Bartra's Sister and Neymar's Lover. (Marc Bartra/Neymar Jr) by bartradasilva
Bartra's Sister and Neymar's Lover... by La Principita Fanfiction
The Bartra Siblings... Marc being the oldest one, he's basically taking care of his little sister and even if Gianna is younger she still tries to look after her big bro...
instagram » neymar jr  by sadbaddie
Dirty Imagines... NeymarJr by Endya_njr
Dirty Imagines... NeymarJr by Endya_njr Random
Neymar Jr Imagines. Some sexual content so read at your own risk. All ideas are mine, so please don't copy.
fireworks ↳ neymar jr by Iionelmessi
fireworks ↳ neymar jr by ˗ˏˋgrizouˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝my only mistake was choosing the wrong sister.❞ » In which he falls in love with his girlfriend's sister. » © Iionelmessi 2016.
Chains [ Neymar Jr and Maluma Fanfic] by kimbellaaa
Chains [ Neymar Jr and Maluma Fanf... by k i m 🌙 Fanfiction
One of the worst feelings is when you find out that your boyfriend of two years had an affair behind your back. Especially since a child was involved. It hurts even more...
Wasted (Neymar Fan-Fiction) by FanFictionality
Wasted (Neymar Fan-Fiction) by Not Yolanda Fanfiction
Before I could fall, I felt a strong pair of arms, like that of an athlete’s, wrapping around my waist. “Annoying brat,” his familiar voice huffed, but this time, I foun...
Young love|Neymar Jr.| by matsvhummels
Young love|Neymar Jr.| by Kirah Fanfiction
She was just an Olympian going to her first ever Olympics where she falls in love with the beautiful Brazilian footballer, Neymar junior.
Football Groupchat  by boreussadortmund
Football Groupchat by boreussadortmund Fanfiction
in which professional football players act like a bunch of teenagers or that time Geri got that fantastic idea to unite the football clubs in one huge, chaotic groupchat
Pure - Paulo Dybala by lonelydybala
Pure - Paulo Dybala by حبيبه Fanfiction
In which, Paulo gets forced in a relationship with Leo Messi's sister.
GROUPCHAT ⤷ S. RAMOS [AU] by geripique
GROUPCHAT ⤷ S. RAMOS [AU] by el rey piqué Fanfiction
In which Sergio Ramos is attracted to Lionel Messi's younger sister. SOCIAL MEDIA. | REAL LIFE. CURRENTLY EDITING. | ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. | STAND ALONE. [ON HOLD] © ger...
Mark my words (Neymar Jr Fanfic) by neymartois
Mark my words (Neymar Jr Fanfic) by N Fanfiction
Have you ever thought of what it is like to be a Victoria Secret model & to get the chance to be friends with the whole FC Barcelona team? Well for Mira it's not a big d...
Group chat » neymar jr by Ramosito
Group chat » neymar jr by ♕ Sam Ramos ♕ Fanfiction
'If he didn't mistake the 83, you wouldn't know me at all.'
What Happened In Paris ✔ COMPLETED by neymarfantasy
What Happened In Paris ✔ COMPLETED by Lora Dark Fanfiction
"Neymar please," I pleaded with a trembling voice. He lifted my chin and glanced down at my face. His eyes looked even more beautiful up close. "I want to...
For Him by ilneymar
For Him by ilneymar Fanfiction
Gabriella Sanchez and Neymar da Silva Santos Jr met 3 years ago at a party hosted by mutual friends and family. On that night the pair felt a connection that could not b...
apartment love | neymar by purecathexis
apartment love | neymar by purecathexis Fanfiction
Natalia Olguin had learned to be completely independent after losing so many people in her life to death, girls, and greed. Thanks to her thin apartment walls and her ou...
virgin ✧ dybala  by ripasensio
virgin ✧ dybala by نانومتر Fanfiction
"a pregnant virgin?" © ripasensio 2017 started: october 14/17 ended:
Football One Shots by VamosBarcelona
Football One Shots by Winchester Fanfiction
One Shots of your favorite football players ⚽ [Requests are closed] 'One Shot series' #1
brb, ily ~ fc barcelona by starsheartsclouds
brb, ily ~ fc barcelona by a.l Fanfiction
"I stopped talking to you because I thought you would miss me. But in the end I'm the one missing you more than ever."
instagram ✧ asensio by ripasensio
instagram ✧ asensio by نانومتر Fanfiction
COMPLETED "i met her on instagram." [social media x reality] © ripasensio 2017
A Foreign Affair (Neymar) by neymarfantasy
A Foreign Affair (Neymar) by Lora Dark Fanfiction
A Foreign Affair is under editing. The newly edited chapters are being posted as we speak! ✈ ✈✈ The only daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany gets in...