SCP- 049 X Reader by Forgotten_Trust
SCP- 049 X Reader by Cherokee Doberman Fanfiction
Ok, just reuploading everything. You are the only female MTF officer in the Secure Contain and Protect Facility.
Eerie by aradied33
Eerie by Arastella Paranormal
"You're such an eerie lady, and that intrigues me big time." An unknown person chatted a mysterious girl. Everything about her profile in facebook was unclear...
Memories of Nagito - Desko by deskoblackthrone
Memories of Nagito - Desko by Desko And Gracie The True Sto... Fanfiction
You were Nagito's best and only friend the only thing keeping him sane. What happens when he loses everything and only has you. And then you're forced to leave too. Wha...
The Makeup Bible for Idiots and Pros by anastasia_reigns
The Makeup Bible for Idiots and Pr... by Anastasia* Non-Fiction
This is the ultimate makeup guide! The best part? IT'S FREEEEEE!!!!! Broke and can't afford a makeup artist or an expensive makeup book? Read this thing instead! I'll tr...
The Chaos Insurgency  by XO_For_J4F
The Chaos Insurgency by Man Behind The Mask Fanfiction
After our escape from the Foundation, I vowed to bring down my sister by any means necessary. No matter the costs, no matter who stands in my way. I will seek out and de...
Nullified (Gladionxreader) by MegaTrio
Nullified (Gladionxreader) by ThatOneSmartIdiot Fanfiction
All pictures are all from the internet unless stated otherwise. I drew the cover picture. I do not own Pokemon. You are (f/n) (l/n), the raining champion of Alola. You h...
Scp-682 by IrisStaci93
Scp-682 by IrisStaci93 Romance
This is about Scp-682. He has this beautiful girl her name is Nataryanne. She has a sister named Marryandra. Scp-682 has known Nataryanne for years they are both in the...
Breached: an SCP fan story by VincentThepsychopath
Breached: an SCP fan story by Vincent The psychopath Horror
breached for over 10 years, katie (SCP 5131) Has finally been recontained after 049 and 173 breached containment and got out of the facility. after a breach that resulte...
Karasu by MrsSquishyToad
Karasu by MrsSquishyToad Fanfiction
In Root, you have no name. You have no feelings. You have no past. You have no future. There is only the mission.
Quotes and thoughts: from myself and others by FeeyahSaysSo
Quotes and thoughts: from myself a... by FeeyahSaysSo Non-Fiction
Random thoughts from myself and others. ..... Sometimes we want questions answered and are afraid to ask them! Tell you this much that will get you nowhere. I am allowin...
lets ask the scps. : 3 by shadowmonster333
lets ask the scps. : 3 by shadowmonster333 Fanfiction
this is a fan lets ask the scps thing.i am also going to do a lets ask the creepypastas since that is my other favorite you can ask any scp you want, just pl...
My Angel  #WZPC by lovely_yara
My Angel #WZPC by manha Short Story
**COMPLETED** It is a story of a person who used to live on the streets and her angel who changed her entire life. An attempt to show humanity. One shot written for WZ...
a faith that testifies (The Living Faith) by dai_lene
a faith that testifies (The Living... by Rhodenna Murillo Alota Spiritual
May our faith speak and not be shut! "...that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world." Romans 1:8 "...he had this testimony, that he pleased G...
It All Started in Marriage Booth (SLOW REVISING) || ✓ by YoungDongSun
It All Started in Marriage Booth (... by Daniah Teen Fiction
What if ang kalokohan naging katotohanan?
Eddsworld SCP AU Info by MadisonCianciarulo
Eddsworld SCP AU Info by Dark-writing hiatus Random
Since I loved making this au, I decided to make a whole book based on the information, so people don't have to go searching for it.
SCP DATE BASE by HaileyYoung251
SCP DATE BASE by Hailey Young Random
authorized personnel only, you have been warned MEMETIC KILL AGENT ACTIVATED
The Man Behind Her by SilverWolf2010
The Man Behind Her by Oppyrational Action
A simple extraction mission goes sideways and Agent Candice Black is left with a target on her back. Her only job is to play protector while his only job is to take out...
Makeup by queenofpotatoes01
MacGyver Imagines by livingoutlife
MacGyver Imagines by T Fanfiction
I get these little ideas sometimes about Mac and I don't know, I feel like I should write them. I'm itching to write one now. I hope you like it. By the's MACGY...
SCP Files Series Two by BraydenJohnson
SCP Files Series Two by FieryHellhound Horror
This is the second series of SCPs. This goes from SCP-101 to SCP-200. Keep a look out for new SCPs being published! Thanks for reading!