Slave To Luna (B1) by Ann-Sheree
Slave To Luna (B1)by Jazzy
I panicked as Alpha Jake walked in and approached me. I've really done it this time. I'm so going to lose something for this! I thought as I started listing what he coul...
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Defence, Pretence, Offence (Hecatemus Book #2) by NatashaDuncanDrake
Defence, Pretence, Offence ( Natasha Duncan-Drake
Sequel to "Gold Tinted Spectacles" ( The threat of open war in on the horizon. T...
  • hecatemus
  • post-7thyear
  • slash
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Promise by Taynado
Promiseby Taynado
The end has come, the final battle between good and evil has arrived but what happens when Harry makes a promise he may not be able to keep? ok so this is a re written v...
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If Voldemort Beat Harry. by writemyfanfiction
If Voldemort Beat Madeline Malfoy
What would have happened if Voldemort won the final battle instead of Harry? This girl lives in a world where that is the case. But, who is she and does she support Vold...
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One Last Time | ✓ by daysofgold
One Last Time | ✓by tee
A Harry Potter fanfiction in which you and your boyfriend, Fred Weasley, are fighting side by side for one last time at the Battle of Hogwarts...
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One Life Brings a New by Katie387750
One Life Brings a Newby Katie387750
Ash and Serena are in a building when it starts crumbling down. Ash then sacrifices himself for Serena. What happens when he "dies"?
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Switching sides  by MTR123
Switching sides by Mary
Harry has been hunting horcruxes. It's his 7th year, Dumbledor is dead and Voldermort is getting stronger. Camped out in a forest, they are discovers by snatchers and ta...
  • horcrux
  • dracoxharry
  • harrypotter
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Locked Secrets [COMPLETED] [EDITED] by Camogirl504
Locked Secrets [COMPLETED] [EDITED]by Camogirl504
Seventeen year old Tyler Johnson has never known life without his parents. He never thought his best childhood friend could change so much. Now, with his family gone, h...
  • grief
  • darkness
  • family
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After The Needles by Turtle0verl0rd
After The Needlesby Turtle0verl0rd
**HUGE MOTHER SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING** This book is the sequel to Claus's story, but can be read separately. This is what I think happened after the game. This is defi...
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Unbreakable: The Final Battle by Den1212
Unbreakable: The Final Battleby Daman3636
Kanto never forgot this battle. Ryosuke is challenged one last time, to do a downhill time attack on Akina. The challenger defeated him before, but the match is still an...
  • fanfiction
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Rachel Andric and Final Death by RCFletcher
Rachel Andric and Final Deathby RCFletcher
Rachel Andric has undergone Final Death. Written out, forgotten, and beyond help, she finds herself cut off from her friends in a world of those she thought dead. She kn...
  • myths
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Optionless with Draco Malfoy by accio2141
Optionless with Draco Malfoyby accio2141
TWO people who fall in LOVE during the worst time possible; a WAR. Juliette Trails was never one to run away from a problem. Pressure and fear leave her optionless, only...
  • hogwarts
  • dracomalfoy
  • wizardingworld
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Satan's Sacrifice by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Sacrificeby A.L Rogue
Isabella had been through so much the past 2 years. Fighting every single one of The First's generals while fighting feels she had for Dalton. But now she defeated each...
  • finalbattle
  • hellions
  • ashiya
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Freedom Once And For All by ReynaSeaFlame
Freedom Once And For Allby ReynaSeaFlame
This is the sequel to Not How I Wanted To Find Out. Ever since the deaths of Marinette and Adrien, Paris has never been the same. Now, Hawkmoth's successor is causing t...
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Light and Dark: A Happy Beginning by littlesis712
Light and Dark: A Happy Beginningby Talyn Brown
The characters must defend Storybrooke from the combined threat of Mr. Hyde and the mysterious fate of saviors leads to Emma learning about Aladdin .The ongoing war on...
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