban Peter hadn't escaped? = THIS IS A HAPPY STORY ABOUT THOSE TEENAGE YEARS THAT THEY DESERVE DURING GOLDEN TRIO ERA "Are you asking me...
Episkey (Fred Weasley Story) by MiawPaw
Episkey (Fred Weasley Story) by Marzia Fanfiction
Paige Daniels is one of the most bookish students at Hogwarts, while on the other hand there is Fred Weasley, one of the most rebellious people at school. What happens w...
KEEPER ➣ GEORGE WEASLEY by mel✨ Fanfiction
It's a simple story really, one that includes: a girl, a pair of twins, a Shark, a tournament, a stutter, an accident and a little bit of magic. ××× [george weasley x o...
The Youngest Black • [Harry Potter Love Story] by aeliziadubois
The Youngest Black • [Harry Potter... by aeliziadubois Fanfiction
❝In one of those stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night. And...
Enchanted [Fred Weasley]  by DailyDeathEater
Enchanted [Fred Weasley] by Another Slytherin Fanfiction
Grace Kellner is a small Ravenclaw who's always seen carrying a certain journal. Most people assume it's a diary, but she knows it's not. It's a book full of ideas. Idea...
just dotty - [fred.w] by icedcoffree
just dotty - [fred.w] by holly Fanfiction
the twisted girl and the boy who somehow untwists her just fred and just dotty ___________ highest ranking: #324 in fanfiction
Alohamora || Fred Weasley by weasleyftweasley
Alohamora || Fred Weasley by Allana Fanfiction
'Could i try unlocking your heart with Alohamora!?' Fred asked the heartbroken young Gryffindor who was crying on his lap.
Raising Hope {Fred Weasley} by kmbell92
Raising Hope {Fred Weasley} by K.M. Bell Fanfiction
*Warning : If you haven't read Tightly Knit and Gunpowder and Cinnamon, go do that first!* Fred and Eleanor Weasley didn't plan on becoming parents so young but they nev...
Tightly Knit{ Fred Weasley} by kmbell92
Tightly Knit{ Fred Weasley} by K.M. Bell Fanfiction
Life was complicated for Eleanor Ross from the moment she was born to a Muggle mother. With her father nowhere in the picture and her magic appearing, Eleanor grows up i...
Lost & Found • [ Fred Weasley ] by _MrsFredWeasley
Lost & Found • [ Fred Weasley ] by _MrsFredWeasley Fanfiction
❝Fred Weasley! You're such a pain in the arse!❞, she yelled, throwing her hands up furiously, but he just smirked with the usual mischievous sparkle in his warm eyes, as...
Harry potter one shots by writergirl_x
Harry potter one shots by writergirl_x Fanfiction
I will be writing imagines and I'm taking requests !
Stunning (Fred Weasley) by padfootsbike
Stunning (Fred Weasley) by Drew Fanfiction
"You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, Elle," he whispered, his face slowly coming down to mine. My heartbeat picked up, even more than it already ha...
Too Young » Fred Weasley by hxgsmeade
Too Young » Fred Weasley by lara Fanfiction
❝I think I love you❞ ❝Love is such a cliche❞ ❝Then I adore you❞ harry potter and percy jackson cross over. highest ranking: #95 in fanfiction
gryffindor // r. lupin x reader || ✔️ by Fictionocity
gryffindor // r. lupin x reader ||... by author.™ Fanfiction
❝ well team... ❞ ❝ mission successful. ❞ ••• Y/N L/N, how can we describe her? She's one of the biggest heartthrobs at Hogwarts, with her sparkling E/C eyes and shiny H...
Spit Fire - Oliver Wood by demigod_10
Spit Fire - Oliver Wood by ellie Fanfiction
SPIT FIRE. "She was wild and free And the words she spat were like F I R E" [OLIVER WOOD]
WILD [FRED WEASLEY | 1] by rxmione
WILD [FRED WEASLEY | 1] by fifi Fanfiction
messy hair and obnoxious laughter and neck kisses and goofy winks and sarcastic comments. The summer sky and muggle music and pulling pranks. Smiling and crying and fall...
Saving Him (Fred Weasley X Reader) by RenegadeXwriter
Saving Him (Fred Weasley X Reader) by C.B Blue Fanfiction
I didn't draw the fanart used in the cover, I only edited the red X on it and the title of the story. Found the art here You are just a ty...