Fnaf bonnie x reader  by gamergurl15
Fnaf bonnie x reader by No name
This a bonnie x reader love story
  • fanf
Freddy x reader by the-happy-muffin
Freddy x readerby Satan's sister
Freddy acts extremely different to you as if he almost loves you
  • gen
  • chica
  • reader
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My Oc's Book by NightCore16_
My Oc's Bookby _NightCore16_
Just my oc's character that all...
  • tmnt
  • rid
  • fanf
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7 Years | Mark x Reader x Nate by IHazFandoms
7 Years | Mark x Reader x Nateby Peter
(Night Guard Mark x Half Animatronic Reader x Night Guard Nate) It's been 7 years since it happened. 7 years of staring at nothing but blackness, a strip of light, and l...
  • natewantstobattle
  • markiplier
  • fanf
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 Gravity Falls Weirdmageddon Fanfiction Mabel and Bill in Deathmageddon part 1 by AJStinson4
Gravity Falls Weirdmageddon AJ Stinson
Gravity Falls Fanfiction Finally Bill brought weirdmageddon to our world but what happen when bill give Mabel a fate worse than death!?
  • fanf
  • fanfiction
A book of randomness by Chicapelt
A book of randomnessby Chicapelt
  • randomness
  • bored
  • life
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Laugh your @#$ off. by Smash_n_burn
Laugh your @#$ Smash'n'burn
This is where all the funny material will be stored.
  • fanf
  • youtube
  • funny
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Mike X Vincent Lemon by papyrusorpaps
Mike X Vincent Lemonby Vincent
My first lemon here we go.
  • vincent
  • boyxboy
  • nightguard
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The Choices.(A Fronnie or Goldie x bonnie Story) by Deathstroke_AVIR
The Choices.(A Fronnie or Goldie Deathstroke_AVIR
BTW I drew the cover. 😁 Freddy and his brother, Goldie transfer to a new school. Every thing went fine until they met Bonnie. They both loved the purle bunny, which sta...
  • goldenfreddy
  • goldie
  • love
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All Me! 2 by bcbygirl-
All Me! 2by ﴾♡~Krissy~♡ ﴿
pics of me you should know that *rolls eyes*
  • loveyoudora
  • lemon
  • crack
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9 đứa loi nhoi phỏng vấn các fnaf sl by creeperpatsa
9 đứa loi nhoi phỏng vấn các Tuan Nguyen Anh
8 đứa đi theo cirsuc baby tới chỗ bả
  • fanf
Fnaf T Or D by --Nightmare--
Fnaf T Or Dby Nightmare
Part 3
  • askthefnafcrew
  • people
  • fanf
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The Bite Of 87(bonnie X Foxy) by yoosung--
The Bite Of 87(bonnie X Foxy)by yoosung kim
So I found some comics and they inspired me to write this I hope you like it Disclaimer I do NOT own fnaf
  • boxy
  • foxyxbonnie
  • fonnie
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Circus Baby x Funtime Freddy by littleaphmaufan34
Circus Baby x Funtime Freddyby Nightmarrione fnaf4
probably my favourite story (so far)
  • fanf
  • fnaf
Mis  edits by vivany300
Mis editsby Vivan
Pues es solo para dorothy pero si les gustan puedo hacer mas...
  • fnafhs
  • edits
  • fanf
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La inocencia de un corazón [Puppet y tu] #FNAFHS by mimipapitaxd
La inocencia de un corazón [ Mimi
Vuelven, menos locos pero con mas ganas de vivir.
  • rayis
  • la
  • fanf
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Do re Mi by MochiMinMochu
Do re Miby —•Jikookies—•
"I hate when you cheat on me Jungkook!" Kate yelled "Kate wait!" Jungkook screamed for her "Don't call, text, or even looks at me anymore! I hat...
  • fanf
  • doremi
  • fanfiction
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My Art by AB_TheMasterWGG
My Artby AB_TheMasterWGG
Just some random art and I will take requests💛
  • random
  • aphmau
  • art
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Golden Freddy X Marionette Short Stories  (yaoi and boyxboy possible mpreg* by AeradellaFerrell
Golden Freddy X Marionette Short yaoi_for_life22
it will be one-shots possible mpreg and it goldnette hope u enjoy love you all my little re
  • fanf
  • boyxboy
  • marionette
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[OneShot] [MoMi] Tình yêu nồng nhiệt , Yêu không hối tiếc by fuflycok09
[OneShot] [MoMi] Tình yêu nồng Min931
Nói về sự gặp mặt đầu tiên tại sân cầu lông đã kéo hai người thành bạn , cậu tỏ tình với nàng nhưng kết thúc nào cũng đẹp cả .........
  • mimo
  • momi
  • fanfic
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