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I'm Ashley & I'm really obsessed with The Mortal instruments, The Darkest Powers, and The Lunar Chronicles. That is all. Good day. Jace, Derek, Kai, and Thorne tho s t a t u s : ➳ accepting reading req/reccs on ➳ iaswaa is UNAVAILABLE for purchase ➳ no longer doing interviews, sorry! ➳ really slow updates o t h e r p r o f i l e s : ➳ @Lytoral ➳ @revoIutionary ➳ @ChasingPages_ c u r r e n t l y r e a d i n g : ➳ Heartless by Marissa Meyer
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Hi everyone. It's me, Chelsea, I want everyone to know that I'm fine but I don't know if I'll be writing anymore. I enjoy it but as many of you have read in my author notes once I began my senior year in high school everything got hectic. Now I'm a college freshman majoring in Kinesiology. I am very sorry bc I know a lot of you have been waiting forever for me to update my stories. FAQ: How old are you? -I started writing when I was 14 I am now 18 as of June 29th Are you going to update? -As above so below. Which is basically a no.(bc I wrote it up there lol) Can you give me a shout out? -Fawk no, fam, lmao shout outs are literally the most annoying thing ever. Why did you stop writing? -I didn't have anymore time and there was little to no storage space on my phone. I also got super serious about sports so it took up all my time after school. Okay so those are the questions I keep seeing in my DMs and on my page. I'd like to let everyone know that there was a wattpad club at my school and everyone was so surprised to hear and see how many followers I had here. I run track for my college in the 400, 4x4, and the 200 it's still preseason and I hope I do great this year. Also I used to let my younger cousin come on here and play with my account and I'm looking at stuff from a few years ago, she was telling people I was albino or I was mixed I can't delete it all but I'm telling you I am neither lol.
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Hi. I'm Doeneseya (Doe), the author of: Detention Dangerous Love The Body Rock Series Remember My Name Pillow Talk The Note Nobody Knows Out of Bounds Summer to Remember and Forget #ImaginesBook is in stores now by Gallery Books ♡ Full book of Summer to Remember & Forget is available on: Lulu: iBooks Amazon Barnes & Noble Detention , Dangerous Love, Body Rock 1-4, The Note, Body Rock 5, Nobody Knows, Remember My Name and Rock Solid are ALL connected and shall be read in that order or else you'll be confused. (Remember My Name and Rock Solid can be read at the same time, since I'll be posting them at the same time. BE MINDFUL OF TIME FRAMES THOUGH!) They share the same characters. You'll learn more of the characters' backgrounds with each book. Books featuring Jason: Detention, Dangerous Love, Body Rock 4 , Body Rock 5, The Note, Nobody Knows and Rock Solid Books featuring Justin: Body Rock 1-5 and Rock Solid Books featuring Marissa: Body Rock 1-5, Rock Solid and The Note Books featuring August: The Note, Body Rock 5, Remember My Name and Nobody Knows Books featuring Desiree: Nobody Knows and Remember My Name ...Best bet, read them all. Lol :) Twitter: @doeneseya @bodyrockseries Snapchat: @doeneseya @bodyrockseries YouTube: I never could have done any of this without the support and love from my riders. I love and appreciate all of you! ♥ Dreams do come true. Don't follow your dreams, CHASE them!
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CHERRY BLOSSOM + REVAN & REINA TELAH TERSEDIA DI TOKO BUKU. GO GRAB YOUR COPY! ❤ line : @jio5568m ig : piercethebella spotify : christabellas : heykellinquinn e-mail:
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lately i've been hoping that my mind finds an anchor so I can stay in one place. -------------- Jenna ∿ 22. I know. I can't believe it either. I like to pretend I know what I'm doing. ◆ Email: -------------- Books: ◆ Bad Boy series ∿ Completed ◆ Charming in Handcuffs ∿ Completed +Extras ◆ Charming and Awkward ∿ Completed ◆ Charming Hearts ∿ On hold ◆ Best Kept Secret ∿ Completed +Extras ◆ Best Kept Promise ∿ Completed +Extras ◆ Best Kept Lies ∿ In Progress ◆ Summer Agreement ∿ Coming soon! -------------- Trailers: ◆ Charming in Handcuffs trailer made by @kairazoemagaway - ◆ Charming in Handcuffs trailer 2 made by @BlackBerryBliss -------------- I hope you enjoy my books! If you don't, that's rad too. They aren't for everyone. -------------- Links: ◆ Spotify ∿ jenleighna ◆ Pinterest ∿ jenleighna ◆ Twitter ∿ ◆ Instagram ∿ ◆ Personal goodreads ∿
