FNAF Lemons/Fluff by lemon-trap
FNAF Lemons/Fluff by TheLemonCompelsYou Fanfiction
Welcome {I no longer take requests} {it's mostly lemons now}
Children of The Dark (An Aphmau FNAF Crossover) [Hiatus] by GalaxyTwink
Children of The Dark (An Aphmau FN... by SpaceQueen™ Fanfiction
Aphmau Lorde. The cute, friendly girl next door you couldn't help but like. Or is she? Living in a happy facade, Aphmau's true self i...
Abbey's Amazing Artbook (Book 3) by AbbeyFazbear
Abbey's Amazing Artbook (Book 3) by Freddy's Teddy Random
(Beautiful cover art made by @GoldenFreddy13.) Yep! I'm back with more art for you all to enjoy. Requests, trades, collabs and more to see once again. And, this is my th...
FNAF Pictures  by PurpleBonnieBunnie
FNAF Pictures by Bonnie the Bunny Random
Just comics, pictures, you know, random fnaf stuff. This will include some ships (Credit to all artists)
NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagines  by ItsJulia-
NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagine... by Julia(Jube) Fanfiction
Oneshots about YouTuber NateWantsToBattle or Nathan Smith. Updated every Monday and Thursday! If you're reading this on a site other then Wattpad, you're at risk of malw...
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by lizard1600
New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader) by Lauryn "Lynx" Lizard Fanfiction
You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from...
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Exploring_With_Seth
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Seth/Sora/Spidey Short Story
Just a bunch of different scary stories to entertain you, the reader, none of it is my own work. Enjoy!
FNAF Zodiacs by FnafstuffandJeremike
FNAF Zodiacs by NatixCipher Random
This is like usual zodiacs but with FNAF instead.
So Alone. (FNaF Highschool)(Foxy X Mangle) by Rontu-Aru
So Alone. (FNaF Highschool)(Foxy X... by Rontu-Aru Fanfiction
When I was younger, I was certain that I didn't need anyone else but me... Hatred, bitterness, and disgust are the emotions that filled my life sense that day.... Sense...
Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Love by MariBaee
Mangle x Foxy || Highschool Love by MariBaee Fanfiction
(Read note in description) - When he was just seven years old, Foxy and his friends all used to go to school together back in California, it was just him, Chica, Freddy...
Human! FNAF x Reader by DreamWitchX
Human! FNAF x Reader by Dream Fanfiction
(Y/N) (L/N) is the new night guard at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. What will happen when these proclaimed robotic killers meet this kind hearted girl? ---------- Cover Credit...
♡~FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots)~♡ by ___Mystic___
♡~FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots)... by ✨Never Give Up!✨ Fanfiction
Critics Say: "Loved it!!" - @thenamesbella01 "ITS GREAT!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! I really like the kid ones" - @Emmie11_thefragmetn "SO CUTE 😍...
Bonnie's Diary by PurpleBonnieBunnie
Bonnie's Diary by Bonnie the Bunny Random
Don't tell anyone what's in here •x• I'm serious.
My Trashy Art! by Fandom_Trash_Chan
My Trashy Art! by Trash Chan: That's Meh! Random
READ THIS AND PLEASE DON'T IGNORE IT: So, you guys wanted to see my art? Welp, here ya go! I'm not bad nor the best, but I try at least at my art! From drawing cartoons...
Deep Underground by GirlGamer152
Deep Underground by GirlGamer152 Fanfiction
Deep Below Ground...Fear...Where Memories Sleep...Panic...Anger Is Restless...Dread...And Secrets Do Keep...Terror... That's Where We Are...And DoN't HoLd It AgAiNsT uS...
Art book thingy? by Popcorn12020
Art book thingy? by Popcorn12020 Fanfiction
Its art?! I dont know.. You decide..
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxalicious
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxy's First Mate Fanfiction
This is a FNAF foxy x reader fan fic. To know the plot you are going to have to read. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN ONLY THE FIRST TWO GAMES WERE RELEASED. ITS BASED OFF THE OLD...
I Won't Hurt You As Long As You Don't Hurt Me (Bonnie X Reader) by lemonlimegum
I Won't Hurt You As Long As You Do... by Sarah Barah Fanfiction
Welcome to your worst nightmare, or is it? You and your family have a fun day at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza because it's your 7th birthday. But you then meet Bonnie the b...
Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x Reader) (Book 1) by TheYellowBalloon
Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x Rea... by The Yellow Balloon Fanfiction
(Y/N) is a normal girl, with a normal school, normal personality, almost normal everything. She however has a not so normal dad. Her father is Vincent and he recently mu...
Roleplay Book by SchizoidSeth
Roleplay Book by The ☻ Psycho Clown Random
I don't want to break wattpad by making soooo many rps so all my rps are here. Each chapter is a different anime/show/world. If you have a request on a rp feel free to s...