muke one shots: vol. 2 by blackveilmuke
muke one shots: vol. 2 by bvm
my second book of muke one shots
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She's The Man [5SOS] by BritishBums
She's The Man [5SOS] by mia s.
"Julie, truth or dare?" That was the question that started it all, really. I was dared to dress, act, and nearly BE a boy for a month, me getting cash out o...
  • fivesecondsofsummer
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Beanie Baby || ot4 by lilacsky04
Beanie Baby || ot4 by Lilac&Sky
Michael Clifford was a punk, simple as that, he didn't care about anyone or anything. When he was drug into a toy store by his boyfriend, Luke, he meets Calum. A teena...
  • irwin
  • ageplay
  • beanie
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Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxalicious
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxy's First Mate
This is a FNAF foxy x reader fan fic. To know the plot you are going to have to read. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN ONLY THE FIRST TWO GAMES WERE RELEASED. ITS BASED OFF THE OLD...
  • bonnie
  • freddy
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Wait... I have five mates? by mollybutt
Wait... I have five mates? by Emily
Kris has always known she was a werewolf, and was just looking for her mate. But what happens when she finds out she is also part vampire, demon, witch and siren, and th...
  • new
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Adopted By 5SOS by cuddlemecalxum
Adopted By 5SOS by Harmony
What happens when love doesn't connect to you. When your mother dies in a horrible accident. And your abusive father gets arrested. And you. You get taken an...
  • 5sos
  • loved
  • calum
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5sos BSM & DDM by Malumspuppie
5sos BSM & DDM by Malumspuppie
Bsm = Brother sister moments Ddm = Daddy daughter moments So this is just with 5sos I hope you like it
  • ashton
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Hope and Memory[Thorin Oakenshield Love Story] by DurinsQueen
Hope and Memory[Thorin Oakenshield... by Durin's Queen
Freya Brandybuck is Bilbo Baggins cousin and is also his closest friend. She has a big interest in reading maps of Middle Earth and hopes to visit some of those places...
  • oakenshield
  • wattys2017
  • journey
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
  • darkness
  • drowning
  • capuchin
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The Fag Swag [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Fag Swag [boyxboy] by Jen
When she determines that he’s too nice for his own good, Nick Bradley’s best friend Molly decides to toughen the gay boy up. Sadly for Nick, Molly’s method is to have Ni...
  • heartbroken
  • eyes
  • crazy
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Lemon! Security guard (foxy x reader) by Vixxy_The_PirateFox
Lemon! Security guard (foxy x read... by Vixxy the Pirate
Warning! THIS STORY CONTAINS SEXUAL THEMES AND STRONG LANGUAGE. Story about you getting a new job as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's pizza, you've heard that the an...
  • nights
  • fanfic
  • fox
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Take A Chance On Me [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Take A Chance On Me [boyxboy] by Jen
Everyone at school knows the name Tate Giardino. Why? He makes it known. He wants all eyes on him, all the time. When one attempt for the spotlight goes awry, the social...
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Grey by idyllic__mind
Grey by idyllic__mind
Nearly two years ago Violet lost her brother in a horrific car accident. Six months after that she's reunited with his best friend, Grey, the one who was driving at the...
  • nine
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5SOS Sickfics  by MichaelTheMicrophone
5SOS Sickfics by Michael :D
Welcome to the wonderful 5 Seconds Of Summer book written by the amazing AshleyAshtonIrwin. This book is full of amazing sickfics all written by the awesome Alexis about...
  • ashton
  • hood
  • sickfics
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Homeroom || Ashton Irwin  by jamietastic
Homeroom || Ashton Irwin by jamie
❝Calum said I was lucky to be in Homeroom 220 because the teacher was hot, but I had other reasons to love that class.❞ Highest Rank #211 in Fanfiction 5/10/17 Featured...
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The Status Series 1: Fixed Marriage by IamRuthie
The Status Series 1: Fixed Marriage by Ruthie Oba
First ever series that I made under
  • four
  • fixed
  • teaser
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Adopted by 5sos by Malumspuppie
Adopted by 5sos by Malumspuppie
Someone that gets adopted by 5sos That's about it ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
  • hood
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Nerd-Alert {Muke} by ChangeFate
Nerd-Alert {Muke} by ❦Ari❦ & ±Lucy±
Welcome to New Stone High School. Where your clique is your definition. Luke Hemmings is the schools biggest nerd, in all upper class men classes, a high GPA and enough...
  • muke
  • nerd
  • calum
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Tutor / Muke by addiictedtomuke
Tutor / Muke by Tiana :-)
"You're just my tutor, we're not fucking friends." Or where Luke's parents force Luke to get a tutor and he's not so happy about it. fem!michael punk!luke ...
  • clemmings
  • seconds
  • calum
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Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Needed by Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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