Querido Hermano by gatitagera
Querido Hermanoby soy una patata
siempre unidos tan unidos que nunca pensé sentir algo por ti
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UN AMOR TAN REAL - DANN X FRAN (🇵🇺🇸🇦🇩🇦) by _jesschan_
Dann son es el gatito que esta enamorado de nuestra perfecto Fran al confersales sus sentimientos Fran le dijo........lo verán en la historia :3
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The Vongola's Flame Academy by Goddess1990
The Vongola's Flame Academyby Goddess1990
Fran has a bad past, that she just wants to forget. She is new to the academy but she makes quick friends with Tsuna and her friends. Then there is a blonde guy name Bel...
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Give it back! / A Frian story by KnJKiggy
Give it back! / A Frian storyby KianandJc
Franny Arrieta has had trouble all her life with a boy who never stops picking on her. Until one day he ruins her dress and she breaks down. She never got to say goodby...
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Just Around the Riverbend by namelessjx
Just Around the Riverbendby namelessjx
Jo & Fran have been friends and neighbors since elementary school. Fran is the ideal boy next door. Jo & Fran have always hung out, but the night one of them confesses h...
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The Lost Mage (A Katekyo Hitman Reborn fic Various x Oc Reverse Harem) by alicebld
The Lost Mage (A Katekyo Hitman Seraphina
Armine Charisse is 14 years old mage that travel the world to search more about her parent. Been searching since the age 4, she know that travelling has a lot of advanta...
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💙 One Shots! 💜 by Degal_Heartfang
💙 One Shots! 💜by A crazy shipper :3
These are some one shots that I will make in he free time while everyone is waiting for major updates in my books. Requests are open, some one shots will be from charact...
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Inazuma Eleven Go VS Danball Senki W [ON HOLD] by JopayIgoy
Inazuma Eleven Go VS Danball イゴイ ジョペ
Shinsei Inazuma Japan and Inazuma Japan were having a match (name) (last name) Matsukaze Tenma spotted a girl hiding in the shadows but they decided to ignore her. When...
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enamorandome de mi mejor amigo Amor o Admiracion [Frakkun] by Usagi_lacie
enamorandome de mi mejor amigo Ana-chan
rakkun es una joven de 22 años, que ha participado en una serie llamada FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S HIGH SCHOOL (mejor conocido como Fnafhs :v) en un dia de junta entre los a...
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❝ Thank you ❞ || Frakkun || by _MADN3SS_Fred
❝ Thank you ❞ || Frakkun ||by ❝ . . . ❞
''Gracias'' por todo, Fran.. Frakkun;; Shipp entre Fran (ItsFandubTime) y Rakkun.. - No copias de la historia¿.
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Drabbles by YukinaSacho
Drabblesby Reira
Drabbles is a short fiction/story okies OwO
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Music Is A Scenography Of Feelings |Jortini by Mrs_Little_Fox
Music Is A Scenography Of Mrs_Little_Fox
''Jestem jaka jestem. Mówię co myślę, nigdy nie kłamiąc, jestem szalona, swej pasji się oddaję. Myślę pozytywnie, uśmiecham się bez przerwy. Tańcząc na parkiecie, rozład...
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Dan and Phil adopt by QuestionableMaya
Dan and Phil adoptby Summa.Star
Lots of people say that Phil would buy a dog randomly but he went a bit too far this time.
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Fran Bow Theories by LilVertex
Fran Bow Theoriesby Lil' Vertex
Okay, so ever since I started writing my Fran Bow Fanfic, *check it out*, I've had Fran Bow on my mind a lot. And like anyone who's basically ever played/watched someone...
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Cell Random Block Tango (a Random Encounters tribute) by SoNya363
Cell Random Block Tango (a So' Nya
I decided to do a little tribute to Random Encounters ; if they see this : hi and I give you a lot of hearts from France ! Enjoy ! It's a parody of « Cell Block Tango »...
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Mystery Girl by iamalex4602
Mystery Girlby iamalex4602
Madison It's just your average 19 year-old girl. She moved to LA to have her face known in modeling. Only to find a boy who makes her happy. What will happen? Read to fi...
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Kiss me under your Sousaphone by starburstfan13
Kiss me under your Sousaphoneby starburstfan13
Fran Daninteno is madly in love with the tuba/sousaphone player Ben Granom. Ever since 7th grade she has admired him from afar in hope that he will notice her true feeli...
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