Crissa's Mate by Califia
Crissa's Mate by Califia Montalvo
Following her graduation from high school, Crissa elects to travel from Canada to the dense mountains of Eastern Germany. There she takes part on a summer expedition to...
  • legend
  • folktale
  • erotica
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Little Fishy by The_Werewolf_Nerd
Little Fishy by Ashlynn
#508 in werewolf✅ Crystal Reed is just your average normal teenage girl. She loves the ocean. She could surf before she could even walk. She lives with her mother becaus...
  • legends
  • folklore
  • alphagreyson
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The King and the War Dancer by TONYANN
The King and the War Dancer by Rona
#150 in short story on 17/04/17 A not-so-nice fairytale where Prince Charming is actually a ruthless king and the princess-in-distress isn't really a princess, more of a...
  • wattys2017
  • darkfantasy
  • folktale
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Tales By Moonlight  by blackxbelle
Tales By Moonlight by timmie
In the olden days, and even in some rural villages, after dinner, the little children gather around the elders to hear some of the stories about legends; kings; gods and...
  • folktale
  • folklore
  • gods
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Tales from Evangrade by TheRussianPrincess
Tales from Evangrade by Anastazja
Tara was just eleven when she first met a fairy - a magnificent storyteller that got her involved in matters of The Woods. This book contains her experiences - from the...
  • tarafromevangrade
  • fantasy
  • folktales
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Water and Fire - A Short Story by DemelzaCarlton
Water and Fire - A Short Story by Demelza Carlton
Working as a student midwife in an Australian country hospital is never easy, but Belinda finds more trouble than most. There's the intern doctor who follows her around...
  • book
  • chapter18page1
  • captive
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The Face of Dreams and Despair  by CreativeBookie
The Face of Dreams and Despair by Manasa Suresh
These are the stories from millennia ago, when the humans had first settled in the land of the Seven Rivers, when the strife between the Devas and Asuras built up and go...
  • epic
  • heroine
  • india
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Lenku one-shot stories by Shirai Hisaishi (orphic saudade) by shirai-hisaishi
Lenku one-shot stories by Shirai H... by Shirai Hisaishi
Vocaloid (Lenku) one-shots published on my fan account. Please read and review.
  • crane
  • friendship
  • fanfic
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The Red Riding Hood (Done) by arapyonzz_
The Red Riding Hood (Done) by Ara
Siapa bilang kisah Little Red Riding Hood hanya dongeng belaka? Sekarang aku akan menceritakan pada kalian sebuah kisah tentang gadis yang memakai jubah merah. Ia merupa...
  • 46
  • folktale
  • nmb48
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Spun Again 2: Telemark by joyceholt
Spun Again 2: Telemark by Joyce Holt
Retold folklore from Telemark, Norway
  • troll
  • love
  • weekendwritein
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short fantasy story's by Pferds
short fantasy story's by Pferds
Short stories with my own little twist and Ideas I hope you enjoy them!
  • magic
  • magical
  • lesson
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Caribbean Urban Legends,Myths and Folklore by twilightsparkle2000
Caribbean Urban Legends,Myths and... by twilightsparkle2000
Some of the urban legends and myths of the Caribbean.
  • folktales
  • frightening
  • thrilling
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Bedtime Disney Stories by n1khl1thn1kk1
Bedtime Disney Stories by Nikholith Nikki Montero
Disney stories + inspirational short stories The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Peter Pan...
  • disneysstories
  • princesses
  • princes
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The Jar: A story about Hōja by Junkle
The Jar: A story about Hōja by Junkle
This is my version of a, as far as I know, really common story among many Balkan countries and cultures close to East Europe. Neither do I know the origins of this story...
  • αστείαπαραμύθια
  • folkstories
  • balkanfolkstory
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Chicken Teeth by chickenteeth
Chicken Teeth by Naomi Marshall
It's my pleasure to share this eclectic mix of poem, prose, and song. These are stories from the Tidewater: that gentle land that slopes into the sea and cradles the...
  • shortstory
  • south
  • folktale
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Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon by ericalaurie
Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon by erica
The Sea Dragon wants a bride. Inspired by the Korean folktale Sim Chung and the River Dragon.
  • historical
  • dragon
  • saeguk
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stories and folklore by deepmetalblue
stories and folklore by deepmetalblue
A collection of pagan stories for children And people of all ages.
  • religious
  • wiccan
  • folktales
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Ocean Story by DrBatlock
Ocean Story by DrBatlock
This is just a test to see what people think of the story. This is only the background. I will continue with it if I get good feedback! Feedback is encouraged! Share wit...
  • shark
  • mythical
  • magic
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30 Tales of Spring by _Once_Upon
30 Tales of Spring by Once Upon
Once Upon brings you 30 short stories full of spring fever and fairy tales, written by popular and undiscovered authors on Wattpad. Starting March 1st, every day...
  • sweet
  • shortstories
  • retelling
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(Book 4) Hayden Mackay and The Fest of Vrindahina by jyothi89
(Book 4) Hayden Mackay and The Fes... by Jyothi
**Updates : Biweekly** ------------------------------------------------------------ "One final question." I said. "Do I have to find out by myself about w...
  • action
  • romance
  • emotional
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