"AAARRRGGG!!!!.....Deeper Jake!!!!" "FUCK YOUR SO TIGHT" "Your turn Ethan," I moan "Ugh.... Fuck Faster, Deeper, Rougher
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UNDERTALE Pictures by Alien-Slushie
UNDERTALE Picturesby Slushie
I do not own ANY of these pictures. I just found them and thought them cute/cool/funny. Warning: some of the pictures may have bad words so...might want to watch for that
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Tounge twisters by 14Becka14
Tounge twistersby 14Becka14
This book has some of the many tongue twisters in the world if you can try and say them
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  • toungetide
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GOTTA JOOCIE by -smuty-
GOTTA JOOCIEby -smuty-
Read the fucking title
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Sex addict by CheszterLastimosa
Sex addictby CheszterLastimosa
"sige pahhh!!!kadyut lang lalabasan na ako"-keyword
  • hindutan
  • kadyutan
  • errol
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daddy s.w by fastersammy
daddy s.wby sam wilkison
"what project do we have?" "I had something else in mind..."
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Dobby Oneshots by _PastelAsylum_
Dobby Oneshotsby .Fløwer°Bøy.
{HAS BEEN EDITED} This is just a small mixture of Dobby x reader oneshots. I made this because when I first found out about Harry Potter I had a crush on Dobby...
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