Phonomania ✓ by tashtypes
Phonomania ✓ by Tash Short Story
In which Ivy has a pathological tendency to murder.
Flash & Arrow Preferences  by TheSpnMarvel
Flash & Arrow Preferences by Destiny Winchester Fanfiction
Just a book full of preferences for two of my favorite shows. This is my first Flash and Arrow related book so no hate please. I'll only be doing Oliver Queen and Barry...
Bullets ✓ by tashtypes
Bullets ✓ by Tash Short Story
Kelly walked into school with a gun in her bag, bullets in her pockets, and never walked back out.
In a Split Second (Barry Allen/ the flash) by that_theater_ginger
In a Split Second (Barry Allen/ th... by that_theater_ginger Fanfiction
Emily has always been a little on the weird side. Considering her parents died in a bad "accident". At least that's what the police said. She got put into the...
100-Word Dark Steamy Stories by Rubi_reads
100-Word Dark Steamy Stories by Rubilec Mendoza Short Story
A collection of twisted tales, dark humor, and sad-bad romance. All with surprise endings. All in 100 words. Warning: Mature content
Sweet Sister | Barry Allen by tania_le
Sweet Sister | Barry Allen by tania_le Random
Lana Snow is what you say the "bad guy" When she was young she left her family to become a villain. She spends years in a secret organization were she trains...
Flash's Lightning by x_x_weirdo_x_x
Flash's Lightning by x_x_weirdo_x_x Fanfiction
Blake never knew her dad. After living on the streets for 4years, she decides to go do something with her life. So what if she is in the same situation as her dad? What...
Running Won't Solve Everything Barry by LordLeia10
Running Won't Solve Everything Bar... by •Olivia• Fanfiction
"Why do you keep running from me?" Her cries sent a chill up my spine, the tears running down her reddened face. Clare wiped the last tear from her cheek and s...
Flash This! by AmandaSiegrist
Flash This! by AmandaSiegrist Romance
Who loves flash fiction? *raises hand* It's so much fun to write. Every Friday (at least, I hope so *wink*) I will be adding a new flash fiction piece. Small scenes that...
Sweet Sister | Barry Allen [2] by tania_le
Sweet Sister | Barry Allen [2] by tania_le Fanfiction
*Season 3 of the flash* Barry Allen has just come back from Flashpoint and he's noticed things are different. Just as him and Lana had gotten together he realized in th...
Are We Partners? | ✓ by rayfern
Are We Partners? | ✓ by Rachel Action
*** Wattpad Featured Story *** Liam Hopkins and Elizabeth Clark have been partners for a long time. So when an eccentric client contacts them to rob an amethyst necklace...
Crashing: A Cancer Survival Story (Barry Allen: The Flash) by RedQ051
Crashing: A Cancer Survival Story... by RedQ Fanfiction
The car ride home was silent. Iris still had a lump in her throat that had formed there when they had first heard Barry's diagnosis. She looked over at Barry who was sit...
Twisted Tales: A Short Story Collection by LHAflashfiction
Twisted Tales: A Short Story Colle... by LHAFlashFiction Short Story
The short stories in this collection blur the boundaries between the realistic and the impossible. They feature a boy who has never been seen, a girl who conjures up a m...
Boobs by bubblysue
Boobs by Susan O'Reilly Poetry
fun LImerick
Confessions by WordEaterConfessions
Another Speedster//Barry Allen by bluebubblewriter
Another Speedster//Barry Allen by bluebubblewriter Fanfiction
My name is Samantha Smith and I am the fastest women alive. When I was 11 I saw my parents murdered by something impossible. I was sent to a care home and went through...
101 Tales of Future by maxzsol
101 Tales of Future by Max Zsol Science Fiction
Daily short stories about robots, space exploration, time travel, aliens, planet colonization, artificial intelligence. Did I mention robots? A collection of very short...
Choices by ArPtak
Choices by Ariel Ptak Short Story
Every day, we make a hundred little choices. Every time we read a book or watch a show, we see others make a hundred more, and many of these are bigger than "waffle...
Flash Fiction and Writing Prompts 2017  by jenalyn723
Flash Fiction and Writing Prompts... by Jenalyn Random
A collection of flash fiction pieces, mostly written as responses to writing prompts, as well as some writing prompts of my own. Due to the nature of this collection, up...
The Drabble by storytellers-saloon
The Drabble by storytellers-saloon Short Story
The DRABBLE ... A drabble is a short work of fiction of around one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author's ability to expres...