Everything I Never Said by feliciaing
Everything I Never Said by Felicia Ing Poetry
❝This the love I fail to say. One that caused him to go away, for our love was never made to stay.❞ - all poems are mine :) #1 in Poetry since 26/05/17 !
feelings (sequel to fake [s.m]) by shawnsaftertaste
feelings (sequel to fake [s.m]) by s Fanfiction
who knew one event could change the feelings of a relationship entirely?
Unsaid by its_shivu
Unsaid by shivu bali Poetry
'I wanted to speak oceans, but only told you a drop.' (Highest Rank till now: #1 in Poetry!) A short poetry collection of: All those things...
My marriage by livingtofullest
My marriage by livingtofullest Romance
The story is about Shanaya Subrmaniam, and Karthik Iyer. Both were forced into the marriage even though Tamil Bhramins don't have forced marriage. Yet Shanaya decided to...
Her Piercing Words by sunina_s
Her Piercing Words by sunina_s Poetry
❝You invaded my heart like a storm in the sea, But you left me with waves and broke the barriers in me, I looked for you till blindness overwhelmed my eyes, Did you not...
first drafts by liasteashop
first drafts by chopsticks Poetry
As the clock ticks, the pen on her hand taps rhythmically to the words in her head. Her finger runs through the cover of the journal, and her mind goes to a trip to memo...
Iplier and Septiceye One Shots/Imagines!!! by thatawkwardfangirl03
Iplier and Septiceye One Shots/Ima... by Eternity Fanfiction
Just a book of random one shots. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Read at your own discretion, and enjoy! NOTE: Point of view is second person sort of th...
Tumblr Quotes♡ by perfectxly
Tumblr Quotes♡ by ˗ˏˋciaraˎˊ˗ Random
Tumblr quotes// Frases tumblr *Frases para tus estados o probablemente te puedan ayudar para tus historias* Inglés// Español • English// Spanish
speak || poetry by xxYour_Hopexx
speak || poetry by H O P E Poetry
maybe if i write a thousand words, they'll run across the plains of my paper like a horse. they'll run free and wild, pouring over each other like water. from swift an...
Late Night Talks by araleva
Late Night Talks by Ara Leva Teen Fiction
FALLING FOR THE BAD BOY A series of humorous exploits by an otherwise laid back and nerdy Vivian Castillo, bring her face to face with the school's bad boy, Derek...
Hamilton One Shots by frogandhog
Hamilton One Shots by Alesha Anderson Fanfiction
Just a bunch of short stories or one shots about all the hamilton characters. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment and tell me if you like. And please give me more su...
Imperfect Strangers by Addie2424
Imperfect Strangers by A D D I E Romance
| SEQUEL TO "THE HEARTBREAKER'S DARE" | 'I don't like you nor do I love you,' I told him. My eyes took an interest at the ground I'm standing on when I saw the...
Alejandro's Prey (#Wattys2017) by NuggetHunter
Alejandro's Prey (#Wattys2017) by 🌈 SkittleDrugs™ 🌈 Teen Fiction
•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• ¥•¥ My Mother told me, ordered me rather, to never roam the streets at night. She war...
Bleeding Poetry #wattys2017 by _dark_poetess_
Bleeding Poetry #wattys2017 by Anusmita Poetry
Highest Rank #10 in Poetry 🙈😻 Are you depressed? Then you must read this. 💙 This book can make you feel better. I promise. Just stay strong. Have faith in yourself. �...
For "You" by Mistress_0f_W0rds
For "You" by Shazia Poetry
For "You" Who Loved them but forgot to love yourself. ❝A collection of love poetry For every love that you lost, For every love that made you feel lost.❞ Hig...
Deep Inside by brudish
Deep Inside by April Poetry
"Yes, I'm smiling. But don't let that fool you. Look in to my eyes I'm breaking inside" I write this right from my heart, about things I would never tell anyon...
《c a c o p h o n y》 by Zoovi_TRV
《c a c o p h o n y》 by Zoovi Poetry
Highest Rank - #6 in Poetry • ° Cacophony ; a meaningless mixture of sounds ° Here I present, yet another, collection of my thoughts. Just like what the title mean, 'me...
Chloe by FallingAlice
Chloe by Simoné Teen Fiction
Never had Alexis met a girl like Chloe. Cover by @CelloKitten
From dusk to dawn { Poetry } by xshar123
From dusk to dawn { Poetry } by Sharisha Poetry
Poems that are written by a little stargazer. Copyright © 2017 by xshar123
Awake and Dreaming by untamedchaos-
Awake and Dreaming by 🍂Zojajah🍂 Poetry
Welcome to the poetry book, Of a strange soul, A teenager who believes in magic, Who has lots of goals, Wants to follow her dreams, Even though they've been shattered, M...