I'm Not A Jersey Kind Of Guy by everytimeiseeyou143
I'm Not A Jersey Kind Of Guyby Nataley Anne
Beckham O'Neil has been moved from foster home to foster home, nothing in his life has been stable for him, except for his running. Everyone has him stereotyped as the q...
  • foster
  • running
  • lacy
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Brave Face | ✔️ by city_of_owls
Brave Face | ✔️by KicktheEmily
Highest Ranking #89 in Teen Fiction // Hazel Finnegan has been through the fiery gates of hell and back. Figuratively speaking, of course. She survived sixteen years wi...
  • fostercare
  • teenromance
  • love
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A Home For Zoe by karana21
A Home For Zoeby Karana14
Completed!!!!!!! Zoe Whitman has been bouncing around the foster care system for half her life. When she is kicked out of her latest group home, she is placed with the B...
  • fosterfamily
  • fostercare
  • family
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The Bad Boy Took the Monsters Away by abbielynn222
The Bad Boy Took the Monsters Awayby Abbie
Kaydense Montgomery has been to seventeen different foster homes and she's currently in one of the worst. She refuses to report the abuse because of her fear to lose her...
  • bentley
  • ethan
  • highschool
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Dad? by mrskillianjonesx
Dad?by mrskillianjonesx
Emma Swan is six years old, and in foster care. All she wants is a real family. David Nolan is happy enough, but, like Emma, is alone and looking for the missing piece i...
  • emmaswan
  • foster
  • fanfiction
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Stay Close✔️ by elysemason
Stay Close✔️by elyse mason♥️
COMPLETED "I think you're hiding something," he said accusingly, his voice low and dangerous. "I think you're crazy," I retorted. My heart was be...
  • counselor
  • close
  • romance
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Polarize by Hug_Me_BrothaXD
Polarizeby Mrs. Stiles Stilinski
"They protect each other. They destroy each other." ********************** Book 1: The Ascent [COMPLETED] Book 2: The Decline [ONGOING] Highest Ranking- 292...
  • chicklit
  • friends
  • goodgirl
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On Our Own by KeepMeHiddenForever
On Our Ownby Salty Queen
Leah Parker. Silver hair. Piercings. Tattoos. Anyone could describe her with those words. But no one truly knew Leah, not her foster parents, not her foster siblings...
  • life
  • badgirl
  • broken
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Baby On My Doorstep by Redwriter3
Baby On My Doorstepby Savanna Barnes
Sydney Carson has grown up in the system, shuffled from one set of foster parents to the next, until she was granted emancipation. Now she's living on her own, going to...
  • fiction
  • truth
  • pregnancy
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The Ex-wife of the Billionaire by ScrivereMagia
The Ex-wife of the Billionaireby ScrivereMagia
The Ex-wife of the billionaire- Sounds pretty cool, isn't it? But living life after that is not as cool. Bridget was another girl from the female population of the world...
  • comedy
  • heartbreak
  • prince
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Turn Scars to Stars [2] by WithLoveAndCupcakes
Turn Scars to Stars [2]by A.Rose
Sequel to "Darkness Will Come to Light." Melaina Rose Cullen's life adventures continue into New Moon and Eclipse. A disastrous birthday party takes Mel out of...
  • twilightsaga
  • vampire
  • harrypotter
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Darkness Will Come to Light [1] by WithLoveAndCupcakes
Darkness Will Come to Light [1]by A.Rose
The Cullens didn't pay her any mind. Not at first. Melaina was just another human whose life cycle lasted no more than a century--nothing compared to a vampire's eternit...
  • withloveandcupcakes
  • cullens
  • mel
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Hamilkid - Adopted by Hamilton by Gorgonatar
Hamilkid - Adopted by Hamiltonby Mo
Evie hasn't had the best luck. She's been tossed in and out of homes for years. She's come to accept that people don't stay in her life for very long. And that's fine...
  • theater
  • lin-manuel
  • play
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Taken in by Hamilton by unicornlover04
Taken in by Hamiltonby Elizabeth :)
"Excuse me, are you alright?" A man with a black pony tail asked. It was my idol. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Taylor was abused. She was bullied. She was broken. And t...
  • fredricks
  • cast
  • mystery
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If only she knew: fitz pov by Kotlc-teamfitzphie
If only she knew: fitz povby Sugar coated sour apple
"If only she knew" one thought that always got the best of Fitz's mind *****LODESTAR SPOILERS***** I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTORS ALL CREDIT...
  • fanfic
  • sophievacker
  • kinh
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fostered ; e.g.d by troubledolans
fostered ; e.g.dby troubledolans
the whole situation is wrong. how can you love your fostered brother? but i guess if it was ethan dolan it would make it that slightest bit easier. carmen brookes never...
  • dolantwins
  • ethandolan
  • graysondolan
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The Rewrite by silenceisntgolden
The Rewriteby silenceisntgolden
A Teri/Sherri fanfic. It's set at the start of filming for 3B. Neither is married and neither have kids. All it took was one quick little rewrite/added scene to change i...
  • stefena
  • fosters
  • saum
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Another Sokeefe story by musicmags
Another Sokeefe storyby musicmags
Shannon Messanger has done a great job with her kotlc series and this is just another story about these charactors! prepare yourself for lots of sokeefe!!!!!!!!!!! (all...
  • dex
  • fitz
  • lihn
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Sign here by unbroken30
Sign hereby unbroken30
Ryder is a wealthy business man, he's cunning, charming, all around American Dream but he's missing one thing, a woman. Not that he spends his night alone, or stay throu...
  • couple
  • dicks
  • blonde
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High Tide by MackieJay
High Tideby Mackie Jay
They say you don't know what you're missing if you've never had it to begin with. The Johnson sisters would beg to disagree on that one. They've spent the majority of t...
  • town
  • firstlove
  • family
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