A Secret Service [COMPLETED] by joymoment
A Secret Service [COMPLETED]by Joy
"I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to...
  • secretservice
  • privateschool
  • teenfiction
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Mixie Moxie #Wattys2018 by PoeticJustice215
Mixie Moxie #Wattys2018by PoeticJustice215
*Highest ranking #9 In Action 2/20/18* Don't fuck with Mixian Moxelle. Street fighter and boxer for over ten years, Mixie grew a national reputation for fighting. Now, w...
  • drama
  • justwriteit
  • femaleprotagonist
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His Possession  by friesbeforeguys101
His Possession by friesbeforeguys101
[Completed] [EDITED] *REALLY MATURE THEME* *MIGHT TRIGGER SOME* Jaxon Hunt. Gangster. Fighter. Player. Drug dealer. Jordan Johnson. Starting college. Sweet, sometimes...
  • love
  • fighting
  • girl
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Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Awards 2012] by starsarewhatilove
Alpha, Do I Know You? [Watty Chelsea
Evangeline is what you can call the pack's maid. She's always bullied and teased. She always have endless chores but she isn't unhappy. She's being called fat and ugly b...
  • dara
  • rogues
  • black
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I Punched The Alpha by wolf158
I Punched The Alphaby Wolfy
"You're nothing but a worthless slut!" Johnathan bellowed making me stop in my tracks. Out of all the things he has said to me, that one sentence pushed me ov...
  • punching
  • rivals
  • self-defense
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Sa' Reine Dia☆Volo {Rated R} by MisTofDesire
Sa' Reine Dia☆Volo {Rated R}by Saranah ki33
Nikolaos Vitcenzo Son of a Funding Father and King of the underworld that is the Mafia. Arden Dagwood a twenty year old who should have just mind her own business. ## ...
  • rude
  • iggyazalea
  • orgasmic
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The Badboy's Nerd(#1) by glitter_xox
The Badboy's Nerd(#1)by Farrah
***Warning! My writing has got much better. This was my first book. No hate! If you're going to hate, don't even read this book. Please.*** Highest ranking: #1 in teen f...
  • abuse
  • leader
  • fighter
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Destined With You by SweetLove789
Destined With Youby SWAZ
Rose Addams was born to be a fighter. She grew up to become the strongest boxer. But after the death of her father she gives it all up. All her time is now consumed wi...
  • gangs
  • fighting
  • love
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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • towel
  • soon
  • kidnapped
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Dark knight by toocuteforyou420
Dark knightby Tia
Mia Martel She hared headed and stubborn But loyal as fuck She was bad ass with a good heart. Soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest, She's the type of woman to war b...
  • kidnapping
  • hate
  • fight
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I'm a Kidnapped Runaway! by LoveLover
I'm a Kidnapped Runaway!by Kelsie
Heaven is a 16 year old teenage girl. She runs away from home because of her parents who treat her like she is nothing. But when she runs away, she gets kidnapped. There...
  • accident
  • dresses
  • sorry
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From nerd to badass. by Moluccan_girl
From nerd to Destiny
[BOOK TWO OF THE BAD BOY SERIES] Angelina De Luca has been bullied her entire life. But she still doesn't know the reason. Her mother passed away almost a year ago. A...
  • badass
  • bullied
  • romance
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The Street Fighter by beebee12345678
The Street Fighterby beebee
At the age of 17, Skylar Green is left to care for her 5-year old brother, Dylan. Her mother? Dead. Her father? It's a mystery. Moving to a new town, they need to keep o...
  • abuse
  • highschool
  • streetfighter
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The street fighter and the gang leader by GrayGoddess
The street fighter and the gang Isabelle <3
Wrote at like age 13 so read at your own risk 🙃 Audrey Winters isn't your typical nerd, she's a street fighter. She gets bullied at school and has to stop herself from...
  • badguys
  • gangs
  • streetfighter
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The Bad Girl and the Boys by ____GhostGirl____
The Bad Girl and the Boysby Ghost Girl
This is not a story about a good girl. This is a story about a bad girl and her boys. ...
  • fighting
  • streetfighter
  • badgirl
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Alaricas by Writer20161
Alaricasby Gone.
He kills just because he can He destroys packs for entertainment He manipulates people for the hell of it He's also my mate But.... I rejected him.
  • fights
  • love
  • hurt-comfort
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The Good Girl Is Bad? by chloebee107
The Good Girl Is Bad?by Chloe Bee🐝
Angel Elizabeth Parkers is in high school she gets bullied and never opens her mouth and acts like the schools personal punching bag. But what no one knows is that she's...
  • teenagers
  • highschool
  • badass
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The Gangleaders Little Rebel by iloveanimals26
The Gangleaders Little Rebelby X)
Riley Stone is a 18 year old girl trying to rebuild her life after an incident acured in her life. She is a straight A student, works at a cafe, and is a secret street f...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • fighting
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Decimus 《Being Rewritten》 by Allison_Keaton
Decimus 《Being Rewritten》by Allison
Book one in the brother wolves series. When they all lost hope he held on to the little he had When they all left and moved on he stayed and stood strong When they were...
  • alpha
  • badass
  • protective
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The Four of Us | Editing by AubreyParsons
The Four of Us | Editingby Aubrey Parsons
Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #78 ••••• His hot breath touched the dip of my shoulder, and I found myself tilting my head away slightly to give his lips more access as...
  • bestfriends
  • parties
  • nerd
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