Sextons sister autorstwa x_rugby_
Sextons sisterprzez K J
You were supporting your brother when suddenly you bump into what you thought was a brick wall.My name is EmilySexton ring a bell.
  • rugby
  • ireland
  • irish
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Linkin Park imagines autorstwa mikeyandchazzy
Linkin Park imaginesprzez Spike Minoda
Linkin Park members X Reader imagines You're a member of Linkin Park in every imagine. Mostly smut. Requests are open.
  • dave
  • delson
  • brad
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Deadpan - Bennoda autorstwa LPBennoda
Deadpan - Bennodaprzez LPBennoda
Chester has his heart broken by someone he thought was perfect for him. On the eve of his breakup, he receives word of a band in California that wishes to hear more from...
  • shinoda
  • mike
  • farrell
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I am She, She is Me autorstwa Yashie_Kim
I am She, She is Meprzez Ate Yash
About twins that been separated by their parents for years. After Khaizel Xia Farrell already knows the truth by her Auntie about her mother and sister. She desperately...
  • sheisme
  • kiara
  • camer
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Runaway  {slow updates} autorstwa musicismylifeSLL
Runaway {slow updates}przez Imsodone
She was the daughter of the alpha of the wolf pack. He was the son of the head vampire. It was against the rules for them to be around each other out of school. But they...
  • shinoda
  • rob
  • bourdon
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Facts About Me! (Inspired by my friend Karolina) autorstwa ItsJayTheWriter
Facts About Me! (Inspired by my fr...przez Joseph F.
Facts about me!
  • farrell
  • facts
  • greek
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The Beguiled autorstwa Worddoctor
The Beguiledprzez Dr. Jeanne Powell
passionate southern Gothic
  • beguiled
  • coppola
  • nicole
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