Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances by webmon
Dragons Flies Phoenix Dancesby Web Kihpbumj
"Can a person suffering amnesia have a total change in personality?" The question lingers in Feng Ning's mind. Other people treat her coldly, claiming she is i...
  • romanticstory
  • phoenix
  • historical
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Lord Of The Flies: Savage by TophSenpai
Lord Of The Flies: Savageby TophSenpai
Jen wasn't expecting her boring Spring Break to turn into a chaotic mess of nothing that makes sense.
  • flies
  • jack
  • lord
The One Who Flies. [TaeKook/Vkook] by soonshimee
The One Who Flies. [TaeKook/Vkook]by Soonshimee
-ON HIATUS- He himself is an Incubus and he mistaken the person entering the room with a blonde hair as a girl. His job is to seduce him (or her) and not to mention, he'...
  • flies
  • topjungkook
  • taehyung
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Hope : A ruby redfort (LBaker) fanfic  by EmbersofMemories
Hope : A ruby redfort (LBaker) fan...by EmbersofMemories
This is an actual chronological book (yes I know me organise a story properly!!) It follows Bradley's resurrection from his eleven year death and will be different view...
  • spectrum
  • flies
  • spy
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Lord of the Gays (jalph fanfic) by gernard
Lord of the Gays (jalph fanfic)by it's all here
hey guys this is my first story! *rawr* XD i'm so pumped but TRIGGER WARNING!!!! SMUT:/&FLUFF™
  • boyxboy
  • ralph
  • jack
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Bored of the Flies by sweetpotatoastadas
Bored of the Fliesby :)
At the dawn of the next ... a school bus crashes at an uncharted high school, stranding a group of schoolgirls. At first without teacher supervision, their lack of homew...
  • lord
  • williamgolding
  • high
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Lord of the Flies Poem by metonoia
Lord of the Flies Poemby metonoia
Art from devianart by the captured spy
  • flies
  • lord
  • poem
Jalph Oneshots by EmotionalHufflepuff
Jalph Oneshotsby Caitlynn the Writer
Oneshots of Jack and Ralph from Lord of the Flies. Mostly fluffy. It's cute and gay and I hope you enjoy :)
  • ralph
  • lord
  • fanfiction
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The 99 Poem Challenge by cristinaaragon
The 99 Poem Challengeby Cristina
Wanna try out different types of poetry? Interested in sharing your poetry experience with other Wattpad Poets? Well then this challenge is right for you! The 99 Poem Ch...
  • states
  • flies
  • haiku
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Lady of the Flies (An adaption of Lord of the Flies) by TheMilitantEarthworm
Lady of the Flies (An adaption of...by TheMilitantEarthworm
This is an adaption of the story Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The same messages were attempted to be transmitted, and I'd be Super excited if you'd tell me what...
  • flies
  • william
  • marli
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Lord of the Flies: 15 Years Later by SheBeShelby
Lord of the Flies: 15 Years Laterby Shelby
What happened to the boys 15 years after they get off the island. They thought they escaped the beast....but did they?
  • flies
  • lord
  • london
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Love of the Flies by xx_satanlover666_xx
Love of the Fliesby xx_satanlover666_xx
I suk at summareys lol XDXDXDXD Jack and Ralph are in love. But so is piggy. But so is simon. But so is the conch. But Ralph and Simon love eachother. Hownwill this all...
  • adventure
  • simon
  • hairgoals
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The Grave Of The Fireflies by Lolenloves
The Grave Of The Firefliesby Lolenloves
I derived inspiration from the Studio Ghibli Film, Grave Of The Fireflies for this poem. It is a beautiful and touching film, which I truly suggest you should watch. It...
  • fire
  • flies
  • grave
Aftershock (Lord of the Flies) by BritishLovegood
Aftershock (Lord of the Flies)by El
After the Ralph Hunt, after they were rescued, after they all went their separate ways, what happened to Jack and Ralph? This is my take on what I believed may have beco...
  • lord
  • simon
  • aftershock
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Ask doctor nye by Doctor-nye
Ask doctor nyeby Doctor nye
Ask or i will dissect you and sing along to your screams
  • cain
  • doctor
  • fletcher
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