The Accidental Fling by prettyinpinklace
The Accidental Flingby prettyinpinklace
Bea was just your average teenage girl. Her life was very simple and boring. Until one day when she came across the number of a hot guy from another school. His name was...
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  • boys
  • shortstory
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Dangerous Flames by SamanthaJayne_x
Dangerous Flamesby Samantha Jayne
Luke Blake is a firefighter; everyday he risks his life to rescue other people. He is in and out of relationships and he can never seem to hold interest in the women he...
  • secrets
  • firefighter
  • complete
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Military in High School ✔️ by livflower
Military in High School ✔️by livflower
{Book 1 in the 'Military' Series} {highest rank: #62 in Teen Fiction (12/12/17)} Home is a foreign word for Sam Clarke. Serving overseas has changed her in more wa...
  • girl
  • freeyourbody
  • romance
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His Obsession || Book One by XBeautyBrainsX
His Obsession || Book Oneby Stephanie
(COMPLETED) BOOK TRAILER IN CHAP. 1!!! I had just turned 19 and was about to graduate high school, entering into an amazing university. Surrounded by plenty of friends...
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  • romantico
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The Billionaire Returns by _renirose
The Billionaire Returnsby _renirose
*Highest rank: #118 in Romance!* *Completed 12/27/2017* Layla Carmichael has forced herself to move on after being left by her fiancée three years ago, Damien Carter. B...
  • billionaire
  • lies
  • betrayal
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Run away gang leader (complete) by hannahlayne42
Run away gang leader (complete)by Hershey squirts
She left. Even though she wanted to stay. She left. Because of one mistake. Well now she doesn't look at it as a mistake because of what it gave her. A reason to live. W...
  • nerdorisshe
  • love
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The Tycoon's Trophy Family by MaryFahey
The Tycoon's Trophy Familyby Mary Fahey
Pregnant Gemma and her six year old twins are deliberately left behind on an uninhabited island. Her ex boyfriend denies her unborn child is his and is trying to make he...
  • singlemom
  • pregnancy
  • love
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The Alpha's Little Nerd by MyColdCorpse
The Alpha's Little Nerdby MyColdCorpse
"She's my mate!" Zane yelled causing both me and the man to widen our eyes. Mate? Is Zane Australian? "No. That's not possible. She's-" Zane cut him...
  • packhouse
  • abuse
  • romance
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Lovely Bully (A JB FanFic) by BiebersForce
Lovely Bully (A JB FanFic)by BiebersForce
Bad boy and Player Justin Bieber is the popular one and Alexandra (Alex) Scotts isnt so popular and always gets good grades and is your ordinary goody twoshoes.She gets...
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shrug {lrh} by awemichael
shrug {lrh}by ☹☹☹
she was a girl who came with a lot of baggage who just happened to fall for a boy who was too scared to speak. all rights reserved © 2014 | awemichael {completed}
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Falling for a Superhero by VersionTwoPointOh
Falling for a Superheroby Alexis Harris
Angela Warden and her family just moved to the grand city of Manhattan, NY from the small town of Frankford. Now in NY, she immediately realizes the city's interest in a...
  • love
  • chapter
  • teenage
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Acnologia, my Childhood Friend by Line464d
Acnologia, my Childhood Friendby Line464d
Lucy runs away from the guild to begin her training to get stronger when she runs into an old childhood friend, Acnologia. But... Why is he a Dragon? Why is SHE a Dragon...
  • anime
  • aclu
  • fanfiction
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Best Completed Wattpad Stories by Always_hungry
Best Completed Wattpad Storiesby Monika
If you don't like stories with bad boys this isn't for you :) I am sucker for bad boys in stories. Best Completed Wattpad Stories is list of the best stories I have read...
  • school
  • college
  • highschool
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Waiting at the Altar for You by tasha-c
Waiting at the Altar for Youby Natasha Chand
Aryel Richards is walking down the aisle every girl dreams of walking down when they're just little girls. Now she's all grown up, and her turn has finally come. She is...
  • teen
  • love
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Only us...(LOGAN PAUL) by SmileyPerson4035
Only us...(LOGAN PAUL)by ~Ruby~
friends turned into something more.....
  • fantasy
  • fangirl
  • jake
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Sold by InsomniacWriter6
Soldby Jamie Stone
'His lips pushed up against mine as I pulled his body closer, his masculine build protecting me from all my previous insecurities, his lips made my body rise with gooseb...
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New Year's Baby by MaryFahey
New Year's Babyby Mary Fahey
Donna Waldron thinks its love at first sight but is badly let down. Dr Ryan Kennedy is only amusing himself during boring workplace training. Heartbroken, she doesn't n...
  • doctor
  • badboy
  • insecure
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Bread: A Hood Love Story by LadyAMC1897
Bread: A Hood Love Storyby Lady AMC
She just came into my life out of nowhere, you know? My world was dark. No future, no way out. No light. But then she came. Suddenly I had a reason. She ain't even have...
  • suspense
  • hood
  • bread
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Always. | Harmione by frantastichp
Always. | Harmioneby Darine Ali
[Was "He's Only My Friend..."] In their 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after Ron begins dating Lavender Brown, Hermione becomes devast...
  • harmione
  • ronaldweasley
  • hermionegranger
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My Mate Is An Alpha by j_wolf05
My Mate Is An Alphaby j_wolf05
COMPLETED Rain Frayer is the daughter of the Fire Stone pack Alpha, and an only child. With no siblings, and parents who are always busy, she spends all her time with he...
  • werewolf
  • complete
  • romance
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