Fighting Darius (Penny and Darius) by Nikkireadw
Fighting Darius (Penny and Darius) by Nicole Werewolf
Penny: I still remember the first moment our eyes met, something happened. Those icy blue eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I could feel the magnetic pull and we...
Secret Daughter by Jsworld
Secret Daughter by Jsworld Romance
Highest Ranking 👉 #4 in Romance (07/08/2017) Charlotte is a smart girl and a bright student. Although her family was not wealthy and couldn't pay her way into one of t...
Delinquent Academy || Completed - Book 1 by itssaliicee
Delinquent Academy || Completed... by its ya girl Teen Fiction
I'm pushed roughly against the wall making me gasp. ❝Why are you acting like this?❞ I hiss at him, gaining composure. ❝You just don't understand, do you?❞...
The Bad Boy's Mission by sakz15
The Bad Boy's Mission by Sakz Teen Fiction
[Highest Ranking - #1 In Teen Fiction] ***** "Jake, move. You stink of smoke." Seriously Emily, why are you speaking...
Everything We Ever Wanted [Everything Series #1] by xXMopelXx
Everything We Ever Wanted [Everyth... by The Real Queen B of Wattpad Romance
REVAMPED version of the ORIGINAL Living With The Bad Boy posted on wattpad in 2012. "Sometimes when you least expect it, you're faced with the one person who c...
One Big Mistake by GunPowderNLead
One Big Mistake by Haley Rose Teen Fiction
Jessalynn Dawson is a normal Alabama girl. She's friendly, she's sweet and above all she's responsible... most of the time. As most people know or eventually learn, one...
The Girl Behind The Glasses by Karoo_Girl
The Girl Behind The Glasses by Karoo_Girl Action
[Highest rank #2 in Action 19/09/17] My name is Lillian Kelly and I'm seventeen. I'm that girl that nobody ever notices, who just goes through the school year as a shado...
The Bad Boy's Accomplice | ✔ by theyalivedammit
The Bad Boy's Accomplice | ✔ by Laya B. Teen Fiction
Highest rank ~#34 in teen fiction ~ (Completed and Slowly Editing) "I'm going to ruin you." "You've already ruined my repu...
The Four of Us | Wattys 2017 by AubreyParsons
The Four of Us | Wattys 2017 by Aubrey Parsons Teen Fiction
#78 IN TEEN FICTION on 2/11/17 This story was started over two years ago, and I apologize in advance for the cliche, poorly written start. The grammar and writing style...
The Bad Boy and My Cookie  by ElaBearXx
The Bad Boy and My Cookie by ElaBearXx Teen Fiction
❁[HIGHEST RANK: #437 in teen fiction]❁ ❧♚☙ "Hey! That's my cookies you're stomping on!" My blue eyes meeting his dark blue ones. "What are you gonna do a...
A Secret Service by joymoment
A Secret Service by Joy Teen Fiction
"I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to...
The Mystery Fighter by A_Elin
The Mystery Fighter by Aleks Action
Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Haynes has never been the one to follow rules. Without giving the numerous threats of expulsion from her teachers a second thought, Cassandr...
My marriage by livingtofullest
My marriage by livingtofullest Romance
The story is about Shanaya Subrmaniam, and Karthik Iyer. Both were forced into the marriage even though Tamil Bhramins don't have forced marriage. Yet Shanaya decided to...
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by GLOWYGUK
【Fighter 》Taekook】 by 【JESSY】 Fanfiction
+ kim taehyung is your not so average omega, and alpha jeon jeongguk, can't seem to find his mate {lowercase intended} ©GLOWYGUK
Bloody Lips | Completed by histi_leena
Bloody Lips | Completed by Donut Vampire
#01 in vampire [10.07.2017] I can sense him, I can smell him.He comes here every night but I am scared to face him. Who is he? what does he want ? I sense him coming...
His Luna (HumanxWolf) by Neha_Darcy
His Luna (HumanxWolf) by Darcy Werewolf
| Highest rank #1 in Werewolf | "A wolf will be born so in time, To be mated to a woman who will be a human- The human who can be a boon or a bane- ...
Manan ff- ♡Dhadkan♡. by lioness_in_love
Manan ff- ♡Dhadkan♡. by lioness_in_love Fanfiction
Highest Ranking #1 in fanfiction and #1 in Random. <><><><><> Hello friends, here I am writing my first ever fanfiction on manan. Now a day...
My Personal Assistant by hiitismes
My Personal Assistant by Itistwo Romance
Alaiza is a normal girl . At least that what she think she is . She is in fact a very beautiful girl . She got the job of being the personal assistant of Nathan Archer...
From nerd to badass. by Moluccan_girl
From nerd to badass. by Destiny Teen Fiction
Angelina De Luca has been bullied her entire life. But she still doesn't know the reason. Her mother passed away almost a year ago. And her dad, he left when she was...
instagram | Cameron dallas  by TeganandRayneWrite
instagram | Cameron dallas by Tegan and Rayne writes Fanfiction
《|HIGHEST RANK|》 || #35 in fan fiction || Willow was just on instagram. But little did she know her life was going to change. Was originally a jack g ff