(( Detailed)) Individual Rp by moonpiesyum
(( Detailed)) Individual Rp by mystical daydreamer Random
This books is basically the characters I RP with. If I tag someone on how my character looks, act etc etc. Then this is the book I tag with, if someone ever wants to RP...
Pieces To Finding You- Watty Awards 2012 by _SweptAwayByLies_
Pieces To Finding You- Watty Award... by Ai Jiang Teen Fiction
"Can you just give me the freaking chess piece?!" I gave up trying to be calm, and snapped at Nate with crossed arms. "Not until you get up there and sing...
Avocado Critiques by FullyHollow
Avocado Critiques by ɯɐ ı oɥʍ ɯɐ ı Random
OPEN Want an opinion of your story? Sign up to receive a thorough critique and rating out of 10 on up to 5 parts of your story. I do well with grammatical errors and dia...
litost ; || ✔ by http-jeons
litost ; || ✔ by ℳystique. Fanfiction
" he wanted to die. but he'd try to put himself back together. for her. just for her " - 170523 (start) - 170623 (end) --------------------- second...
Sheriff Callie's Wild West One-Shots by CRAZYSHIPPERGIRL888
Sheriff Callie's Wild West One-Sho... by CRAZYSHIPPERGIRL888 Fanfiction
Little short stories about humor, friendship, and romance!
The Graphic Shop [OPEN] by GraphicSilly
The Graphic Shop [OPEN] by Graphic Silly Random
Want a perfect graphic for your book? Or something for your page? We have you covered!
✵ Saving Sawyer ✵ |OC Book| by galilea-
✵ Saving Sawyer ✵ |OC Book| by ✵ Lea ✵ Random
✵ Saving Sawyer ✵ ❝She said We're too young and We're two different people.❞ - a book of OCs and everything that comes with them -
Salem RP by JaseyVoorhees
Salem RP by FATALITY Fanfiction
You're in Salem, some how you went back in time and ended up here, but you don't know how or who pit you there, you just knoq that your not in the right timeline
Werewolf Bite by Inspireme18
Werewolf Bite by KC Werewolf
Walking into the forest was a big mistake, now Nisela has to pay for the consequences. What will happen when Nislea starts transforming into something she doesn't know...
Cover Maker by Cute_Little_Hydra
Cover Maker by Messy_Haired_Destiny Random
Want a cover? I'll make em'!! • Warrior cat books • Animal books • Anything non-sexual
Share your story by lee-fox
Share your story by Lee-Fox Random
*open* If your looking for some people to discover your story then you have come to the right place. Here you can share your story with other wattpaders! It might not...
My Book of Rp! by EbonyTaco
My Book of Rp! by Ebony/AJTaco/ Random
All role plays! from my own stories to fandoms! Most common will be Ninjago though^^
Individual Rp by LucartheMedic
RP BOOK 2 by AddieHigenell2
RP BOOK 2 by AddieHigenell2 Random
Book two of my RPs! :) Rules: 1) Fill out form! 2) Wait to be accepted! 3) RP and have fun!
Aesthetically Written [completed] by stellabellaaaa
Aesthetically Written [completed] by Aesthetically Poetry
Hello ;) this is a collection of poems 💋
Aesthetics by FutureWritterLA
Aesthetics by Mysterious joy Random
Where you can request aesthetics(⌒▽⌒)
Anime Roleplay by Ohshc22
Fantasy Roleplay by Xx_Fantasy_xX
Fantasy Roleplay by Galaxy Fantasy Fantasy
Title but after making oc start right away
My OC's who have Specific Forms  by MackieGreen15
the supreme comander's grandaughter (nura rise of the yokai clan fanfic) by childofsatan
the supreme comander's grandaughte... by childofsatan Fanfiction
Hi. My name is Yumi Nura and I am 12 years old. I love Yokai and do you want to know the reason why I love Yokai? Well it's because I am one of them. Yes, I Yumi Nura a...