Through Your Eyes by oddybody1221
Through Your Eyes by That Odd Girl
(Previously known as: The Life of the Bullied) ~How can you say you love someone, when you can't even love yourself?~ "I love you, Sarah Emilia Hall." &q...
  • change
  • newvoices
  • lies
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Thick Ain't Fat by ItzJustViv
Thick Ain't Fat by Viviana✨
Everything changes for 18 year old, Felicity Jones when she meets Cairo King. Nearly her whole life she was getting teased and bullied for her body weight. Because of wh...
  • crissythedoll
  • thick
  • bullying
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forcefully arranged by stubbornfire23
forcefully arranged by Elle
Science proved that opposite powers attract but their case was different. They were as different as day and night but because of a stupid tradition they were forced upon...
  • arranged
  • hate
  • selfish
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His Not So Real Love by stubbornfire23
His Not So Real Love by Elle
He was never mine. He was always hers. But my heart decided to fall for his Not So Pure Love
  • breakup
  • cheating
  • friendship
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I'm to fat your to old by CSEdward
I'm to fat your to old by C.S Edward
This story is about a girl that is 16 years old named Chloe smith. Chloe is the fat girl at her school and she is hates it she has to work all the time she has a druggie...
  • badboy
  • love
  • fatgirl
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Too fat to be loved by mnwn1997
Too fat to be loved by mnwn1997
Claire Daniels was dumped a day after her birthday by her first love. After collapsing in the gym, she met Tyler Black. Tyler volunteered to help with her training and w...
  • murder
  • love
  • weight
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What You Do to Me by wolfieMK
What You Do to Me by Maui
Tiana has always been the oversized one in her pack. She is being bullied about it. After all what werewolf is fat? Her parents spoil her because she's their only daugh...
  • love
  • fat
  • pain
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From Flat To Fat by bigbellylover1
From Flat To Fat by bigbellylover1
~ Sienna and Elliot ~ Sienna is the one gaining weight. Elliot is the one giving weight. ~ Any ideas on what you want her to eat? Comment and vote for your idea to be ta...
  • big
  • gain
  • stomachache
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The Fat Girl Somehow Stole My Heart by Cheyenne_Reigns
The Fat Girl Somehow Stole My Heart by Cheyenne
"I'm tired of hearing boys say there is no sweet or loyal girls left. No. There is. You just won't give them a chance because of the size of their waist." - Un...
  • crush
  • shortstory
  • romance
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The ALPHA and me. by Voiceless_Speaks
The ALPHA and me. by Anna
Nerdy Filthy Fat Skye Hale has been bullied since she could remember, she was Fat and a Nerd making her the biggest loser in school. On her Sophomore year, her best fri...
  • lies
  • fat
  • regret
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Plus Size In Seattle **COMPLETED**  by Taylorbug20
Plus Size In Seattle **COMPLETED** by Taylorbug20
She's the common girl who works at a retro diner and he's the CEO of a billion dollar company. What will happen when fate brings them together? Will she run away or will...
  • romance
  • completed
  • love
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Reader weight gain~ by ChubberFlubber
Reader weight gain~ by Chxbber
WARNING: Contains weight gain, stuffing and some slight inflation. you, the reader, get to experience through a first person perspective of waking up obese, 550 pounds t...
  • fat
  • obese
  • fatreader
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Measurements by 1001words
Measurements by Ottia
"You're beautiful," he looked me dead in the eyes and I saw that he wasn't joking. He stood up and pulled me up with him. "You are the most beautiful girl...
  • bodyimage
  • love
  • boy
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Not so BIG ! by LipglossandJordans_
Not so BIG ! by Oh.So..Spoiled _
The fat girl turn thick now her old bully wants her will she give him a chance or ...give him payback ?
  • thick
  • taylor
  • phat
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FAT ·Alpha· Completed by muke_styles
FAT ·Alpha· Completed by Think of the impossible
This is not your typical story when a alpha rejects his mate but the complete opposite . Annaylise pagan is what you call the fat nerdy girl who sticks out. She had alw...
  • danger
  • werewolf
  • imperfections
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Fattening a friend up by AleGuerrero4913
Fattening a friend up by FatFetishGirl
Fat fetish story. If you don't like this, just go away. Thanks
  • fat
  • gainweight
  • belly
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Weight Gain by weightlygained
Weight Gain by weightlygained
Cleo lived her life with her strict healthy SKINNY mother. She did sports every day but hated every second of it. What happens when she has to go and live with her stra...
  • fat
  • weightgain
  • stuffed
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I'll Never Be That Girl by Musicboxcarousel
I'll Never Be That Girl by It might be me
He pushed me against the wall hard but not hard enough to hurt me. "Christian!" I said loudly "Eliza." he replied calmly "I never said thank yo...
  • plussize
  • love
  • romance
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For The Love Of A Curvy Girl by Nisha_Maire25
For The Love Of A Curvy Girl by Nisha_Maire25
I will never be skinny. I will always be this way. Curvy. Amelia was never skinny. even as a little girl she was always on the bigger side. her mom and sisters hate her...
  • andrew
  • broken
  • ceo
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Be Loved (Completed) by KatherineZellers
Be Loved (Completed) by Katherine Zellers
(Previously Because You'll Never Know) Katie is just a normal human girl, growing up in Chicago suburbs. She's grown up with books as her only companions, and two incomp...
  • teen
  • selfharm
  • fat
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