The Way Back by xtrisandfourx
The Way Back by xtrisandfourx Fanfiction
Tris wakes up in a destroyed, abandoned city with only one memory. And that memory is of a man named Tobias. Desperate for answers, she sets out to find him, though she...
Divergent High by minniehaya
Divergent High by Hiddendivergents Fanfiction
A fanfiction about the main characters from The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. All About Tris Prior and her adventures through Divergent High. Tris is a victim of bu...
Hurt by ren_bear
Hurt by Renee💕 Fanfiction
This book is mostly teen fiction using the characters from my favourite series, Divergent. Most of my story isn't based off of the plot of Divergent. Just a little heads...
The Hero's Call///Fourtris AU by books_and_cleverness
The Hero's Call///Fourtris AU by books_and_cleverness Fanfiction
"Ah, perfect timing! Sweetheart, I would like you to meet Private Four Eaton." I turn around and see a bright pair of familiar blue eyes. It's him.
Inferno by Caruscus
Inferno by Caruscus Fanfiction
Last year, at the previous Choosing Ceremony, Tobias Eaton left more than an abusive father behind; he also left his younger sister. It's been four years since then, and...
My Body Guard by divergentlover_
My Body Guard by Divergentlover_ Fanfiction
Beatrice Prior is a princess. Great, right? Wrong. Of course her parents are nice, the King and queen, but they work all day. Her brother's the same as he is next in lin...
Divergent - FourTris (No war) by DivergentInspired
Divergent - FourTris (No war) by DivergentInspired Fanfiction
Tris and Tobias's love grows stronger, they get through everything. Things change, things stay the same and things move on. Fear are faced and fears are changed. Tris an...
Tris Pedrad Dauntless Born by jojo9635
Tris Pedrad Dauntless Born by jojo9635 Fanfiction
Tris was born in Dauntless and along with her twin Uriah and her big brother Zeke they mess up the daunless compound. But what happens when a blue eyed abnegation boy s...
The New Girl (A Divergent High Story) by DauntlessCakeBaby
The New Girl (A Divergent High Sto... by District9¾Divergent Fanfiction
Tris is LA's "It Girl". She is one of the biggest pop singers, with famous parents, and brother. But she had a life back in Chicago with her three best friends...
Divergent - Four's POV by thefandomcake
Divergent - Four's POV by thefandomcake Fanfiction
Suddenly a girl drops down into the net and sits there for a moment, then starts laughing. We all reach our hands out to her, and she takes mine. I look at her and my br...
Divergent High by __QueenOfHearts__
Divergent High by __QueenOfHearts__ Fanfiction
Tris is starting at a new school and trying to start fresh but then she meets Four and falls in love with him. Can she hide her past from him forever?
Worlds Apart-after allegiant by ricepuddinwriter
Worlds Apart-after allegiant by иιккι♥︎ Fanfiction
*ALLEGIANT SPOILER* What if tris didn't die. What happened if tris and Tobias went past the bureau? What would happen if they had to fight in a real war. What would happ...
Deceptions & Secrets by FourTris_HEA
Deceptions & Secrets by FourTris_HEA Fanfiction
Summary: When tragedy strikes, Beatrice Prior's life is turned upside down, her plans for the future are jeopardized, and life becomes a lot more complicated. The one s...
Divergent High by love_at_first_tobias
Divergent High by love_at_first_tobias Fanfiction
Tris is forced to move to Chicago with her family. She has to face the difficult task of making new friends, in a place that every child has known each other since kinde...
Divergent High // Divergent AU by swagnisseverdeen
Divergent High // Divergent AU by g r a c e ♡ Fanfiction
Tris Prior moves to Chicago from California. She meets the queen bee Lauren, head of the cheerleading squad. She also meets Lauren's boyfriend, Four, the schools head q...
Divergent Oneshots by -_JOHANNA_-
Divergent Oneshots by Johanna Fanfiction
Divergent Oneshots\Preferences Completed Includes: Four, Peter, Uriah and Eric Requests Are Closed
Tris and Four by fourtrisobsessed
Tris and Four by Fourtris babies Fanfiction
Tris has been in Dauntless for 3 years now and there is no war. There's no Al, but the rest are there. So I hope you like this
Starting Over by BringTheButterKnife
Starting Over by BringTheButterKnife Fanfiction
Two years after Allegiant Tris comes back to the factions. Nobody knows who she really is, even Tobias. She's not sure she's ready to tell anyone that she faked her deat...
Fourtris Now and Forever: Divergent No War by jlynneb17
Fourtris Now and Forever: Divergen... by jlynneb17 Fanfiction
**WARNING: OLD WRITING** Tris and Tobias [Four] push the boundaries of their relationship as it grows in a spin-off of Divergent where the Erudite never created the in...
Divergent high by Divergent_is_my_life
Divergent high by Divergent_is_my_life Fanfiction
This is Divergent in modern times but the whole gang goes to high school. Four is the school's bad boy player that every girl loves. Him and Tris HATE each other. Will l...