dolan twins imagines by peachdolans
dolan twins imaginesby j
how did i get so lucky for all of you to read my book? idk. but YOU, the one reading this, holds a special place in my heart. I LOVE YOU! :] ongoing. started; 10.18.17
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Manan - Punar Vivah by Janvi99
Manan - Punar Vivahby Janvi
'Punar vivah' means 'Second Marriage'. What happens when you are married with a wrong person, and that wrong person leave you and your 4 months old baby? What happen wh...
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WHY DON'T WE LOVE by Lsweetdreamkisses
WHY DON'T WE LOVEby Lsweetdreamkisses
Lily McGarett is a huge fan of WHY DON'T WE. Going to one of their concerts in LA and also having the Meet&Greet is a dream come true. But what happens at the Meet&Gree...
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GAMMENIAN by Inter_WildflowerPack
✴️ FERROX PAKKEN GAMMENIAN ✴️ The first ever IWP Games that took place between March 1st to March 16 (ET) IWP is Rachelle Mills' Official Fandom 🏅Highest Rank: #91...
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Instagram // harlena by Bookshelves8
Instagram // harlenaby Harlena
In which Harry is Selena's secret, and the public watches as they slowly fall in love which often leads to heartbreak. Instagram Story ✨
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Media (h.s.) (book #1) || ✔️ by dunkinky
Media (h.s.) (book #1) || ✔️by perrie :)
Book #1 in the Media duology. harrystyles liked your photo. // In which a boy and a girl meet on Instagram, and fall in love. But love is never easy, especially in th...
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The Bad Boy And The Nerd by becca3656
The Bad Boy And The Nerdby becca3656
A girl named Rosemary Winters is abused by her stepfather after her mother dies. He rapes her and calls her ugly and unworthy to be alive. But at school no one notices h...
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Manan - Healing In His Love by Janvi99
Manan - Healing In His Loveby Janvi
Sequel of "Manan - Se* slave" I would request you to read "Se* slave" on my Instagram account before peeping in this story! ☆My Instagram account id...
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IMAGINES | SHAWN MENDES by shadybenito
most of these are about Shawn, it won't hurt you if you read them right? - - - 2016 © copyright @shadybenito. All Rights Reserved published: may 15
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« | it cast preferences | » by tthantophobiaa
« | it cast preferences | »by miranda 🌸🌞
preferences of the IT cast"
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Mistakes I made || Z.H || by queenbehindshadow
Mistakes I made || Z.H ||by 🌻 a l e x 🌻
'' I wish I was what you had wanted '' - Claire '' you had me Claire, you had me. To the point where I would've left the entire world behind for you '' - zach '' I'm s...
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Twitter || s.m. + c.c. by shawmilaXloving
Twitter || s.m. + 🥀
@shawnmendes followed @camila_cabello @camila_cabello followed @shawnmendes 50% music business has nothing to do with music -Shawn Mendes
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Secretly Married by bellajoyceguevarra
Secretly Marriedby bellajoyce guevarra
Secretly Married Fanfiction ______COMPLETED. Phoebe Isabelle Bernal Fuentabella married, Kent Tomas Fuentabella..but they are still separated for the sake of his husband...
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Uncensored Yaoi Pictures by Kai_Ackerman
Uncensored Yaoi Picturesby kaichumchum
I got out of ideas for my books so.. I'm still refreshing my mind. While I'm at it, here's some pictures/gifs I got on my phone and I don't mind sharing this guys to all...
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Manan SS - I Don't Care If u r a Prostitute ✔ by Janvi99
Manan SS - I Don't Care If u r a Janvi
Won Award in "The Mystical Awards" september (One of the kind fanfic). What will happen when Nandini is forced to be a Prostitute? Will Manik be able to fall i...
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DI-VERSE [ BTS x Idol! Reader ] by kpopcrayzee
DI-VERSE [ BTS x Idol! Reader ]by kpopcrayzee
♡ Y/n is the maknae of the new, and rising to fame kpop group DI-VERSE under BigHit Entertainment. BTS has taken a liking to the all girl group. Especially the rapper...
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The Dudes Down Under by MJWOLF
The Dudes Down Underby Melissa
#400 in ROMANCE | COMPLETED | FEATURED in one of @ProjectBadBoys Reading List. SCREAMING FANS, PAPARAZZI, social media gossip. THE STRESS OF ROCK STAR LIFE can take its...
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Right Now by thePassionateDreamer
Right Nowby The Passionate Dreamer
Harry & Gynie come from two different worlds that fate has decided to crash together in the name of love. Gynie is moving to London as a part of an Exchange student prog...
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Promise | dallas by fallingdallas
Promise | dallasby fallingdallas
Only this boy, with his golden skin and quick tongue, his chocolate eyes and his daring attitude. With his soft hands and calloused heart, only he could make me feel thi...
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Harvey's Fan Crush💛 by ameliaxgrace20
Harvey's Fan Crush💛by Amelia💛
A fanfic of Harvey Cantwell. A boy that means a great deal to me💕🐯
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