✓INSTAGRAM ➸ MARCO ASENSIO by marco asensio Fanfiction
"i met her on instagram." [social media x reality] © ripasensio 2017
Football Groupchat  by boreussadortmund
Football Groupchat by boreussadortmund Fanfiction
in which professional football players act like a bunch of teenagers or that time Geri got that fantastic idea to unite the football clubs in one huge, chaotic groupchat
Tension On The Pitch // Sequel to 'Tension'  by Futbol_Chic
Tension On The Pitch // Sequel to... by Futbol Chic Fanfiction
Mateja Nikolić. A name known for many reasons although out the world. 1, being that she was one of the best female Futbol players of all time, if not THE best. 2, she...
Groupchat 2|FC Barcelona| by matsvhummels
Groupchat 2|FC Barcelona| by Kirah Fanfiction
Chantal heads off to college and mets her unexpected roommate who just so happens to be dating Davi.
DADDY ➸ ISCO ALARCON by ripasensio
DADDY ➸ ISCO ALARCON by marco asensio Fanfiction
"welcome to daddy.com!" [social media x reality] © ripasensio 2017 started: sept thrid, twenty-seventeen ended:
For Him by ilneymar
For Him by ilneymar Fanfiction
Gabriella Sanchez and Neymar da Silva Santos Jr met 3 years ago at a party hosted by mutual friends and family. On that night the pair felt a connection that could not b...
Football preferences ⚽ by juanna_a
Football preferences ⚽ by Mrs alcántara🌸 Fanfiction
preferences of a few of my faves footballers : Robert lewandowski Marco reus neymar cristiano ronaldo Antoine griezmann Alvaro morata ...
Neymar's Baby Mama (Neymar Jr Fan Fiction) by RayonceMadness
The Bad Girls' Game | Neymar Jr. by durmmels
The Bad Girls' Game | Neymar Jr. by a. garritsen Romance
Allison Smith is said to be the female heartstealer who attracts all the famous and handsome football players. Neymar Jr is said to be one of the biggest heartthrobs who...
Random Football Stuff. by hummels__
Random Football Stuff. by addywatty Random
in which i post gifs and pictures of random football related stuff, enjoy while you can.
football preferences  by garyjcahill
football preferences by tyra Fanfiction
this story will feature: neymar eden hazard cristiano ronaldo robert lewandowski lionel messi paulo dybala. © garyjcahill 2016
Before I Go (Neymar Jr. Fanfiction) by Afraa_Njr
Before I Go (Neymar Jr. Fanfiction) by Afraa Fanfiction
"Before I go, I want you to know you were the best thing that has ever happened to me." After being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of blood canc...
Love Me Harder (book two) neymar jr by neymarsangel
Love Me Harder (book two) neymar jr by neymarsangel Fanfiction
book two; Sabrina Montero, thought that leaving Brazil and heading back to America was the best thing to do after a huge heartbreak with her ex Neymar. After months of n...
Love always comes Unexpected (Rafinha FanFic) by cule__blaugrana
Love always comes Unexpected (Rafi... by cule__blaugrana Fanfiction
One accident changed my whole life. But to the better or the worse, that's the question I have to ask myself everyday.
Enamoured《 Neymar Jr by 1DRoxx4Ever
Enamoured《 Neymar Jr by joshler Fanfiction
She taught him to love, while he taught her to live on FEATURES ONE DIRECTION (highest: #43 in Fanfiction)
As Long As You Love Me | Marc Bartra by Abitlikelove
As Long As You Love Me | Marc Bart... by Abitlikelove Fanfiction
Amelia is a young girl, with a heart breaking past, even in her young age. When she finish High School, she makes the decision, to leave the country she grew up in and t...
apartment love | neymar by purecathexis
apartment love | neymar by purecathexis Fanfiction
Natalia Olguin had learned to be completely independent after losing so many people in her life to death, girls, and greed. Thanks to her thin apartment walls and her ou...
GROUPCHAT ⤷ S. RAMOS [AU] by geripique
GROUPCHAT ⤷ S. RAMOS [AU] by el rey piqué Fanfiction
In which Sergio Ramos is attracted to Lionel Messi's younger sister. SOCIAL MEDIA. | REAL LIFE. CURRENTLY EDITING. | ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. | STAND ALONE. [ON HOLD] © ger...
Miss Piqué | Sergio Ramos by ErinLindsayX
Miss Piqué | Sergio Ramos by ErinLindsayX Fanfiction
When Barcelona refuses to hire her due to her gender, Eleanor Piqué is determined to make them regret their decision. Even if it means leaving her brother and her friend...
Media | Marc André Ter Stegen by carlyybt
Media | Marc André Ter Stegen by carly Fanfiction
Lauren Marks is hired as a staff member of the media team for FC Barcelona. Her dream job. Surrounded by the boys of Barca, living in Spain and doing what she loves. Who...