Beautiful Disaster (On- Hold) by last_queen25
Beautiful Disaster (On- Hold)by iAmChloe
Highest rank : #384 in random Love doesn't always end up perfect sometimes it can end up a.... beautiful disaster.... * Let's find out this story's adventure...
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Superboy & the Invisible Girl by taratriestowrite
Superboy & the Invisible Girlby Tara Frejas
Fish-out-of-water Jihyun is a high school junior transferee who just wishes to get through this school year without incident, but is constantly made fun of because of he...
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My heart beats for you by janelleheartspao
My heart beats for youby janelleheartspao
1 Corinthians 13 Love never fails, so kapag nag fail hindi yun Love...
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The Kanto Journals: A Pokemon Crossover by Battle_Pyramid
The Kanto Journals: A Pokemon Jan Lester Montemayor Rabaya
Arndolfr Crane is just another ordinary ten year old boy who got the privilege of becoming a Pokémon Trainer. He receives his first Pokémon from Prof. Rowan, only to fin...
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Catastrophic Frith by maffrickjazz
Catastrophic Frithby maffrickjazz
"Magic isn't always beautiful, it can also draw blood" -- After the Tribe's Shanachie had died, She began to call herself the handmaid, and started traveling...
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Flaw by ReeechBeeetch
Flawby Andrea Soto-Pionilla
Not-so-single girl meets not-so-single boy. Chance encounters, flirty banter, those beautiful tiger eyes and an electricity-charged kiss. Forbidden, complicated, maddeni...
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