Love Does Travel (Bendy x Neko! Reader) by Bendy-and-Me
Love Does Travel (Bendy x Neko! Re... by Call Me Bacon Random
Your name was (y/n) and your a special girl. Why? Well you have some special abilities. What will happen if you fell from a portal and appear in 'cartoon' dimension? Wan...
The CEO's Mistake (Editing)  by Avonixia
The CEO's Mistake (Editing) by Queen of Sass Romance
"You can't take my baby away from me!" Skylar was hysterical, her voice cracking towards the end. "Then maybe you shouldn't have kept her away from me!&q...
You Can Call Me Daddy | The Texts by SinfulMom4585
You Can Call Me Daddy | The Texts by SinfulMom4585 Fanfiction
⚠️ I dOnT KNow mayBe maTuRE CoNTeNt⚠️ These are text conversations between characters from my main book You Can Call Me Daddy, (obviously) It will mostly be Cassie X a c...
Ask/Dare/Talk to Bendy & Cuphead by BendyTqftim
Ask/Dare/Talk to Bendy & Cuphead by Bendy Fanfiction
Here you can ask/dare/talk to Bendy and Cuphead but you can also ask/dare/talk to Boris, Mugs, Felix,Oswald (Alice? No, cuz I'm no big fan of her...sorry) Nsfw stuff alo...
¿Por qué no puedo dejarte ir? MLB [Adrianette] [LadyNoir] [MariChat] 2 temporada by lepetitcafe
¿Por qué no puedo dejarte ir? MLB... by lepetitcafe Fanfiction
Marinette era por fuera todo lo que una chica podría desear. Con 21 años, se había vuelto una estilizada joven parisina con un futuro prometedor en el mundo de la moda g...
The Life as a Princess by Princess_Janiz
The Life as a Princess by Sweet Symphony Fanfiction
In this story Marinette is an actual princess staying in Paris , France with her aunt and uncle after her parents tragic death . She is known well for her beauty and kin...
ask/talk/dare the questers!(quest for the ink machine au) 2 by CryingDeerGirl
ask/talk/dare the questers!(quest... by CryingDeerGirl Fanfiction
I made a second one of this cause the last one keeps crashing on me and I was literally about to punch a wall in. the characters you can ask/talk/dare are Bendy ,Boris...
Miraculous spies! by blackdragonslayer14
Miraculous spies! by Sarah Fanfiction
Spy AU. Basically the miraculous stones are still magical but they don't transform people into superheroes, it turns them into spies! There are eight miraculous stones: ...
You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier} by CaddyCorner
You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier} by Kel Fanfiction
The first time was a mistake; Jack swears by it: It was a convention. They were drunk. Jack and his girlfriend were fighting. Mark just looked so good with his new hairc...
The Markings of a Soulmate  by Princess_Janiz
The Markings of a Soulmate by Sweet Symphony Fanfiction
Adrien and Marinette were childhood friends , even before the bratty girl .That is , until Marinette had to leave for China because of a family emergency. 10 years later...
Peter Pan's Daughter  by Teenwolfmk55
Peter Pan's Daughter by Teenwolfmk55 Fanfiction
Flower is a little girl in NeverLand, her mother is unknown, and her father is Peter Pan. Flower is a beautiful little girl, Peter loves her with all his heart, She can...
Felix's Sister by JordynAJ
Felix's Sister by Jordyn Fanfiction
Everyone knows Felix is ever so loyal to Peter Pan, but no one knows Felix's backstory. When his little sister, Cyrus, goes to Neverland to find him, Pan becomes worried...
Rooftop: Comic by KittenCraftInc
Rooftop: Comic by TERMINATED ACCOUNT Random
I have literally no idea where to get this, so I'm getting the pictures off Google and posting them here. Hope you like!
Watching Miraculous Comic Dubs  by PrincessHatsuneMiku
Watching Miraculous Comic Dubs by PrincessHatsuneMiku Fanfiction
I decided to make this because there's too much watching the show fics but not enough watching the comic dubs fics. What happens when a crazy Miraculous Fangirl teleport...
Earn my 2nd chance by Princess_Janiz
Earn my 2nd chance by Sweet Symphony Fanfiction
Chloe has gone way too far. She has now bribed and threatened everyone to be cruel to Marinette. She kept on spreading lies . More and more people began to abandon Marin...
A Part Of Me // Nowhere Boys by xCrossRoads
A Part Of Me // Nowhere Boys by Kodi Fanfiction
Max Delaware is the kind of girl to avoid as much social interaction as she can and considers headphones as another body part. When Max is assigned to be in a group wit...
The Demons Arise (A Jacksepticeye Fanfiction) by michaelapalisoc28
The Demons Arise (A Jacksepticeye... by Sansbear Fanfiction
Two years since Jack found out he's a Telate Alementor, Two whole years since Jack's father died and peace was restored in all three classes ...or so they thought.
The gym teacher (Jacksepticeye X Reader) by keewhite12
The gym teacher (Jacksepticeye X R... by JuggleThosePuggles Fanfiction
{completed} You are just a small town girl, you don't know what to expect, you meet a young gym teacher In his 20's. Your a high schooler of course. But you don't expect...
¿Quién es Ladybug? [#1 QEL] by GennyOCollado
¿Quién es Ladybug? [#1 QEL] by G H E N N A Fanfiction
"-¿Siquiera tienes idea de quién es? -le preguntó Plagg. -Por supuesto que no -contestó Adrien-. ¿Quién es Ladybug? -Si supiera no te lo preguntaría, ¡estúp...
「Lusty Fantasies」↪Oswald X Felix↩ by SXG4R-
「Lusty Fantasies」↪Oswald X Felix↩ by •°• ➜Flopy Brinds Fanfiction
" Fantasias retorcidas" 🍂 Stripper AU 🍂 No copias o adaptaciones se original¿