Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze X Reader FanFic by cutekawaiimew
Not Just a Little Sister - Blaze X... by Sunye Fanfiction
You are Rylan's little sister, and are starting your freshman werewolf year at Phoenix Drop High (PDH). Rylan introduces you to his friends, but all of them seem to not...
Unexpectedly || J.J.K by classic627
Unexpectedly || J.J.K by Classic Fanfiction
I never thought this could be possible. Not even in my most wildest of dreams. Special thanks to @tassnimkookie for the cover! Currently reediting existing chapters Star...
Max X Reader by kylebroflovskiiiii
Max X Reader by ~CampeDiem~ Random
Because I've read too many and now I must make my own :)
Falling In Love With My Wife by kbwrites97
Falling In Love With My Wife by Simple.writer Romance
"I hate you!" She cried. "Trust me, you can't hate me as much as I hate you. The one and only reason I am dealing with you is because I don't have any oth...
Why Him?(Complete and editing ✔️)#WATTYS2017 by Reagygirl02
Why Him?(Complete and editing ✔️)#... by Reagan Werewolf
(#wattys2017) #68 in werewolf!! 😱😱 (on 7/22/17) -- "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I questioned trying to get out of Tommy's grip as he pulled me...
Young & Dumb - The beginning by AdoreBrianna
Young & Dumb - The beginning by Brianna J.💟 Teen Fiction
This is a new series about love, life , & tragedy. Jah'nice is a quiet girl who's life will flip upside down once she gets involved with the wrong guy. Her mother will d...
Tolong jadi wife sayaa !  by Budakecik2001
Tolong jadi wife sayaa ! by NurDaaaa Romance
" tolong aku syuu . Kau je dapat tolong aku . " lelaki brusia 25 tahun itu sayu memandang aku . Tak mungkin aku menolak . Dia Muhd Haikal . Lelaki yang aku cin...
fanzoned • e.d (unedited) by sahdolans
fanzoned • e.d (unedited) by 😽 Fanfiction
not your average texts between a fan and ethan dolan. cover made by: @cedriggory (my first story! not edited, will be edited when book is finished, sorry!)
BEGIN || J.JK   by _legendaryx_
BEGIN || J.JK by 캐 슬 린 Fanfiction
What happens when you meet someone who avoids socializing? (Your Name) a girl who had one-sided love. After her breakup with her so called boyfriend, she avoided everyon...
Why Don't We Prefrences by HarveysHoodie
Oh, Alpha by ThePurpleDragon
Oh, Alpha by ThePurpleDragon Werewolf
Alice Alyssa Wildmer is a werewolf. Her mate has rejected her and caused her pack to rank her lower than an omega. She is abused and when her mate marks another person...
AMBW COUPLES by HopesDreams3
AMBW COUPLES by Mystery Writer Random
Cause I have nothing better to do
Something New (Rick Sanchez X Reader) by HopefulKilljoy
Something New (Rick Sanchez X Read... by HopefulKilljoy Fanfiction
I created a Rick and Morty fanfiction....sue me. Anyway, yes this story does follow the plot and I do plan on adding my own spin to it as well. Hope you'll give it a sho...
Kidnapped and running with the bad boys  by yahgurll
Kidnapped and running with the bad... by Sextingwbu Teen Fiction
What would you do if you were kidnapped by the bad boys ?
Learning To Love My Husband by milantic
Learning To Love My Husband by Lisette Irizarry Romance
When an arranged marriage is the only way to save her family from losing everything, Riley takes it upon herself to marry a stranger. She never imagined she'd spend the...
Nightmare sans x reader  by ShadowMixer
Nightmare sans x reader by ShadowMixer Fanfiction
You life sucks as far as you can tell, parents always fight, you get bullied, and you only have one friend. Then you get taken.... At first you freak out when you first...
2D x Reader by -cunegonde
2D x Reader by andromeda Fanfiction
You've always been a close friend to 2D, since middle school, but at the end of high school you have to move to California for university and loose any contact with your...
Younow Groupchat //  by joeyxbarone
Younow Groupchat // by JoeyxBarone Fanfiction
What happens when Maci gets added into a groupchat with a bunch of famous younowers? Will she make a special connection or will everything fall apart? Read to find out...
We're broken ✰unedited✰ by chocolate_chiper
We're broken ✰unedited✰ by Does my name matter? Fanfiction
Everyone has a story; this just so happens to be mine. x Ryan's been abused all of her life. All the kids at school know. But one fight is all it takes to push her over...
The One And Only Alpha by chocolate4789
The One And Only Alpha by chocolate4789 Werewolf
Erika is ....... unique. Her father is a werewolf , her mother is a vampire, and to top it off her mother's family had a long line of werecats. It gets even better. At...