PJO oneshots/ headcannons by annabethchase916
PJO oneshots/ headcannons by My name's Nobody :D Random
title says all. Includes a few meeting percabeths maybe, adventures of baby Percy, percabeth, more percabeth, other random stuff, my wierd headcannons and very very very...
Tangled by Fate [Fire Emblem Awakening] by corvus_94
Tangled by Fate [Fire Emblem Awake... by Jesse Fanfiction
As a girl I wandered, not knowing anything. As a warrior I wandered, not killing anything. As a mage I wandered, not questioning anything. As a creature I wandered, kno...
Hannibal One Shots by picklelovingwriter
Hannibal One Shots by picklelovingwriter Fanfiction
Read insert one shots based on the NBC show Hannibal! Please read the rules before requesting!
Fire Emblem Awakening by Odds_and_Ends
Fire Emblem Awakening by Brief Hiatus Fanfiction
"The path to victory is not paved with gold; it is paved with bitter tears of grief, with the blood one has shed protecting those they love, with the sweat of hard...
My Bondage and My Freedom by gutenberg
Fire emblem x reader by A_girl_for_flowers
Fire emblem x reader by Extreme trash Fanfiction
I've wanted to do this for so long so here it is. This is my first book I've done so enjoy
This Just Got Awkward... by MariHofferson
This Just Got Awkward... by Marina Kreder Magnani Fanfiction
Between BotL and TLO. Frederick's P.O.V.(for now). Percy and Annabeth had a fight. An ugly one. Percy tries to apologize, but Annabeth won't let him, so he HAD to go all...
Fire Emblem Quiz: Which Character are You? (Awakening Edition) by Sisters-Grimm
Fire Emblem Quiz: Which Character... by Sisters Grimm Random
A 20 question quiz to find out which FE: Awakening character you are! The options are: Chrom, Lucina, Robin, GV (Girl Version of Robin), Frederick, Lissa, and Emmeryn. B...
FredChrom by MeIodie
FredChrom by Melodie Fanfiction
Oh god I don't really have an explanation for this??? I was bored and my friend and I were sorta talking about this???? Mother and father please never find me on the Int...
My Lady {Reader x Various} by melodic-noodles
My Lady {Reader x Various} by Ramen Fanfiction
A "Fire Emblem Awakening" fanfiction Myunit/Reader x Various Romance, lemons... all the smut you could ask for. Requests are welcome! Please enjoy.
Old Fritz and the New Era by gutenberg
Fire Emblem: Awakening (X Reader Adventures) by British_Robot
Fire Emblem: Awakening (X Reader A... by British_Robot Fanfiction
Well hello my fellow Marshmallow Birbs, it's a me Espyen, "And Sio Nell", and we're here to show you our first X Reader book....I never done this but this will...
Division of Words Rules for the Division of Words at the Ends of Lines, with Remarks on Spelling, Sy by gutenberg
The Principles of Scientific Management by gutenberg
The Five Missing Children  by PokeMaster52
The Five Missing Children by PokeMaster52 Random
The characters in this here fanfic are owned by Mobox87,not me. This wattpad fanfic is based on the animation by Puppet ze Geek.
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by gutenberg
A Little Book of Filipino Riddles by gutenberg
Fire Emblem oneshot [Frederick X Chrom(lemon)] by Wolfsister234
Fire Emblem oneshot [Frederick X C... by Cathrine Star Fanfiction
yaoi oneshot for a friend of mine. Fredrick X Chrom from Fire Emblem. Will be a lemon, if you don't like yaoi and stuffs then don't read
The Prince and The Pauper pt.2 by FurryNovelist
The Prince and The Pauper pt.2 by Furry Novelist Fantasy
"Brumpp...Brumpp...." When the trumpets blows out a signal, the Royal Fazbear Family is marching through the streets of Fantasia. A small bunny by the streets...