THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE FLORIST by beautifulandmystery
1st book of the Mckade series. Cassandra Milton own a flower shop in the downtown of west Philadelphia. she has a best friend,who was always there for her and a mother w...
  • heartbreaks
  • mystery
  • millionaire
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his plucked flower by DuskCity
his plucked flowerby DuskCity
• completed • She was just the silent girl, the girl with a broken past, the girl who was too naive and too innocent, but to him she was his world. #227 in Romance. 30/1...
  • plottwist
  • romance
  • flowers
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Mismatched Souls [✓] by captainthorne
Mismatched Souls [✓]by Queen Bumblebee
© Mia TM | 2016 A hurricane with a gentle touch and the flower he wished to protect. Love begins when it ends. [Synopsis Inside]
  • completed
  • kiss
  • secondchance
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Life is a Garden by simplyleighney
Life is a Gardenby 🌼
"In a field of roses, she is a wildflower." Primrose Daisy Amaryllis can be defined as possibly the happiest person alive. You'll never catch her without a...
  • boy
  • happiness
  • death
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Wedding Flowers [Completed] by brookeallyson254
Wedding Flowers [Completed]by Brooke Allyson
Highest Rank: #1 in ChickLit Addison Thomas has been fascinated with flowers since she was little. Her and her mom would plant flower after flower making their home loo...
  • romance
  • florist
  • humor
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Butterfly Kisses | ✓ by anthems
Butterfly Kisses | ✓by presley
Renata Santos doesn't expect her heart to flutter when she catches a boy stealing flowers out of her backyard. But as she unravels his reputation, she realizes puppy-eye...
  • diversityinlit
  • featured
  • comingofage
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The crossdressing vilainess by rowaneve
The crossdressing vilainessby rowaneve
Book 1: A girl is reincarnated as a villainess of one of the longest otome games ever. One problem, she has to cross dress, though maybe that isn't that big of a problem...
  • flowers
  • multiplereincarnatedindividuals
  • villain
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Petals [Yoonmin] by Solette_60
Petals [Yoonmin]by Sol
"What does this flower mean?" "It means 'I love you'" One day Park Jimin comes across a quiet boy and his garden of flowers. Started: 13/02/20...
  • flowers
  • got7
  • kimtaehyung
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The One Without Words by destacia
The One Without Wordsby destacia
For seventeen-year-old Romy Mae, selling flowers to strangers off the streets is the perfect job, or at least it is until Jack Michaels begins to work alongside her. He...
  • romy
  • mute
  • talkthepoc
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Shy- (Harry Potter Love story) by random_nerd34
Shy- (Harry Potter Love story)by Jada
{COMPLETE} Leah Green is the shyest witch of her age. That is until she meets an infamous boy with a famous lightning bolt scar. As the two friends grow up will they gro...
  • trouble
  • friendship
  • leah
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《 flowers 》- x j.jk by princess-kookie
《 flowers 》- x j.jkby - ̗̀𝒷𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑎 ̖́-
Where Taehyung finds a crying hybrid in an alleyway after work. Warning: Contains partial violence and abuse. BoyxBoy. edit 15/3/18: written by fetus me so it's qui...
  • flowers
  • hybrid
  • taehyung
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Letters To You by whoiskim
Letters To Youby - ̗̀ k i m m y ̖́-
0.1 Short Story series. Is it possible to fix a broken person that you were the cause of? Sending letters may help but watching her destroy her life right in front of h...
  • flowers
  • romance
  • college
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Pretty - Newtmas by Newt_and_Tommy
Pretty - Newtmasby sunflower!
•Finished• A Newtmas story where Newt is a painter who likes to draw beautiful flowers and drink tea, and one day he founds the most beautiful flower -Thomas, who is a s...
  • lowselfesteem
  • newtmas
  • depression
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His Flower Princess by storyy_writerr
His Flower Princessby Amanda
Jada Madison is a young werewolf that lives for the simple things. She loves her friends and family, nature, and more than anything Jada loves beautiful flowers. Gideon...
  • peace
  • enemies
  • battle
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BLACK INK | Luke Hemmings by IAmAMadWriter
BLACK INK | Luke Hemmingsby Catherine
He worked in the tattoo parlour across the street and she worked in the florist around the corner. He was the dark guy and she was the colourful girl. They didn't have...
  • luke
  • dark
  • ashtonirwin
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What We Could Be ✔ by killerwolf49
What We Could Be ✔by ♧°•Æ•°◇
She didn't know he was so sweet. He didn't know he cared so much. They had no idea that anything would happen between them. A steady peace has been laid out upon Hogwart...
  • power
  • romance
  • flowers
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Delicate (Devilman Crybaby: Koda x Reader) by Katjaface
Delicate (Devilman Crybaby: Koda Katjaface
As the sole employee of a greenhouse known as the "nursery watered with tears", it isn't often that you have repeat customers. But when one such customer, who...
  • devilmancrybaby
  • akirafudo
  • devil
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guarded ♔ loki laufeyson (ON HOLD) by kyl0ren
guarded ♔ loki laufeyson (ON HOLD)by kait
"He's finally found it, Loki." Someone discovers, barely audible. "What? He's found what?" Loki responds, worry and desperation clear in his voice. ...
  • thoravengers
  • asgardian
  • love
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Blooming Tattoos; larry stylinson [ COMPLETED ] by larryent
Blooming Tattoos; larry ROSES BLOOM FOR YOU
Lovely cover art by caslerrr43. Harry is everything pretty and flowery, Louis is a bad boy and an asshole, Niall loves golf, Zayn loves black and white filters and Liam...
  • badboylouis
  • bottomharry
  • larrystylinson
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The Mafia's Cute Little Flower Boy [MPREG] [Book 1] by _AngelFeathers_
The Mafia's Cute Little Flower 💙Mya Panda💙
[Book 1 Mafia Boss series] A cute 16 year old boy name, Asher works at a flower shop only part time. He lives with his uncle since his parents left him when he was youn...
  • bxm
  • bxb
  • mxm
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