Drake's Queen ••••• A DRAKE MERWIN FANFIC by Eatyourschool
Drake's Queen ••••• A DRAKE MERWIN...by Eatyourschool
A gone series fanfiction- Drake Merwin (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS DRAKE'S PSYCHO) Lilly Michael's: Sadist, pyromaniac and quite possibly Drake Merwins only friend. +++ Vision...
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The Love I Dreamt Of by drakewhiphand666
The Love I Dreamt Ofby Merwin
Some ideas originally by Michael Grant (author of the Gone Series) Set to a romance I wish I had Cover credits go to @ctsarina Check her out She's the best
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Caine and Diana || ˢᵗºʳʸ ºf ᵘˢ by daeemon
Caine and Diana || ˢᵗºʳʸ ºf ᵘˢby may we meet again
a fan-made story set in GONE by Michael Grant *STORY BASED ON GONE AND FOLLOWS STORYLINE ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO MICHAEL GRANT* Caine has discovered he has the power of...
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Regrets and Mistakes (gone fanfic) by ElentiyaChase
Regrets and Mistakes (gone fanfic)by Elentiya Chase
A gone fanfic... After the Fayz fell Astrid, Sam and Diana hoped that they would be able to live a normal life and recover from the events in the Fayz, but as the power...
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Abomination Relation (Gone fanfic~Drake x Sam) by Logical_Cat
Abomination Relation (Gone fanfic~...by Logical_Cat
(All characters belong to Michael Grant.) Anything is possible with enough persistent torture. And now, thanks to the unwavering will of the Gaiaphage, some of the most...
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The FAYZ interviews by Maureentjetje
The FAYZ interviewsby MaurFAYZ
[ON HIATUS] Hi! I have no idea how you found this book, but I'm glad you did! It's a fanfic about the GONE series by Michael Grant. Basically, it's a bunch of interviews...
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Gone OCs, AUs, Good/Bad Ideas and Headcannons  by Glasses_and_FanFics
Gone OCs, AUs, Good/Bad Ideas and...by Glasses_and_FanFics
This is were I come to dump bad/good ideas. I don't usually like OCs because I hate character development even though it's essential so here is my precious boi Kevin. ...
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The Shadow Wraith (A Gone AU) by addilynnperrie
The Shadow Wraith (A Gone AU)by Addilynn Perrie
AU of Gone by Michael Grant. I have my own plot & characters. I took nothing from the books except for the setting and some major characters that show up rarely (apart f...
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The New FAYZ by Ivy_Pool
The New FAYZby Ivy_Pool
What will happen when the FAYZ happens again? Who will die? Who will survive? Read to find out.
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The Two Crazy Psychos- A Cake Fanfiction by 69SeptiPlierPie79
The Two Crazy Psychos- A Cake Fanf...by TheFayzNerd
It's part way through the FAYZ, King Caine sitting upon his throne in the FAYZ dome after successfully defeating those bugs. His pet like side kick Drake never more than...
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GONE RolePlay by bluesnow6565
GONE RolePlayby Billy Talent
It was supposed to be an average day, boring school.... Normal. But it wasn't. At 11:35 AM they all went 'poof' The teachers-disappeared. Everyone over 14 years of age...
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a FAYZ of Love (Jack + Brianna) by AshyTiger
a FAYZ of Love (Jack + Brianna)by AshyTiger
Sam and Astrid may have been the first new couple of the FAYZ, but they surely aren't the cutest one. Read as Jack (Computer Jack) and Brianna's (The Breeze) crush on ea...
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A slice of Caike (GONE fanfic) by Logical_Cat
A slice of Caike (GONE fanfic)by Logical_Cat
This is where I post my GONE drabbles, containing the ship Caike. Caine and Drake are drowning in sexual tension and it is my job to establish what should be canon. (All...
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It's Just A FAYZ Sourwolf (Teen Wolf and Gone Fanfic) by Aurum18
It's Just A FAYZ Sourwolf (Teen Wo...by Mentally in Beacon Hills
Whatthe world has been unwittingly waiting for..... a gone series and teen wolf crossover!!!!!! It will still make sense if you haven't seen teen wolf (no tw spoilers) a...
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