New kids in school. by Eclipse_Rose
New kids in school.by Angel of Chaos
Aphmau is a YouTuber, Hybrid, and Superhero rolled into one. She also goes to Phoenix Drop High. Now let's see how she feels when her old friends go to her new school. H...
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Secrets Of A Goddess  (Slymau ) Mystreet X Super minecraft Dayly  by Mimibella793
Secrets Of A Goddess (Slymau ) My...by Mimibella793
Jess but as her new friends call her aphmau was the daughter of Thor and been sent away to a island .she made friends and a lover on her time on the island . Something n...
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Finding Lost Friends[Book 1] by Jade_Brady04
Finding Lost Friends[Book 1]by Crazy_Fangirl_Vibes
This is about a young girl named Jessica, or as some of her friends know her as Aphmau . She has been keeping a secret frim them for far to long.... Wll multiple secret...
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Babyjay by THGLoverGirl
Babyjayby Hannah
It's five years after the rebellion. Katniss and Peeta quickly grew together after hypnosis was able to restore Peeta's memories however, that never stopped the hijackin...
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⭐-a few words by _thegoodside
⭐-a few wordsby hope
To tylko kilka próśb, zdań napisanych pod wpływem emocji lub ich braku, z muzyką, którą pokochałam i chcę, by pokochali ją też inni. To nie musi być mądre, piszę to, co...
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Just a Few Words by insertcreativepun
Just a Few Wordsby insertcreativepun
Tara Walters is sick of all the hate around her. So one summer morning she decides to make a list of kind deeds to do in her little hometown. Although it started out as...
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Electric| Brooklyn Wyatt by BellaBeaumont
Electric| Brooklyn Wyattby Bella Rose
When a new, 18 year old boy comes to Ellas high school she knows he isn't like everyone else. He is different to her. So when they become friends, she finds out lots abo...
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Jolly! by PandaFlying
Jolly!by Skeletor
Work at the PRODUCTION!
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Arthur is gay for the bobbies by Rhyan921
Arthur is gay for the bobbiesby Sparkleboy
It's just gross man
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Dirty downer by Rhyan921
Dirty downerby Sparkleboy
It's just self indulgent we happy few porn. I love Arthur and I love the bobbies so here it is. It's garbage lmao.
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A Few More Days by writergirl_317
A Few More Daysby writergirl_317
A white door. A little boy. A hallway. A tear. A mystery. This story will have SMALL chapters, which will make sense if you start reading it.
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Monster of secrets by Kitty_Cat_Lover_12
Monster of secretsby Kitty
Hey yall so i got this really good idea for a book so im trying it out
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Don't Forget to Take Your Joy by slowjoemc
Don't Forget to Take Your Joyby Joseph (Insert Last Name Here)
A We Happy Few Fanfiction. With the game We Happy Few coming out in about a month, I thought I might build up the hype on it. This may carry on past the release of the g...
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