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My name is Laeti, and I end up stealing your souls. Jk, jk. Hello, fellow Wattpadians. I am a nineteen-year-old writer who has way too many ideas and is currently writing 8 or 9 books --I lost count, tbh. My stories may be cliche, but my characters are always unique and hella sexy. (get it, Grayson and Ryder.) Once you click the follow bottom, you will be annoyed by my constant and random status updates, and be warned: My author notes get random and long. I have too many ships, and I supply shovels for a living, plus I'm the new manager of Jerlan's Shovel Services --if you need work, feel free to call. Jk, jk. I feel bad for making everyone wanting Email: Snapchat: laetithewriter Achievements: #2 Teen Fiction - Bad Boy's Protection (Protector #1) #9 Teen Fiction - Senior Year with My Protector (Protector #2) #11 Teen Fiction - My Protector: The Bad Boy (Protector #3) #27 Teen Fiction - Ryder the Love Expert #29 Teen Fiction - Ryder the Love Genius #57 Teen Fiction - Waiting for the Right One #8 Teen Fiction - My Ex-Best Friend: The Bad Boy (Smythe #1) #22 Teen Fiction - Surviving the Life of Dax (Smythe #2) #48 Teen Fiction - Troubled One (Wilde #2) #36 Teen Fiction - Different (Wilde #3) #9 Sci-Fi - Vitality
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мy ηαмε's D e a n n a. I'm a twenty year old who likes to write sex novels and the occasional romance. Check out my stuff and if you like it, hit that follow button :) ___________________________________ ❝ And by the way, everything in life is writeable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ❞ - syℓvια ρℓαтн
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sa·la·cious ᴥ səˈlāSHəs ᴥ adjective ᴥ (of writing, pictures, or talk) treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest in or enjoyment of the subject. ᴥ 10/11/16 Private Chapter Link:⚠-the-dangerous-woman-⚠ "I'm not the prettiest you've ever seen, but I have my moments. I have my moments. I'm not the flawless one, I've never been, but I have my moments. I can get a little drunk, I get into all the dont's but on good days, I am charming as fuck." Tove Lo "Moments." Reason why I adore Tove Lo - I relate so badly. She's my queen. ᴥ Sex object. ᴥ Never been in love, but I can sure as hell write about it. Scares the shit out of me. I want to experience what I write about. Maybe. Or maybe I'll just stick to the sex. ᴥ "Space was just a word made up by someone, who's afraid to get too close." Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo ᴥ Authors that are way better than I could ever be; @LifeLustingDreamer @rivers-and-stars @indolentcth @Juliette_Frost @luccyluee ᴥ Untouched: #1 Fantasy, #1 Paranormal Taming Ares: #6 Fantasy Project X: #1 Science Fiction Project SX: #2 Science Fiction Eat My Heart: #7 Science Fiction Azure: #70 Fantasy Will to Love: #50 Gen. Fic. Proving His Innocence: #12 ChickLit Ace of Spades: ChickLit #1 ᴥ "Chop off my hands Chop off my feet I'd do it for you Ain't love sweet?" Tove Lo "Love Ballad." ᴥ L ᴥ U ᴥ N ᴥ A
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❤️THE BLS SERIES Prologue : Loving Blake Coster 1. Red String of Fate 2. Challenging The Billionare 3. Dealing With Trouble 4. Stabbed By Rose 5. Beautiful Nightmare 6. Locking His Heart 7. Breaking The Last Epilogue : The 7 Goldlifes The 7 Gold Lifes : 1. Aaron Samuel 2. Alexander North 3. Luke Hastington 4. Maximillion Cesantio 5. Sebastian Cesborn 6. Sky Locason 7. Kenneth Domanco The Family : Blake-Jean : Brooklyn Samuel, Blane Samuel, Jess Samuel Aaron-Sophia : Andrew Samuel Sky-Janet : Cailey Locason, Aiden Locason Alexander-Angel : Archer North, Autumn North Max-Rose : Morris Cesantio, Daniel Cesantio Luke-Hailey : Christian Hastington, Marco Hastington, Lauren Hastington Sebastian-Alexis : Axel Cesborn, Joel Cesborn, Joan Cesborn Kenneth-Chloe : Matthew Lemiere, Dylan Lemiere, Brandon Lemiere, Crystal Lemiere ❤️The BLSC Series 1. The Undercover Model 2. His Secret Admire 3. Capturing The Locason 4. The Thief Of His Heart 5. Dangerous Attraction 6. The Runaway Princess 7. Playing With Fire 8 - 15 [SOON] The Couples : 1. Andrew Samuel - Kayla Michaelson 2. Aiden Locason - Elena Colton 3. Zac Malvon - Cailey Locason 4. Archer North - Calla Lockheart 5. Morris Cesantio - Autumn North 6. Daniel Cesantio - Olivia Camery 7. Christian Hastington - Taylor Portwalt 8. Marco Hastington - Cassie Lancio 9. Axel Cesborn - Stella Veros 10. Joel Cesborn - Irene Payton 11. Nate Bryant - Joan Cesborn 12. Matthew Lemiere - Scarlett Theodore 13. Dylan Lemiere - Lauren Hastington 14. Brandon Lemiere - Priscilla Cason 15. Lucas Vecton - Crystal Lemiere
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For important inquiries, email me at: Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: The owner of this Wattpad account: ✓ has unedited works ✓ commit lot of errors and typographies ✓ the laziest author in the whole wide Wattpad world ✓ thirsty for comments/feedbacks from the readers ✓ doesn't give any soft copies DON'T. STEAL. MY. WORKS. OR. ELSE... !(+_____+)! FB PAGES: Thank you for reading my works, for the follow, for the votes, most especially for the comments and for the overflowing love and support! Love you all! XOXO