The Sea's Warrior (Fem. Percy/YJ crossover) by PokemonDestiny
The Sea's Warrior (Fem. Percy/YJ c... by Marissa
Fem Percy goes to live with an uncle she never knew she had I'll make this better later
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(Fem) Percy Jackson and the Army of Chaos by PokemonDestiny
(Fem) Percy Jackson and the Army o... by Marissa
Perseus Jackson. Daughter of Poseidon. Betrayed. Everyone except three of her closest friends leaves her for her half brother. And surprisingly her uncles offer her some...
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 Just Not Ready (A Female Percy Jackson/ Avengers Crossover) by im_defying_gravity
Just Not Ready (A Female Percy Ja... by Madeline
Sequel to Sometimes They Win. Set 6 years after Percy left for the military. A year into her military service, her unit was attacked on foreign soil by HYDRA agents...
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Void at Hogwarts by masquaradebelle
Void at Hogwarts by MasquaradeBelle
After being saved by Chaos, Percy becomes Void. As Commander of the Original Army it is Void's job to ensure the safety of the universe and bring peace wherever possible...
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Destination : Mystic Falls by JustAFandomLover
Destination : Mystic Falls by Unoriginal Writer
fem!Percy Jackson goes to Mystic Falls for one reason........... School! The schools in New York aren't accepting her anymore and the nearest school to even seem to put...
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Daughter Of Who? by TheMaidenOfTheHunt
Daughter Of Who? by Artemis
Percie Jackson is a girl with a dark past. Her childhood is filled with abuse and her teenage years with self harm Just when she finally feels like she belongs her world...
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My new chapter... by BeautyInTheBlackRose
My new chapter... by Zaína
So, hey, I'm perci. Nice to meet ya. Um, something about me? Well, I'm really strong, I guess. There's not much to say about me. I guess I'm here to tell my story? All...
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Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Sapphire Perseus Jackson (Girl Percy) by blue_ducky
Percy Jackson Fanfiction: Sapphire... by blue_ducky
What if Percy had been born a girl? What if she had grown up in Atlantis. Meet Sapphire Perseus Jackson, the first demigod daughter of Poseidon. Though she prefers the n...
  • lukercy
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Rise of the demigodess avenger(fem-percy/avengers fanfiction) by silverstar2468
Rise of the demigodess avenger(fem... by xxSilverstar2468xx
Book 1 in the Olympian Heroes series. The war between Gaia was over.Persephone Cyrene Jackson,or percy as her friends call her hoped to have a normal summer.Well, normal...
  • fanfiction
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  • camphalfblood
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A Broken Can Be Fixed By Another by natcoop22
A Broken Can Be Fixed By Another by Demiglader Army
Persephone Jackson acted like she had no idea what the gods were, she'd rather let them rot. Which brought her to her current situation, which she had no problem with, b...
  • brucebanner
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Fracturing Soul by BlueCiffee
Fracturing Soul by BlueCiffee
Peresephone 'Perci' Jackson has just finished the war with Gaea, killing the evil primordial single handily. A day before the award ceremony, Perci finds out Andrew (ma...
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Percy Jackson and the avengers (definite Loki x Percy) female Percy Jackson  by aztec2006
Percy Jackson and the avengers (de... by aztec2006
This is my first story and if you don't believe me check my profile.also I'm making this a Loki x Percy bc there's not a lot of story's like this. If something I'm sorry...
  • nickfury
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Golden Love(Athena x Fem! Percy) by Slytherins_Heir
Golden Love(Athena x Fem! Percy) by Slytherins_heir
Persephone Jackson is the newest goddess on Olympus. She has become the goddess of water and gold. Thanks to Aphrodite she now has golden eyes and hair. When she sees An...
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Widow's Child (Fem Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover) by GrandmamaEster
Widow's Child (Fem Percy Jackson a... by Grandma Ester
After an unfortunate turn of events, young Persephone ends up with a very scary woman taking care of her. She grows up with the woman (Later named Natahsa Romanoff) for...
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Adopted by a Billionaire by bmustonen
Adopted by a Billionaire by Brianna
Persephone (Percy) Jackson is in the middle of the second giant war when her life goes tumbling down until someone takes her in.
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Lady of the Sea (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Lady of the Sea (COMPLETE) by FanofFandoms
Persephone "Perci" Jackson, Daughter of Sally Jackson and Poseidon - Greek god of the Sea, - has just finished the The Giant War. But, she is not done yet. For...
  • thranduil
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Soaring High (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by ICantPickAFavFandom
Soaring High (Percy Jackson Fanfic... by ihavenoselfcontrol
On a dark night in Bludhaven, Nightwing happens to meet a new hero who goes by the name, Seabird. Who is she? And should he trust her? FemPercy Jackson (Seabird)/Dick...
  • love
  • justiceleague
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Orca (Fem Percy Jackson Young Justice crossover) by GrandmamaEster
Orca (Fem Percy Jackson Young Just... by Grandma Ester
Inspired by DemigodTimelord23's story Powerful Beginnings I own nothing Slow updates A new hero has been spotted around various cities, protecting people when the city's...
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Transported (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Transported (COMPLETE) by FanofFandoms
The world Persephone "Percy" Jackson knew is gone. Everyone, everything is gone. All except for the greek gods, and even they are fading. As a last resort to s...
  • bayverse
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  • supernatural
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Sometimes They Win (Female Percy Jackson/ Avengers Crossover) by im_defying_gravity
Sometimes They Win (Female Percy J... by Madeline
Monsters are real Demons are too. There always there, Trying to get you. They're not in the woods, Or under your bed. They sleep in your mind, They reside in your head. ...
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