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Hi, I'm Ren! You can also call me Marien if you would like! I love to write and when I'm not writing, I am thinking of how to improve my story. I love reading but what I love even more is creating my own story. If you have any questions or comments at all reguarding anything, please ask and I'll be more than happy to answer! Also, find me on Facebook and Goodreads! You can find things there you can't on Wattpad. Goodreads --> Facebook Page --> About me: -I am 20 years old -I enjoy being an independent person but I love my family and friends -I enjoy writing, photography, music, and film -I love nature and to travel - which is where photography comes in. -Interested in film and directing as well as history, religion, and the afterlife -Music I love - Marilyn Manson, Korn, Evanescence, Staind, Sick Puppies, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon -I read but not as much as one would think. I prefer writing to reading. -I hope people enjoy my stories and am open for messaging if anyone is interested in talking. My books -Island Rush- August 2011 - June 2012 (Published 2016) -Handcuffed- July 2012 - May 2013 -Fractured- June 2013 - May 2014 -Isolated - June 2014 - *Keep in mind, errors exist in my stories. And these books are, in a way, rough drafts if I decide to someday publish them or work on them more*
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Reading allows me to escape from reality and travel throughout the world, space and time, with just a flick of my finger ★ about me ★ Nineteen, from Australia. I love reading and writing. Listening to music, and watching movies and tv shows. ★ my books included ★ Romance ★My Dad's Best Friend -updated weekly ★Matching Tattoos - published; November 4th 2016 ★My Teacher's Secret -updated fortnightly ChickLit ★False Hope preview published; November 4th 2016 ★A Virgin's Revenge published; November 4th 2016 Werewolf ★The Secret She-Wolf published; November 4th 2016 Paranormal ★10 Days published; November 4th 2016 Vampire ~Love Series~ ★Forbidden Love [book one] -Completed ★Betrayed Love [prequel] -completed ★Tainted Love [book two] highest Ranking #194 (18/8/2016) -Completed ★Destined Love [book three] -published (30/12/16) -updating weekly ★Vampire In Love published; November 4th 2016 Typically update weekly or fortnightly, depending on the book. Though for the newest books, more frequent updates with begin next year ★ Personal Instagram: @x_xnessx_x ★ Wattpad Instagram @NessMartinOnWattpad ★ Email- Oྉrྉiྉgྉiྉnྉaྉlྉ Iྉdྉeྉaྉ Uྉnྉiྉqྉuྉe Sྉtྉoྉrྉyྉ If you like my books don't forget to show the love by voting and commenting on the chapters! I typically reply to comments on the latest chapters and answers questions. Oh and don't forget to press the follow button, it looks much better when it's pressed and blue 😄
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**If I wasn't such a bad woman on the page, I couldn't be such a good woman in life. ** Quills** Hello, I'm Angel I am 28 years old, I live in Pennsylvania. I'm using wattpad to try and break into my writing career. I graduated winghill writing school, I took creative and romance writing. My stories are my soul, and my main interest in life after music and netflix. Some of my stories have trailers now, so I'll link them here for you. TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND VIDEOS HERE IS A LINK TO MY PERSONAL YOUTUBE NAME WITH A SPEACIAL PLAYLIST FEATURING ALL MY TRAILERS FOR EVERY BOOK AND I WILL KEEP IT UPDATED. So, now you can find all my trailers in one place. I love movies. Black Swan. Repo! the genetic opera Bride of Chucky The invisible Deeply Half Light Labyrinth Quills. Populaire. *French film* I love music! Florence and the Machine. Breaking Benjamin. Emilie Sande Reba McEntire Birdy Halsey Zella Day I love tv. Once Upon A Time. Penny Dreadful. Pretty Little Liars. Scandal. It's always sunny in Philadelphia Downtown Abbey. American Horror Story. The Nanny. The Heirs *Korean drama* I love books the most. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The thirteen Reasons why by Jay Asher. Stolen by Lucy Christopher. Juliet by Anne Fortier. My stories are all dark dramas because that's what I'm best at!
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~If you like me you'll read "Porn at First Sight" by yours truly, but if you love me, you'll read and vote for it
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*All the stories are private!!!* Hi there! My Name is Mawara :) Age is 20 :) Am a Proud Pakistani! :) Wish me on 30th August! MaNan-Holic Fantasy Comes Natural To me! *~Crush~Manik Malhotra~* To Read My Story Follow me and Add it to your Library! :) Follow Me On Instagram @mawara_storyteller Love ya All! :)
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Hi everybody, my name is Cilla. I've written multiple books but at the moment I am not consistant with my publishing. If you have any questions feel free to pm me, please. Or if you just want to talk, that's okay too. So about me: My all time favorite author is John Steinbeck and my favorite book series is the Gone series by Michael Grant I like to travel. I'm from Allen, Texas I'm pretty boring, but I promise you my stories are the opposite (: Remember: First chapters don't always determine the story so if it bores you, try a couple more. Nice meeting you. - cilla
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✨ who says you're not perfect? Who says you're not worth it? ✨ Bieber. Gomez. Mars. Rihanna. I saw Justin Fucking Bieber. PUDDIN!
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..::THE REAL HONEY ESSENCE::.. -GOD FIRST- -TWENTY-FOUR- -UNIQUE/CREATIVE/WEIRD- -WRITER/MUSIC/POETRY/FREELANCE- First things first. I am not perfect, so it may take a little time for the updates, all I ask is for you to show love and appreciation. I love a challenge especially with my writing If you ever see my work being stolen, please be a dear and tell me! -WRITERS I LOVE AND RESPECT- @idkmyusername [FAV URBAN AUTHOR-AMAZING COVERS] @KERSTINEVANILLA -[Great author] @daff123- [Amazing Vampire/Wolf STORIES, Sweet and caring] @AlwaysReal -[One of the realest bitches I know!] @Marisa-Estele-[ Unique and vivid writer] @Urbanescape -[COLLABORATION PAGE] @RitaDamnBook -[Explicit Ego]- ALL ]WORK by Tanisha " Honey Essence" Davis IS COPYWRITEN. ]
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21 EMT Chicagoan Imagination of the imaginer. I write when I feel like it.
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Tumblr: Pansexual Jisbon ❤️ Jenry ❤️ Brooth ❤️ Casket ❤️Dempeo ❤️ Merder ❤️ Merlex ❤️ Sterek ❤️ Japril ❤️ Richone ❤️ Chisbon ❤️ Tryler ❤️ Lark ❤️Caryl ❤️ Clexi❤️ SHIPS I've been with this profile five years, but I've been on wattpad for six. 25.06.10 I want to be neither here nor there but stuck somewhere in a frame of time so insignificant, with no worries or cares and to go unnoticed by the dangerous world I'm accustomed to. SHOUT OUTS TO: @lolliedragon @Love_You_Long_Time @Patty_x_o_x_o @xXPaperScarsXx @DenizCoban @jlap11 @VinylCored @AmazinglyWeird LEST I FORGET: R.I.P Cody McGovern R.I.P Willis R.I.P Mr A R.I.P Nan R.I.P Benny R.I.P GodMother Sue R.I.P Grandpa R.I.P Sara & Liam R.I.P Liam R.I.P Carmen R.I.P Gabriel & Michael R.I.P Lucas R.I.P Tunder R.I.P Samson **** Dig the knife in deep, Do it right, Push the knife in, Through and through, Make sure I'm truly dead, If I'm not then beware, I'm coming for you.