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heyy. I'm 24. I love reading and writing (typing) in my free time which I have a lot of. Don't be shy, I love feedback. I hope yall enjoy! Seduced by my Professor can be purchased in iBooks, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble's website for 1.99!!!!! :) Follow me! Twitter: tc_lambert IG: xxLissaMaexx Go Like!
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Hello my lovelies, So as you all know I am Revy, full name is Reviana. I'm an Aries, burn baby ♈ I love sushi鮨 <-- means sushi I own a horse ♞ I live for the now, not the later.ஜ I love the Bruins❤ And all these books are mine. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~Book Pen names range from Revy, Radiance to Navymustang. Don't freak out!~ ♚Writers I think you should look into♚ Div @Kinglockdown123 Muffy @_Frivolous Dakwiii @MrCheeze Melissa @saturn137 Jen @JenWrites97 Rissa @Rissa_Rogue McSteamy @steamyhot Haley @squigmo Synne @Roguene PP: DB cover BG: My lines Innocent Midnight -Paranormal #50 Deep 6- Action # 345 Diviant Blood - Fantasy #90 ~UPDATES~ Deep 6 ~ Not sure IM~ Soon TSC~ maybe once a day HB~Soon Crashed~Soon Moonlighting~ Soon 凸(¬‿¬) SMASHWORDS BOOKS UP Hadar
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We all have insecurities...but you have to know your beautiful ~ Nicki Minaj Just an ordinary person with an extraordinary mind.
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Main Project : Eternal Courage 3 updated regularly. Side Project: Neptunia's LC Mk 2 - Every 14 - 16 days. Upcoming Projects: EGQ DLC - Void of Silence Neptunia's Second LC Eternal Spirit Arc 4 and Courageous Dreams Youtube Channel J-Gamer 19 (Facebook) (Twitter) Hello to everyone and thank you for coming.. My name is Theodore nice to meet you. I like to play video games and read books. My Favorite Video games are RPG's where the Majority of my inspiration comes from. My two video game favorites are Inazuma Eleven and Hyperdimension Neptunia. Now a little fact is I have Autism, so my way of writing may not be as detailed, or worded, like professional or expected stories but I do my best. So I feel if I can't understand what's being else can. I've put much work into my stories and hope you enjoy them. I also welcome any feedback on mistakes I've made. (Profile Pick is Jibanyan from Yokai watch and background is Inazuma Eleven)
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Instagram: CeilidhRink Hey! I've been on this site for a few years now. Currently, I'm in college and my writing has taken a backseat. As soon as it picks back up I will finish all of my stories. My fish, Hugo Armadaius, thanks you. CONTACTS: email me anytime at:, I love to chat ! (: check out updates at: follow me on Instagram : CeilidhRink LINK TO ISTA R-RATED CHAPTERS;
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email me covers: need advice? Im your gal
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SATURDAY: Trigger \\quickest way to reach me: // kik // xkellyn collaborations // @togetherwerise // @coldangels // @westand [hi i just thought everyone should know how much i love sydney [aka @bradmcquaid ] because she's pretty bangin (lmaoo UNDERSTAND?) but ok if kelly ever has a really good status thank me bc it's prolly me] HEY GUYS so, just so you know, these are the top best ships in the world: kelly is a simple soul who loves brad pitt (you can thank sydney for that), edward norton (thank me for that again), and sydney also you should ALL SHIP KONNOR because like really wtf are you doing if you don't ship it i love sydney a lot, especially because we have matching usernames and practically share accounts HAHAHA {moh was here.} btw i love syd like she's too cool 4R highest rankings: #64 in general fiction and #64 in teen fiction (omg) YS highest rankings: #138 in teen fiction Finding Ford highest rankings: #4 in Mystery/Thriller (!!!!!) TRC highest rankings: #37 in teen fiction LIC higest rankings: #41 in romance Trigger highest ranking: #4 in myster/thriller (!!!!!!) WYB highest ranking: #147 in general fiction IIDT highest ranking: #58 mystery/thriller the messiness of my profile likes to reflect the messiness of my life. enjoy. [i don't take reading requests, sorry!]
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Hi there, there are probably billions of things I could tell you about myself but I am going to limit it down to the really important stuff. I am a sophomore in college! I would love to say that its just like in the movies... but it is not. I have lots of homework and spend most of my days at work; though that sounds rough I would never give up my college experience! College is the best thing that has happened to me. I am a short, introverted, story writing girl with high hopes for the future. By high hopes I mean I would love to become a best selling author by night and a lawyer by day. That is something I will never give up on! In my spare time I like to have TV Show Marathons because I am a super cool kid with a big social life and that is my thing. I am super obsessed with The Selection series and with that revelation... I need to learn on how to budget my money better because I would honestly spend all of it on books. My wattpad bestie is @ClaireRenee check her out she is awesome!
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Hey! Welcome to my profile! I'm horrible at writing these things so... Let's get it over with... I love reading and writing! Fun fact about me: I suck at writing bio's! I enjoy reading, writing, drawing and sfx makeup!!! My sfx Instagram is More_than_Gore (So check it out if your interested) I love writing action books! I've tried writing romantic stuff but I end up just cringing (I'm not very romantic)! PLEASE don't advertise your books on mine! There are different ways of getting your book out there! I will read books by some of my readers as those of you whose book I did read know I have! But if you ask me to read them, I'm less likely to do so! And yeah... Check out @yourdespicemydesmice and read her stuff, she's awesome! And same goes for @izzywizzywoowoo she is my best friend and she's amazing! Got a great work called banana, absolutely first class book! Feel free to message me!!!!
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Hey all, my name's Jamie Harris. I'm 24 years old, living in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I work for a publishing company. I enjoy books, games, pizza, beer and music. Not necessarily in that order. :P My books so far: The Gauntlet Iron Heart Blink: 3003 Blink: Leviathan (Currently Radish Exclusive) Now a proud contributing reviewer of all things science fiction for @FANTASCI To read reviews of some of Wattpad's finest Fantasy and Science Fiction head over to Kingdoms and Galaxies, the FANTASCI review book: If you want to recommend any books for review, go right ahead (but read the guidelines first!). Between keeping my Wattpad commitments up to date, a full time job and various freelance work in editing and proof-reading I'm afraid I can't take read requests as I simply don't have the time. I read a lot of science fiction and play the Mass Effect trilogy religiously (Bioware - best games developer in the world). I'm working on a novel based in the Mass Effect universe which will hopefully show up on Wattpad later this year. I also play bass and sing in a heavy rock band - if anyone's into Halestorm/Alter Bridge/Evanescence et al. then please check out the link: