I stole the gang leaders phone  by toxic_girl2002
I stole the gang leaders phone by Simran Verma Teen Fiction
Luna martines Abandoned at the age of 3 and was left at the doorstep of an orphanage Growing up for her was difficult House from house States from state But when she...
Left Right Left : The Unsolved Mystery by Misti10M
Left Right Left : The Unsolved Mys... by Misti10M Fanfiction
well as the name show's it's a fan fiction on one of the best show Left Right left which aired in 2006. I really loved this show and I never thought I will ever get to r...
Delicate you by Mbbaby
Delicate you by Mbbaby Fanfiction
2 girls against the world
Dear Agony by ChickenOfAwesum
Dear Agony by Lindsey Ussery Spiritual
He's lost. She's found. He's forgotten. She's cherished. What words come to mind when you glance at the quiet student who sits in the back of the class? These students a...
Fake dating the bad boy  by toxic_girl2002
Fake dating the bad boy by Simran Verma Humor
17 year old Spanish, camila bianca mara de luca aka camila de luca wants revenge from her boyfriend Aaron black who cheated on her with as camila likes to call it the b...
Unloved Wangfei by buckwheatfIower
Unloved Wangfei by margs Historical Fiction
Han Daji didn't mind being the 2nd wife to the powerful cold 3rd prince. She didn't even mind if he doted on her or not Daji didn't give a single crap, being the talk of...
FRAY FOR GRAPHIC EDITORS: 2017 [CL... by 👑oneyang👑 Random
Showcase your talent! May the best of the best wins! Amateur, Middle and Professional are all WELCOME! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2017
DESTINY MADE US MEET {Pranushka} by Janviwrites
DESTINY MADE US MEET {Pranushka} by JANVI Fanfiction
NEW PRANUSHKA FF ..Prabhas and Anushka makes a wonderful pair.. We dont have control over our destiny..we dont know when destiny can change our life forever.. This story...
instagram.  by -bloodybluntz
instagram. by kyra ♛ Random
in which famous people post on instagram.
~The Hidden Secrets, A Selection~ { Closed 12/12 } by ScarletWolfe1518
~The Hidden Secrets, A Selection~... by Scarlet Wolfe Fanfiction
What happens when two families give their eldest children to compete in a country wide competition for their hands, and their crowns? What happens when these Royals all...
Dark and Light~a Werewolf Roleplay by Skychaser454
Dark and Light~a Werewolf Roleplay by Skychaser454 Random
In a world, with all shifters and humans, there are two packs; Lightsky and Darkshadow. Lightsky believes in keeping shifters a secret to protect others. They're willi...
Bad Girls Club by scott_miracle
Bad Girls Club by Miracle Scott General Fiction
Bitches Fight, Argue, And Complain. What Happens When 7 bad girls all around the country have to live in one big mansion together. Will they survive or will they be pack...
Kaira: A new story by kaira_lover_143
Fighting for Love by complicated_mystery
Fighting for Love by Mysterious_Neha Fanfiction
Description Inside #841 in Fanfiction - 2/11/17
Equestria Girls Group Chat (Book 2) by 12_AppleandJess_12
Equestria Girls Group Chat (Book 2) by AppleDashForLife Random
book two is already out! (lol) check out the first one 😂
 Rival (ts)  Completed by anaz1994
Rival (ts) Completed by anaz1994 Short Story
This ts is abt how two rival turns to an unconditional lovers
Super smash bros roleplay by l-Candy-l
Super smash bros roleplay by 🍬Candy🍬 Random
this is a gamer roleplay smut is allowed my friends enter for some fun. smut is allowed and this is individual roleplay
Torment by AnaWritesBologna
Torment by Anastasia Siegel Fantasy
A war has emerged between Heaven and Hell, And twenty-one year old Lilian Odell is right in the middle of it. After her mother passed away three months ago, Lilia...
Sleepy Peaks | Child Asylum RP by N2AJlover
Sleepy Peaks | Child Asylum RP by FireyBlaiseWolf Random
I'm getting sucked wayyyyyyyy too deep into these things! XD Anyways, this is an idea I thought of a couple weeks ago and I finally decided to create it! Explanation in...
The Heinous Guy by thadelle
The Heinous Guy by Dillions Romance
Perempuan yang baik tercipta untuk lelaki yang baik. Dia diupah untuk mengintip. Diarah untuk menangkap. Dan dibayar untuk memukul. "Fiyan, aku tugaskan kau untuk...