My brothers best friend|| O.F ♥️ od Liv_Crerar
My brothers best friend|| O.F ♥️od Liv😉🖤xx
Your brother is a professional rugby player. He is James Haskell. When you meet Owen there is an instant connection. You're meant to just be friends but you can't help...
  • englandrugby
  • crerar
  • friend
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A damn good try. Owen Farrell fanfic od Lilyofthevale
A damn good try. Owen Farrell fanf...od Lilyofthevale
Erin lives for rugby, so when England narrowly beat Ireland for the grand slam she is devastated. Little does she know that her little rant in the park would catch the...
  • owen
  • romance
  • ford
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Game Day- Owen Farrell od acousticvibes
Game Day- Owen Farrellod Sophie10
Emma works in the first aid team at Saracens rugby club. She has to go on the pitch whenever players injure themselves at Allianz Park and is at every training session. ...
  • england
  • gameday
  • farrell
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Owen Farrell imagines  od acousticvibes
Owen Farrell imagines od Sophie10
Personal imagines about Owen Farrell. Taking requests. :)
  • owenfarrell
  • requests
  • personal
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found || owen farrell od mini-mendes
found || owen farrellod ♪
when she talks about him in an interview, and he invites her to a game ❁ ❁ ❁ - owen farrell
  • rugby
  • fanfic
  • englandrugby
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Sextons sister od Lillyrussels12
Sextons sisterod K J
You were supporting your brother when suddenly you bump into what you thought was a brick wall.My name is EmilySexton ring a bell.
  • english
  • england
  • rugby
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I am She, She is Me od Yashie_Kim
I am She, She is Meod Yashie Kim
About twins that been separated by their parents for years. After Khaizel Xia Farrell already knows the truth by her Auntie about her mother and sister. She desperately...
  • khaizel
  • revenge
  • twinsister
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Owen Farrell - The first day we met od 1112catherine
Owen Farrell - The first day we metod CATHERINE
At this point I knew Owen Farell was the man for me and I couldn't change for the world in me The day we met. Ella is just a normal girl until she was a run that she wi...
  • rugby
  • rwc2015
  • englandrugby
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Farrell- One Game can turn in to more  od Nelly_MW
Farrell- One Game can turn in to m...od Nelly
When Bath play Saracens 2 girls get to meet the players, becoming particularly close to 2 players. What will happen.
  • saracens
  • rugby
  • farrell
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Broken od BSkyeSoldier
Brokenod RIP Chester
Linkin Park is back on tour and Chester isn't feeling himself. His emotions are twisted up and he might be getting himself into some trouble. Can the other guys find out...
  • bourdon
  • rob
  • farrell
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Tackled by love od Jasmine_Farrell
Tackled by loveod Jasmine
Jasmine Ashton is a the younger sister of Chris Ashton- with an amazing career in singing and blogging you'd think Jasmine has a pretty awesome life but after being with...
  • chrisashton
  • youtuber
  • ashton
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Age Is A Number od Blaize009
Age Is A Numberod Blaize009
Blaize is just a simple girl finishing GCSE year when a former flame walks back into her life, demanding a second chance. Little does he know Blaize already has her eye...
  • boy
  • hard
  • owen
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Owen Farrell: First things first od Floralc
Owen Farrell: First things firstod Floralc
Rachel loves rugby, and when her friend, Luke, invites her to watch an England international game, and have dinner with the England team, she is delighted. When she atte...
  • rugby
  • owenfarrell
  • sport
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Deadpan - Bennoda od LPBennoda
Deadpan - Bennodaod LPBennoda
Chester has his heart broken by someone he thought was perfect for him. On the eve of his breakup, he receives word of a band in California that wishes to hear more from...
  • chester
  • phoenix
  • park
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Not Just A Typical Rugby Boy. od Robyn_Porter
Not Just A Typical Rugby Boy.od Robyn Porter
Amy was just your average 22 year old girl who works in a new unknown bar trying to earn enough money so she can afford her rent that she pays with her flat mates. When...
  • fanfic
  • rugby
  • farrell
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Cinderella story (Owen Farrell love story) od TishElliottWallace
Cinderella story (Owen Farrell lov...od Tish Elliott-Wallace
This is my cinderella story of how I JoJo Haskall fell for Owen Farrell Johnny Wilkinsons heir. An olympic bronze medalist for gymnastics and the sister to rugby player...
  • cinderella
  • england
  • rugby
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Linkin Park imagines od mikeyandchazzy
Linkin Park imaginesod Spike Minoda
Linkin Park members X Reader imagines You're a member of Linkin Park in every imagine. Mostly smut. Requests are open.
  • brad
  • mike
  • dave
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Our Love Is Strong-- Part 2 od Brooklyns_Zelephant
Our Love Is Strong-- Part 2od Vicki
This is carrying on from the first Henry Slade book. Enjoy!!!
  • owen
  • henry
  • cheifs
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My brothers George Ford  od chloerobinson10
My brothers George Ford od Chloérobinson
Characters: Sophie Ford George Ford Owen Farrell Andy Farrell Gabe Farrell Abi Dunne (Sophie's best friend)
  • ford
  • relationships
  • rugby
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Fly Half >> England Rugby/Owen Farrell od mirrorsximage
Fly Half >> England Rugby/Owen Far...od Jess
Scouted from across the globe. What can happen when your switched from your normal position as a forward to the backs not to mention being the only woman? On an internat...
  • england
  • rugbyworldcup2k15
  • flyhalf
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